School Closure - Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th March
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Hello lovely Badgers,


We can't believe another week has passed by, this week our theme has been STEM. We found out that this stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our sessions have linked with these areas. One of the activities we enjoyed was unlocking cypher codes to discover hidden messages. Maybe you could write your own code to tell your friends some secret messages?


One of our science investigations this week was to find out how parachutes work. We used a range of sizes of canopies and concluded that the bigger the surface area of the canopy, the slower the parachute will drop as more air resistance is occurring.


We have really enjoyed using "Draw with Rob", our drawing skills have definitely improved, here is the link if you would like to have a go:


Finally, remember it is our last Badger zoom meeting on Thursday, hopefully we will see lots of you then.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs R & Mrs H XX

Friday 3rd July


It was so lovely to see some of you again on our Zoom meeting this week and we had great fun with the Scavenger Hunt!  


This week those of us in school have been enjoying our theme of Superheroes.  We have written our own comic strips based on our own superhero, designed and annotated a costume with special powers for the hero, used textiles and collage to make our own superhero mask AND researched real life heroes.  We've realised that we have real life superheroes living in our own community!  


All of your photographs for our lockdown class photo are lovely - you've definitely all grown since we last saw you!  The photograph is going to look amazing when it's all done!  


Have a lovely weekend 


Mrs R and Mrs H x

Friday 26th June 


Hello Badgers 


Wow - what a very hot week we’ve had, hopefully you’ve got to cool down a bit, whether it was a trip to the beach, river, a paddling pool in the garden or a refreshing ice lolly! 


Our theme this week has been the Olympics, we found out that the Olympic Rings represent participation, excellence, hope, competition and unity. 


We hope you had fun doing your sports day activities this week . Everybody who has taken part will have earned points for their houses . The winning house will be announced soon. As part of our Olympic theme, we made Olympic torches and made silhouette paintings. Have a look at the photos below of some of our work. 


We have another zoom meeting set next Wednesday for the whole of Badgers class. We very much hope you can join us for this, the details have been sent to your parents.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs R & Mrs H xx 

Friday 19th June 


Hello Badgers, 

It was really lovely to see so many of you (and your pets!) on our Zoom meeting this week.  We enjoyed hearing about what you've been up to.  


For those of us in school our theme this week was Refugee week.  We spent some time looking at why some people become refugees and exploring some feelings they may experience when they have to move to a different country.   We all agreed that everybody has the right to feel safe and loved in their home wherever that may be!  We went on a hunt outside and collected lots of sticks and twigs to create a heart!  This is to represent mutual love and respect between everyone.  We had lots of fun!  We hope you like them - maybe you could have a go at making your own? 


Mrs Ferguson was telling me about the Blue Peter 6 Badges of Summer challenge.  It looks really fun and definitely something that I think you could all have a go at doing.  Here's the link:

If you do decide to take part then please tell us all about what you choose to do.  


I hope you've all still managed to get out lots this week in the rain - Immy told me that she had lots of fun on a muddy puddle walk.  Next week is going to be much hotter though so time to get the paddling pools out again!  


Take care, we miss you all lots 

Mrs R & Mrs H x



Friday 12th June


Hello Badgers


We hope you’ve had a good week at home, we continue to enjoy looking at your home learning that you have been doing, keep sending it in to us. We have been really impressed with your positivity and perseverance with all the activities you are doing at home.

Our theme this week with the Y2/3 key-worker children has been Empathy. We have used our listening ears to feel, think and act upon each other’s emotions.

During our afternoons we have been doing some art work related to this theme. We wanted to share some of our art work with you, you will see these below.  The inspiration for our sunflower watercolour paintings came from Vincent Van Gogh. We found out that sunflowers are one of the most powerful images when it comes to bringing brightness and making a person feel better.

Finally our dot paintings involved patience and perseverance, these skills help us to empathise. Maybe you could have a go at a sunflower or dot painting?

We are very excited about having the opportunity to have a class zoom meeting with you on Monday. It will be great to see all your faces. Your parents have received an email about the details for this.

