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The Christmas holidays seem but a distant memory, but Woodpeckers have settled quickly back into their school routine.

We are excited about our new topic 'Are Earthquakes and Volcanoes Random?' which we are working on through our English and topic lessons, learning about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii and have acted out and filmed news reports live from the scene,  also we have made our own volcanoes from clay and are eagerly looking forward to making them 'erupt' - we will let you know what happened!

In guided reading we have started to read Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl, the sequel to Cogheart, which some of the class read previously. It appears to be as gripping as its predecessor!

For Maths and English we are now splitting into year 5 and year 6 as the dreaded SATs will soon be upon us! this gives us the opportunity to focus solely on test preparation and giving year 5 a chance to consolidate their learning to date. 

In PE we have been working on creating our own dance routines based so far on Whip Nae Nae and Uptown funk!! it is proving quite hilarious seeing some of our children busting their moves!!



 With only a few more days until the Christmas holidays, Woodpeckers are still busy working hard!

 At the beginning of the week, we watched the KS1 Christmas production of 'Whoops-a-daisy Angel', which we thoroughly enjoyed. It meant however, that our Christmas celebrations are nearer and therefore we have been practising our Christmas Carols ready for Tuesday's performance.

We have contributed to a whole school display in maths on various ways to make and represent a specific number.

We showed a wide range of calculations as well as using concrete resources to depict the number - the children loved experimenting with all the manipulatives s and applying all their mathematical knowledge to the challenge.

In English, we have been studying Greek myths and have written some of our own, using the same style, and including the key features! some of our Greek heroes and heroines are pretty special!!!.

As our guided reading book - Wonder- is now completed we have written a detailed book review, including our favourite character and part of the story. Myself and Miss Jones are really looking forward to seeing it at the cinema next week  - as lots of the children have already been and said it is brilliant!

This afternoon we celebrated the end of our current topic, by looking at everybody's work and commenting on it. Once again, I have been amazed at the effort and creativity that has gone into the homework tasks - we have sampled Greek food, seen scaled down models of the Parthenon and a huge range of other activities. The class have loved appraising each others' work and I am really looking forward to taking them home to have a really good look at them. Well done Woodpeckers!!!


Another week has flown by in Woodpeckers.

The highlight of the week was our trip to the Houses of Parliament, although as it was the same day as the budget, we were not allowed in the House of Commons, but there was a very exciting buzz around the place and we could actually see and hear the budget going on behind the glass door!  It is a very impressive building steeped in history and everyone really enjoyed themselves, especially walking up the Queen's staircase and going into her robing room.  We even put forward our own bills in the mock House of Commons and afterwards our local MP, Steve Brine, came to visit us and answer questions.

Later in the week, we had a visit from the Life Education Bus. We learnt strategies how to deal with different situations, like saying no to someone when we were made to feel uncomfortable, whilst not upsetting anyone and ways to deal with peer pressure. It was really interesting and the children were really sensible and took the strategies on board. 

We are looking forward to the next few weeks and of course, the build up to Christmas!




This week in maths, we have progressed from short division to long division, these really test if we really know our tables!

Our English lessons have consisted of writing about a fictional creature using fronted adverbials and parenthesis, whilst in spelling we are looking at the suffix -ous.

We have been discussing 'what is Parliament?' and 'what is a democracy?' in topic lessons, comparing and contrasting ancient Greek democracy with modern day democracy.  This links in with our trip to the Houses of Parliament next week, which we are really looking forward to.

Today we are celebrating Children in Need and children in Woodpeckers managed to fill nine pages of Pudsey figures with coins - well done Woodpeckers.

It has been a busy week in Woodpeckers, even though we have only had four days in school.

We are still enjoying our guided reading book 'Wonder' by R.J.Palacio and will be disappointed when we finish it. Our times tables have been put to the test in maths as we are developing our long multiplication skills.  The book The Wonder Garden, has been our focus in English and we have been creating our own new land in a similar mode.

As Tuesday was Halloween, and to complete our topic on self - sufficiency, we focused on anything to do with pumpkins, with children bringing in a marvellous array of carved pumpkins and products made from the flesh and seeds of the pumpkin.  Some children also carved them in school and made pumpkin soup, which was delicious!

