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Welcome to Dragonflies

Dragonflies Diary - Keeping you up to date with what we have been learning about.


Friday 12th January 


Today it was our first lesson of Tri Golf. We started with putting.  In groups of 3, we were challenged to a putting competition which involved us having to accurately hit the ball into a vertical line of cones, if the ball hit the front cone we were able to move onto the next one.  There were 5 to collect in total.  It was difficult but we persevered and got there in the end.  Another challenge was to hit a cone in the target area, scoring points.  The further away the cone the more points we got.  We had lots of fun and look forward to seeing what next week has in store for us.  

Tri Golf

Tri Golf 1
Tri Golf 2
Tri Golf 3
Tri Golf 4

Thursday 30th November

Our focus in English has been the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Today we had a debate as to what should happen to the Iron Man. The farmers believe that the army should be called to get rid of him but we don’t agree. After writing our persuasive arguments, we had a visit from Farmer Fletcher who had come to hear our opposing arguments. We put across some very strong arguments only time will tell as to what will happen to him.

Iron Man debate

Iron Man debate 1
Iron Man debate 2


This week in science we looked at the human skeleton. As a group, we began by drawing where we thought the bones were in the body. We were then given a broken skeleton and asked to piece it back together.

The human skeleton

The human skeleton 1
The human skeleton 2
The human skeleton 3

Friday 20th October, Year 3 went on a school trip to Butser Ancient Farm. This farm is full of replica buildings throughout the ages. On arrival we were taken to our own Iron Age shelter where we placed our bags and were split into 2 groups before starting our activities. Our first activity was an archaeology dig. With our partner we dug into the ground to see what we could find. We found a range of items such as bones, pottery, iron and copper kitchen items and flint that was used during the Stone Age. Our second activity was chalk caving. We smoothed the chalk first using flint and then coloured it green by using a leaf finally we carved our own designs. After lunch we took part in another 2 activities. These included jewellery making using copper wire and wattling which is a method used to make fences.

It was a fun day out and an amazing way to end our topic.

Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm 1
Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm 2
Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm 3
Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm 4
Our Trip to Butser Ancient Farm 5

Compost Makers. 


Today we learnt how to make our own compost.  We took it in turns to add different ingredients to the container.  Once we had completed the different layers we marked the height of the soil mixture and we are going to see how it changes over time.   


Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Salaam, Namaste


On Tuesday 26th September we celebrated European Languages day by finding out about another language.  We had the joys of learning Italian.  Mrs Berry Green helped us learn numbers to 10 and basic greetings such as hello, how are you and goodbye.  To continue our Italian focus we looked at work by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian Artist, who used fruit and vegetables to create portraits, we used his work as inspiration to make our own.  



Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1
Giuseppe Arcimboldo 2

Welcome to Dragonflies page!

We have been working hard getting to know each other and learning new routines.


So far this term we have launched the topic by looking at a picture from a Stone Age camp and discussing about what life was like such as; the tools they used, the food they ate and the importance of where they settled.  We are looking forward to finding out more about how the life has changed throughout the ages.   

In English we are reading the book 'The Stone Age boy.' So far we have used freeze frames and questioning to dig deeper into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the book before writing these into speech bubbles and turning them into direct speech. 

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