Remember PTA Tuck Shop after school on Friday 19th October in the Outside classroom.
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Friday 19th October 2018


On Monday we went for a welly walk around our school grounds to look for signs of Autumn. We enjoyed listening for birds and snapping twigs under our feet and looked at all of the beautiful leaves. We noticed that they are starting to change colour and we talked about the different colours associated with Autumn.

We have also been busy mark making where we have been practising our skills of drawing, creating and writing as well as continuing to enjoy learning in our outside area.
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Friday 12th October 2018


Playing shops has been a big part of our week! As the children were showing a keen interest in using money, they helped Mrs Browne to change our role play area into a shop. We printed lots of signs and labels off and stuck those up then filled out shop with lots of different play food. We love using the till and writing out our shopping lists.




The children have also enjoyed skipping with a big rope in our outside area. We have been impressed with how hard they have tried and how they have not given up, even when it was quite tricky.


Friday 5th October 2018


We have had lots of fun taking part in phonics games this week. Playing 'I Spy' is helping us to listen for the initial sounds in words and we have been learning to talk like a robot - breaking words down into their individual sounds then blending them back together again. Try putting a few objects out on the table, then ask you child to point to the c-u-p. Repeat the sounds getting faster and faster until they blend together to make the word. See if your child can talk like a robot to say these words:





         c-a-t                       b-oo-k                           f-i-sh                           b-u-s

Friday 28th September


We have had another busy week in school exploring all of the areas of learning and continuing to make new friends. We enjoyed 2 PE sessions, one with Mr F and one in our classes where we had lots of fun playing the Beans game. We have also been keeping our teachers busy by producing lots of super work to go up on the walls. We hope you enjoy looking at all of our displays when you come into our classroom.









Friday 21st September 2018


This week the children have continued to explore the learning environment both indoors and outdoors. They have had great fun in the digging pit looking for worms and all had a go at painting their faces in our art area.






We all especially enjoyed our first Spirit PE session with Mr F. These will take place every Thursday morning. We went into our Year R garden and practised listening to instructions and moving between markers. 






Friday 14th September 2018


We are really proud at how the Year R children have settled into school. They are all really good at their morning routines and are enjoying making new friends. Look how busy we have been!