Have a lovely weekend .

Mrs R & Mrs H xx


Friday 5th June


Hello Badgers, 

This week in school has been very different again.  Some of the Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children have now returned as well as the key worker children who were coming to school.  This has meant that we've made new 'bubbles' instead of classes.  Badgers class has become Green group.  It's nice to see some of you in our classroom and back in your school uniform but it is very quiet without everyone else!  

This week in school everyone has been working on the theme 'Under the Sea'.  We've done lots of interesting things including this art work.  It was quite messy as we had to squidge blue paint under cling film!  

We hope you all have a lovely weekend - keep emailing us it is lovely to hear what you're all up to.  

Mrs R & Mrs H x

Friday 22nd May 


Good afternoon Badgers. 


It’s officially the last day of term!  We will not be setting any work for you next week so you can enjoy the warm weather with your families.


As I write this blog to you today, I am sat outside. I have a huge oak tree in my garden and as the wind is blowing, the leaves and branches are swaying swiftly. Watching the movement in the garden and listening to the sounds of the wind is inspiring me to write a poem.  Maybe you could sit in your garden and write a poem about what you can see and hear. 

Tomorrow I am camping in the garden! It is meant to be my son’s district cub camp this weekend but unfortunately it has been cancelled. All the cubs are camping in their gardens instead! I will get to eat my first ever smore! Have you ever eaten one? I am hoping the wind calms down as we don’t want our tent to blow away!  Will any of you be camping in your gardens during half term ? If you do then let us know about your adventures.


Have a relaxing week and we will be in touch after the holidays. 


Mrs R & Mrs H xx 

Wednesday 20th May 


Hello Badgers; we hope you've been out enjoying the gorgeous weather again today.  


Sorry we forgot to tell you who won the TTR Battle last was....the girls by a massive 950 points!  Well done to all of you who played and contributed to the points.  Preston, George, Meely, Immy and Chloe you all did amazingly well!  After half term we'll set another battle and perhaps this time the boys will win.  


It's been great to see all your work on My Maths, some of the children in school didn't realise that we gave you comments so make sure you have a look at what we've said about your work.  


When I was in school yesterday the children were learning all about Brazil.  What countries have you decided to learn about this week?  Make sure you send us photos of your work on Purple Mash.  On Friday we can show some of it on here.  


Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher so we hope you have a lovely day!  We miss you all, 


Mrs R and Mrs H x

Monday 18th May


Hello Badgers 


We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are now ready for the start of another week. It’s going to be hot over the next few days so remember your suntan lotion! 


This morning I have been looking at your work on Purple Mash. Lots of you have written some great descriptions for your chocolate creations, you have certainly tempted me and have made my tummy rumble! I think I now need to add a big bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk to my food shopping list! 


We thought that in today’s blog, we would share some fun facts with you. We definitely learnt a few new things!

....... A shark is the only known fish that can blink with both eyes! 


A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. 


An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain . 


It is impossible for most people to lick their elbows! 


Maybe you can find out some fun facts and email them to us . We will then share them on our blog for the rest of Badgers to read. 


Mrs R & Mrs H XX 

Friday 15th May


Hello lovely Badgers


It’s the end of another sunny week. Although our weeks are different, the time does seem to be flying by. We can’t believe that it is almost May half term . 


Yesterday I was in school and we did a drama workshop based on the Greek myth, King Midas And His Golden Touch. The children then had a go at writing their own scripts which they performed.  When we are all back in school, I’m sure we will be able to do some more exciting drama workshops together. If you have any ideas of themes that you would like these to be on then let me know. 

One activity that we are really enjoying doing at home is our daily walks. Have you discovered any new areas, local to where you live, which you’ve never knew was there? Today my children and I went for a walk and came across a very special tree. This tree was in the middle of the forest, it was beautifully decorated as it is the home of the fairies! There was a little door for the fairies to exit and enter. I took some photos as I wanted to share this fairy tree with you. Maybe you would like to write a creative story about the fairies who live in this tree? You could describe what the fairies look like, the  magic they conjure and the adventures that happen to them.


