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23rd April 2018

Kestrels had a wonderful trip at the Winchester Military Museum, where we completed a variety of workshops that explored what different objects the military use in order to survive. 


We spent time investigating magnets and how they are used to aid the military. We discovered that magnets are used in compasses which can show us what direction to travel in. We also investigated how the military use magnets to identify what could be underground that can cause them harm. 


Following this, we had a game of hide and seek where we were given mirrors to look round corners to see if anyone was coming. Later, we were given periscopes to complete the same activity however we discovered we were able to be more inconspicuous when using these, therefore keeping us safer. We learnt that light travels in straight lines and would reflect in the mirror enabling us to see! 


We were given the opportunity to dress up in a variety of military uniforms dating back to the 1800s. Whilst we tried them on, we had to decide on a scale of 1 - 10 how camouflaged we were and which uniform we thought was the best. 


Before going back to school, we went on an adventure! We were given a variety of different objects and had to decide which ones would be the best to help us survive the desert! We decided the best item for us to have was the pen knife as we could use it to build shelter and prepare food. 


It was a very exciting day!!