Our topic for this half term is entitled 'What is the Legacy of Ancient Greece?' which we launched my making and painting pots in the Greek style.  Later we will decorate them with traditional Greek patterns.

To round off the week, we were visited by students from Winchester University who helped the children with various activities designed by them, including map reading and designing, studying and building special places and having to rely on others in your team, as in being blindfolded. It was great fun!




In maths this week we have been consolidating our half-term's work so that in Autumn 2 we can move on to long multiplication and division.

We have been reading the six shortlisted books for the Hampshire Illustrated Book Award in English, although they are aimed at year 5's, I think that the year 6's are enjoying them as well.  These books will be judged later in the year by year 5 children across Hampshire to find the most popular one.

Our science lessons have been about electricity this half term and we have made circuits using batteries, bulbs & buzzers this week, most of them worked!

Woodpeckers had the pleasure of doing an assembly in front of the parents, showcasing our work, mainly in English, Maths and Topic.  The parents were amazed to see that we made butter and cheese, both of which were edible.(sort of!)

We are all looking forward to our half-term holiday and what is in store for us when we return to school.

It has been a  busy time in Woodpeckers recently.  

For the harvest assembly, we wrote about a harvest setting using expanded noun phrases.

In International Language Day we studied Spain, finding out about their food, customs, currency, famous Spanish people and even learnt some of the language.  We created pictures in the style of Gaudi, using pieces of coloured paper to create mosaics, but the highlight of the day was learning how to dance the Flamenco.

We have started doing paired reading with Foxes class in year two, which was very enjoyable.

Following on from our topic 'Could our school become self-sufficient?' on Friday we had a visit from Mill Cottage Farm. They explained about the animals they brought with them and how they were used for self-sufficiency, we even had the opportunity to pet them.

In English we have continued with writing stories in the style of Beatrix Potter, whilst in guided reading we are studying the book 'Wonder' by R.J.Palacio and in maths we are consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction.



  Week Commencing 25/9/2017


  In maths we have been doing 'bar modelling' as a way of visualising problems and we are continuing to work on      our fluency skills and mental recall. The class are enjoying doing our 'Number of the Day' challenge.

  We  consolidated our English work on Beatrix Potter by writing character descriptions of  the animals she created     focusing on conjunctions and expanded noun phrases and setting descriptions of the English Countryside.

  During our French lesson we discussed French food, how it differed from ours and how some of the recipes were     made.

 We are loving reading 'Wonder' and are looking in depth at the issues it covers.

  Unfortunately our bird scarers that we made the previous week did not seem to have the desired effect!!smiley




Welcome to Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Diary - Keeping you up to date with what we have been learning about.

18 September 

The children are adapting well to life in upper KS2.

In maths we have been concentrating on place value up to millions and in English we are looking at the stories of Beatrix Potter.

Last week, Woodpeckers launched their new topic 'Could Our School be Self Sufficient?' by going through the school lunch menu, finding out the ingredients needed and deciding how we could provide them within the school grounds. We also made bird scarers from junk and hung them from the trees.

Wednesday, being Roald Dahl day, we studied 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and concocted our own version of the medicine using any ingredients that we could find including such things as nail varnish, glue, vinegar and spices - luckily no one had to drink it! We also drew characters in the style of Quentin Blake.


It has been a really busy first week in the Woodpecker's nest as the children have been settling in to their new surroundings and getting to know each other.

We have launched our topic 'Can our school become self - sufficient?' by looking at where the source of all the food on a school dinner menu comes from and how we could provide the food ourselves if all the shops and supermarkets no longer existed. The children have designed their self - sufficient school on a map and have included wheat fields for their pasta, a pond to keep the fish for their fishfingers and even garlic bulbs for garlic bread. 

The children will be planting a wide range of seasonal produce under the expert eye of Mrs Drury, and have made bird scarers to keep their beds safe from predators!

We are also enjoying learning how to speed up our maths fluency and all about Beatrix Potter in English.

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