We are having a Friday treat tonight ! Dominoes Take Away! Naughty but very nice! 


We hope you have an enjoyable weekend, enjoy the sunshine . 


Mrs R & Mrs H xx 

Wednesday 13th May 


Hello Badgers, we hope you're enjoying listening to us read The Boy Who Grew Dragons - we have something very exciting to share with you....Andy Shepherd (the author of the book) has sent a special video message to you all!  Isn't that amazing!  Scroll down the page to see it.  She's also written a new mini-dragon adventure called The Boy Who Grew Dragons...A Piratey Adventure!  We've downloaded a PDF copy which you can print and illustrate yourself!  There's more information about this on Andy Shepherd's website.  Please email us pictures of your illustrations; we'd love to see them.  


Well done to those of you that have been on TTR so far this week - so far about half of you.  It would be great to see EVERYONE on there please!  Currently the girls are ahead in the battle with 599 points to the boys 173.  A particular "well done" to Ayushi, Imogen and Amelia who all have scores over 100 already.  Come on boys!  


Take care 

Mrs R & Mrs H x



Andy Shepherd - author message

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May 


The start to another week Badgers; it feels like a long time since we saw most of you but it is so lovely getting your emails and seeing all the wonderful work that you're doing at home.  


This week we really want you to focus on your Times Tables so we want EVERYONE to go on TTR and try to every day this week!  We've set you all 5 session games to do in Garage when you first log on - well done to some of you who did this last week too.  We have also set up a Battle - Boys v Girls.  We wonder who will win?  Good luck!  


The weather has really changed today hasn't it; we hope you didn't get blown away when out for your walk today!  Me and Joshua are going to make a bug hotel in our garden so we collected lots of sticks, twigs and branches while we were at the park today.  There were so many blown from trees!  


Stay safe everyone and keep in touch 

Mrs R & Mrs H x

Friday 8th May 


Happy VE Day Badgers! We hope you are enjoying your bank holiday with your family. The weather has been kind to us with the warm sun shining brightly. 

Today we mark 75 years since Victory In Europe, the end of World War 2. Have you taken part in any activities or celebrations? Remember to email any pictures you may have. We put bunting up in our gardens, decorated our tables and indulged in homemade scones, banana bread and finger sandwiches. There are a few pics below so you can see our baking efforts! We are now feeling rather full and in need for a long walk! 

Today is also another special day, “World Red Cross Day.” This has been celebrated since May 1948 throughout the world on the anniversary of the founder of The Red Cross.  

Did you know that next week is National Doughnut Week? We will leave you with that thought .......... maybe you could have a go at baking some doughnuts? I adore custard filled doughnuts ! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will catch up again on Monday. 


Mrs R & Mrs H xx 

Wednesday 6th May 


What a gorgeous day it was today; we hope you all managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  We've really enjoyed hearing what you've all been up to in your emails.  


Yesterday I was in school and went to the shop in the afternoon and saw the lovely pictures that some of you have done that are displayed in their window.  It made me feel so proud of you all to think that you're trying to cheer other people up!  


Today my daily walk took us to a lake and we were very excited to see lots of goslings!  What exciting things have you seen out on  your walks?  


We hope you've been enjoying learning about VE Day and have made plans of how you're going to celebrate.  Today your parents received a parentmail with an email address for you to send photos of your celebrations to so we can see what you did.  


Keep in touch; we miss you all! 


Mrs R & Mrs H x

Hello Badgers

As it’s 4th May today , we are going to start our blog with “May the fourth (force)  be with you!” A little joke for all you Star Wars fans!  Maybe you can get dressed up as a Star Wars character, make a laser sword and practice for the next invasion from the Evil Empire!


We hope you’ve had a good weekend and ready for the start of another new week.


Remember it’s a bank holiday this Friday, your parents have been sent ideas to help celebrate VE Day and some home learning linked with VE Day.  We will also be celebrating with our children at home by having an afternoon tea. We are baking scones in the morning then eating them with lashings of clotted cream and scrumptious strawberry jam. We will send you some photos on Friday to show you our creations !


