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Reading with Otters in Year 2:


Owls have had a second week of reading buddies with Otter class.

It is lovely to see our children nurturing the younger ones and enjoying listening to them share a story. We will be doing this every week.

Pumpkins and vegetable patches

Pumpkins and vegetable patches 1
Pumpkins and vegetable patches 2
Pumpkins and vegetable patches 3
Pumpkins and vegetable patches 4

Look at our pumpkins!!!

Mrs Drury, AKA Mrs Green Fingers, has been looking after our vegetable patches with the children.

Our pumpkins are coming on really well. Watch this space for an extra homework task that we will be challenging Woodpeckers and Owls to do nearer Halloween sad

Mill Cottage Farm experience

Owls and Woodpeckers had an amazing time last Friday when Mill Cottage brought their farm to our field. We couldn't believe how many animals they fit into their trailer! Everything from alpacas, sheep, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, goats and a gorgeous puppy. It was great to see the children enjoy the farm and learn all about how Mill Cottage aim to be self-sufficient. We turned cream into butter, made cheese, twisted wool and did wheat grinding. Farmer Sarah talked about how they have managed to be self sufficient in most areas yet there are still some restraints.

It was a fantastic day and the weather was luckily kind to us!

+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October

+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October 1
+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October 2
+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October 3
+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October 4
+Mill Cottage Farm experience Friday 6th October 5

Welcome to Owls

Owls Diary - Keeping you up to date with what we have been learning about.

18th September


This week we have been busy learning how to use bar models to help us with Maths problems. They are especially useful for worded problems and being able to see our sums in a more visual way.

We had an exciting time in English for Roald Dahl day, where we experimented by making a marvellous medicine in the style of George. This consisted of us thinking of as many food and household items as we could to make a disgusting concoction (which nearly exploded after the bicarbonate of soda was added!) We then wrote our own recipes and drew illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake. The class also really enjoyed watching the puffin virtually live show online.

In topic lessons we explored where food comes from in more detail and how there is a link to water.

Another enjoyable couple of weeks in Owl class smiley

11 September 2017

Welcome to Owls' page!

We have had a busy time settling back into school and our new class.


This week we have enjoyed our topic launch where we have been thinking about whether our school could be self-sufficient. After looking at our school dinner menus, we re-designed the school grounds and planned where we could grow all the food ourselves - even thinking about the pond area for our fishcakes!

Mrs Drury has been helping us plant seasonal bulbs  and we have all made bird scarers to protect our produce!


In Maths we have been working on place value and working hard to develop our maths fluency as well as looking at the work of Beatrix Potter in English.

It should be an exciting term!


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