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5th March 2018

Despite having been delayed by the snow, this Thursday we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day! It was fantastic to see all the different costumes and I loved hearing the stories behind them.


In class, the children were asked to write their own versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They were told that they had to include the key elements of the story however, they were allowed to change certain aspects. Here are a couple extracts of just some of the incredible stories which were written by Chaffinch class:


'Once upon a time far, far away there lived a girl called Julia and her mum. They lived in the middle of the woods in a small cottage. They got their money from chopping wood but one day all the wood vanished. Julia's mum said "Julia, could you go and get some sweets?"


So she got herself a packet of magic beans. "They're not really magic!" she said to herself. So she got home and put them in the kitchen drawer before she went to bed. But when she woke up, her house was balancing on a branch of a giant beanstalk...'


By Beatrice


'The next day we all went back and there was the biggest beanstalk you have ever seen but not just any beanstalk, a jelly beanstalk! So all of Chaffinches climbed up, eating ginormous jelly beans on the way. When we got to the top, we saw a ginormous castle! So we all went inside. 

"A unicorn" said Oli in a funny way.

"Let's try one, shall we?" said Miss Ashton

"Ok!" we all said.

"Fe-Fum-Rum-Rillden, I can smell lots of cheeky children"


By Jazz