We will both be in school this week so will film us reading another chapter of our class book. We hope you are enjoying watching it.


You are all doing really well Badgers with your home learning, keep going and stick to that positive mind set which we often explore in class .

Mrs R & Mrs H xx

Friday 1st May


Can you believe it's May already!  We bet some of you managed to 'pinch, punch, first of the month' someone at home!  You've always told us when you've done this every other month! 

If we'd been in school I expect we would have had an assembly this month about May Day - have a look at the powerpoint to learn a bit more about this special day. 

Have you watched the videos of us reading the first chapters of The Boy Who Grew Dragons yet?  If you have you can try this activity, email us your work!  


Tomas finds a dragon-fruit tree and grows dragons in his garden.

1. If you could grow anything in your back garden what would you choose and why? Perhaps money or wishes or kittens?! 

2. Draw and then name your special plant or tree.

3. Write a list of instructions about how to look after your plant or tree.

4. Imagine you were writing a book based on your tree. What would the title of the book be?


We look forward to hearing about your ideas!  

Stay safe, 

Mrs R & Mrs H x

Wednesday 29th April 


Hello Badgers

We hope you are having a good week so far. Although we’ve had a change in the weather this week, we can still be taking part with fun activities inside our homes.  Maybe you could build a den, bake a cake, make some bread or have a movie marathon!
We were both in school yesterday, it felt very quiet in our Badgers classroom without you all being in there! Miss Langley was also in school, the three of us all recorded a chapter of our new book for you. Remember to have a look on Google Drive so you can hear our readings.  We hope you like the new book! 
One of the activities we did with the key worker children was a drama workshop which involved using the theatrical masks.  Later in the day, the children then made their own finger puppets and mini theatres. We enjoyed sharing our creations and mini plays.  When you all return to school, we will use the theatrical masks in our class.
We continue to enjoy reading your home learning and emails. Some of you have been sharing jokes with each other, it’s lovely how you are making each other laugh and putting smiles on each other’s faces .
We thought  we would end today’s blog with a joke for you!

What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A gummy bear!

We will catch up with you again on Friday .
Mrs R & Mrs H xx

Monday 27th April 


We hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather that we're having.  We had a BBQ and toasted marshmallows on the fire pit!  

Have any of you watched the stories that we've read you yet?  Your parents have been sent a link for the Google Drive so you can access them now.  Tomorrow we're both in school and we have a new chapter book that we're going to share with you so we'll record a few chapters - we hope you enjoy the book!  

Have any of you been baking at home?  Today I made Custard cream biscuits!  They were really yummy and I think even better than the shop bought ones.  If you make something good then email us some pictures and the recipe.  

Miss Jones told me about a competition that we thought you'd be interested in.  John Lewis are running a competition for you to design a superhero-themed bear!  The winning teddy will be sold in John Lewis and Waitrose shops later this year and all the profits will go to the NHS. Have a look at their website for more information and a template to use.  If you enter then email us your design.  Good luck!  

Keep up all the good work and stay in touch 

We miss you all lots, 

Mrs Rowe & Mrs Hancox 

Friday 24 April 


Happy Friday Badgers!
Wow what a fabulous few days of warm sunshine we’ve had. We have been out on our bikes exploring our local areas whilst keeping fit at the same time. Have you been able to get out on your bikes or scooters?
Did any of you realise that it was National Jelly Bean Day on Wednesday this week? During the American Civil War, the public were urged to send jelly beans to the soldiers. We never knew this so have learnt something new this week too!
We’ve also had two other special days this week, do you know what they could be?
Earth Day and St George’s Day.
Earth Day is for us all to appreciate our Earth’s environment. Maybe this weekend you could visit the local countryside and then sketch or paint the landscape.
St George’s Day was yesterday (23rd April). Maybe you could find out more about the Patron Saint of England and the legend of him killing a dragon . You could storyboard the event or act out parts of the story. Please remember to email and share with us anything you have found out.

