We wish everyone a Happy Summer Holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in September
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20th April -Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break and that all the children are refreshed ready to learn some exciting new things!


On Monday, we began our new topic entitled 'Who were more civilised Saxons, Vikings or Mayans?' In topic we looked at why we actually study the Mayans at school. This included looking at a series of images which we then needed to put into an order from the least important reason to the most important reason as to why we study the Mayans. We found that the Mayans were responsible for introducing many of the things we use today including, the calendar and even the game of football!


In English, we began our topic by smelling and tasting Mayan hot chocolate and then describing it. It was a bit like marmite: you either loved it or you hated it!!


We had a fabulous Thursday and Friday in the beautiful weather. We began Athletics outside where we learnt to throw the Javelin and we also took part in the golden mile!