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Thursday 16th November 2017


This week the Year R children have been looking at and exploring the properties of a variety of 2d shapes. They have used these shapes to create their own pictures.

We have been talking about our own homes during class discussions and making lists of the people who live with us. The children have also been creating house structures using wooden 3d shaped blocks.



In Year 1 the children have been discussing the differences between our four seasons and working in a group to create brainstorms about what they already know. The children then presented their information to the rest of the group and were able to project their voices well so that all their information could be heard.

In Maths we have continued working with money, focusing on the value of different coins. The children have used Numicon equipment to explain and show the values of each coin.



Friday 9th November


This week the children have enjoyed watching 'El Nombre,' and learning how to use the Numicon maths equipment. They have been using this equipment to represent numbers in different ways alongside reciting the number rhymes we have learnt so far. This has really helped with their number formations and we have been really impressed with how they have taken to this with such enthusiasm. The Year R children have also been experimenting with different brush techniques to create  a fabulous firework scene on one of our display boards.



The Year 1 Badgers have been working on their poetry writing skills during English this week. They have created some exciting poems based on Autumn and fireworks, which are going to be used for a school display. In Maths we have been focusing on recognising the value of coins and using money to make varying amounts.


 Friday 3rd November 

Year 1  Badgers have spent this week learning how to read and perform firework poems. They learned how to project their voices and were confident in reciting the poems to an audience.They even added interesting and exciting actions!

They have also begun to look at different measures such as height, capacity and time .




Year R

It has been very exciting as this week we started to learn our phonic sounds . So we have been saying the sounds

and looking at objects that start with the sound and writing the sound. We love taking our phonic sheets home to continue practising. 

Friday 20th October 2017


The Year R children have been using their senses to spot all the signs of Autumn while on a walk around the school grounds. We collected many autumnal items and have looked at these items more closely during class and group discussions. In our creation station we have used our Autumn leaves to make our very own creative artwork.




The whole school loved watching the production of The Jack and the Beanstalk that came to school on Wednesday. It was a real treat!  We all enjoyed discussing our favourite parts and in Year 1 we were able to write our own stories based on the play.




In Year 1 we have been designing and making our own puppets. We had to work carefully by sewing our puppets together using a variety of materials and then we decorated them to give them their own unique features. In groups we created our own puppet shows and then performed these to the Year R children.



Friday 13th October 2017

This week lots of boys found opportunities to practise their writing. They kept scores during a tennis match and then wrote about lots of different things in the writing area.



We all took part in the PTA sponsored Golden Mile Event on Monday . All  of the children did a warm up, and then the children were very fit and did 15 laps of the running track . They showed great determination and persistence.



Friday 6th October 2017


In Year R the children have been exploring the two new role play areas. In the inside classrooms we have a Vets and the children have enjoyed role-playing different characters and learning how to care for the pets. While in the outside classroom the children have been learning in our new Toy Shop; they have taken on the roles of customers and shopkeepers and have been using coins to pay for their purchases. Furthermore, the children have been fascinated with the water play this week, creating homes for the dinosaurs and safe places for their dinosaur eggs to hatch.




The Year 1 Badgers have been reading and retelling the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs using a variety of different mediums. In I.C.T. they have begun creating an animation of the story using the computer software, we are really excited about watching their completed animations! The children have also been working together to create word banks of adjectives on the main characters from the story and using these to enhance their writing.


In Maths we have been continuing investigating ways of calculating our number bonds using subtraction methods and solving addition and subtraction word problems. We have been practicing counting in two's.



Friday 29th September 2017

Year R have been learning how to work as part of a team. They have taken on lots of roles and responsibilities. The children have learnt how to make playdoh and share it well. They have been sharing lots of different resources and creating great imaginary games and stories together. These have included going on buses for an adventure and repainting the house so it looked like a rainbow!




Year R and Year 1 enjoyed languages day . We found out that  people say animal noises differently in each country.


Year 1 

This week we have focused on learning addition number bonds to 10 and have used Numicon to help us. We recorded  these sums using number sentences and bar models.They have also enacted Goldilocks and the Three Bears using puppets, small world, masks and playdoh. They became good story tellers and used different voices for their characters.

Friday 22nd September 2017

Year R have had a fantastic second week at school. They have have created  lots of adventures outside . Some children have used the large construction to make a fishing boat which even included an anchor so that they could stop and fish. 


Other children used the guttering and water to make pathways for boats and animals . We all got very wet!!!!


The Year 1 children have been working so hard this week. They have listened to stories about bears , red riding hood   and ogres and acted these stories out with their friends . Today they wrote their own story with these characters, using the conjunction 'and'. In Maths the children have been exploring addition using Numicon.


Welcome to Bumblebees

We have had a lovely first week welcoming our new Year R Bumblebees to South Wonston Primary School. All the staff have been very impressed at their independence coming into school and we are very proud of them!


Our Year 1 Badgers have also been busy exploring our new topic of old and new toys. It has been lovely sharing their favourite toys and discovering what materials they are made from.

In English, the Year 1 Badgers have been reading stories and tales about bears and developing their sentence writing skills in response to them.

During Maths we have been focusing on number ordering and finding one more or less than a given number.


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