We hope you all have a lovely half term an look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 29th October 2018
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19th October 2018


This week we conducted our science experiment and identified two instruments that would be great for a new fire bell. These were the recorder and the drum, however we identified that our results couldn't be reliable because some of us did the experiment inside and others worked outside. 

In Maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction using column method! We were finding the mental calculation aspect difficult but with the help of Mr Sunshine we have definitely become a lot quicker!

What a lovely half term it has been! We celebrated working hard by having our marble treat - we enjoyed watching a film in our PJ's! 


I hope you have a fabulous half term, and look forward to seeing you in a week :)


12th October 2018


In English, we have began focusing on The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. We looked at the text and discussed how the ugly duckling might feel at the beginning and at the end. We used a template of a duck to add descriptive vocabulary of the thoughts and feelings of the ugly duckling and the ducks appearance both at the beginning and the end of the story!

Science has given us the opportunity to explore our investigation skills. We were tasked with finding a better instrument for the fire bell. Together we thought about the instruments we would like to use, how we would keep our test fair and how we would record our results! 


5th October 2018


We enjoyed our final swimming lesson this week with many of Herons gaining their KS2 swimming certificates! Some of us were able to try swimming in t-shirts to help us with our self-rescue techniques. In Maths, we have explored negative numbers and continued rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Herons have also spent time on Times Table Rockstars to help us feel more confident in using it at home. 

During Art lessons we have been looking at a variety of European artists, this week our focus was Coco Chanel. We discovered that the first shop that she opened was a hat shop. Using paper and other materials we designed and made our own hats and presented them in a fashion show!


28th September 2018


This week we have continued with our understanding of thousand numbers through comparing them and putting them in both ascending and descending order. After publishing our wanted posters we have worked towards writing our newspaper reports about the robbery. We had a visit from the train driver who told us about what she saw so we could retrieve a quote to put into our report. 

We have discussed pitch and volume in our science lessons and used our voices to experiment with the different pitches - identifying how this would look in a sound wave.


14th September 2018


This week we have written our character description for one of the twin brothers from the film 'Ruckus'. As a class, we have edited our writing to improve it by using exclamation marks and a variety of sentence starters. We have started to publish these on to tea stained paper for authenticity. 

We have continued to use 1000 numbers in Maths and rounding those numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. Whilst in Science we conducted a variety of experiments that taught us about how vibrations travel through solid, liquids and gases. Using tuning forks, we knocked them on the side of the table and placed them in the water to see the reaction. We listened to dolphins making noise in the water and discussed how we hear it? We listened and felt the vibrations within our voice boxes. 

In topic, we discussed where in the world we live and where Odense is? We looked at the continents of the world, the countries that make up Europe and how we would get from South Wonston to Odense? It has been a very busy week! 


7th September 2018 


We have really enjoyed our first week back!!


In English, we looked at the short film called 'Ruckus'. It is about two brothers who steal a ruby off of a freight train. We really enjoyed the film and are excited about basing our writing on the story. We look forward to sharing it with you soon.

During our Science lesson, we went on a sound walk around the school. We were listening to all of the different sounds that we could hear. This included: whispering, footsteps, shouting, laughing and giggling.

We also enjoyed our first swimming lesson where we were put into different groups called whales, sharks, dolphins and stingrays. We can't wait for our next lesson!