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12th March 2018

This week it has been science week, we have conducted a variety of different experiments! Here are some of the things we have learnt this week...


"I've enjoyed making slime, it was fun and very exciting"


"I enjoyed making bubble snakes - when I blew into the sock my snake got longer"


"I discovered how to clean puddle water bu pouring the puddle water into a jug and sieving it. I then poured the water through filter paper to filter it and the water that came out was cleaner"


"I found out what decanting was - it is the method we use when separating two liquids that have different densities"


"We looked at irreversible changes - we put mentos into diet coke and it created an explosion"


"Some ladies visited us from Silk Mill, they showed us what silk looked like. We then were able to dye silk and they taught us how to weave using spaghetti"