Finally, we have been missing you lots so have recorded ourselves reading a story to you. Your parents will soon find out how you can watch them!  Hopefully we will get to do story-time properly back in our classroom very soon with you.
Well done with all your efforts this week. Keep it up and enjoy your weekend.
Mrs R & Mrs H xx

Wednesday 22nd April 


Hello Badgers!

It's been so lovely to receive all your emails over the last few days and we've been very impressed with all the work that you're doing on My Maths too!  Remember to watch the lesson video before you have a go at doing the questions and use a paper and pencil to help you work answers out.  Think about the different ways that we used to solve problems in class and use those too!  

A couple of you have sent pictures on your emails of other things that you've been up to which is really lovely to see, please continue to share what you've been doing.  

In the Easter holidays we both watched Detective Pikachu, I wonder how many of you have seen it?  Perhaps you could write a review for any other films you've seen and send them to us.  

Stay safe, we miss you 

Mrs R and Mrs H x

Monday 20th April 


Welcome back Badgers to the beginning of our Summer Term.


We hope you had an enjoyable Easter holiday and don’t feel too sick from eating too many Easter eggs !
Has anybody got any eggs left over or have you eaten them all? Ours have nearly gone in our households!
Please remember to stay in touch with us and emails us about any activities which you did during the holidays . We love hearing from you.


With our families, we have been painting , baking , treasure hunts and building dens . The fabulous warm sunshine has enabled us to play lots in the garden ( I never knew I could jump so high on a trampoline ) and go for some fun walks near to where we live . We may even do some camping in the garden when the nights become warmer! Will any of you be camping in your gardens ?


If you haven’t checked yet , there is a list of 2dos on Paper Mash for this week. In addition to this, there are a few tasks which have been set on MyMaths. Your login details for this have been emailed to you . Try your best with these activities and we look forward to seeing your completed work .


Have a great start to the week. We have wonderful weather forecast so enjoy some time outside.

Mrs R & Mrs H

Friday 3rd April 


It's been lovely reading the emails that you've been sending us and seeing all your wonderful work on Purple Mash.  You've all been very busy and have been doing lots of interesting and exciting things.  

I've been in school today and we made pizzas!  I've put the recipe with the photos so you can have a go at them if you like.  

It's now the Easter holidays so you can continue to email us but there won't be any new work set for a couple of weeks.  Check back on Monday 20th April for what to do.  

I hope you all have a lovely Easter, enjoy the sunshine and don't eat too much chocolate!  


Wednesday 1st April 


Happy April Fools Day!  Did any of you play tricks on your families today?  


It's been lovely reading emails from some of you.  Please continue to message us and let us know what you are doing.  A lot of you have been planting seeds which is great to hear.  We've cleared an area in our garden for a vegetable patch so will also be planting some seeds.  


Did any of you have a go at the Scavenger Hunt?  If you did you can email us photos of your completed art work or sculpture.  


I saw this and thought you could have a go at writing some stories.  You can then email them to us so we can enjoy reading them.  It's easy to do, all you need is a dice and your imagination!  

Monday 30th March 


Happy Monday Badgers, hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that you're keeping safe.  We miss you.  So something exciting - we have now set you up with emails on Purple Mash!  You'll now be able to email us and each other smiley


I wonder what interesting things you've all been up to?  We had a go at making a papier mache pig!  I'll post a photo of it once it's finished.  It was very messy but lots of fun to do.  


I saw this online and thought it would be fun for you to do: 


Scavenger Hunt

You will need something to carry everything you find (a tub or bowl).  When you go out on a walk, or around your garden see if you can find: 

• Something wet

• Something noisy

• Something old

• Something heavy

• Something shiny

• Something dry

• Something quiet

• Something new

• Something light 

• Something dark

• Something you would like to keep

• Something that can blow in the wind

• Something you have never seen before

• Something that smells nice

• Something beautiful

• Five shades of green


With the scavenged items create a picture or sculpture.  Send photos of what you create!  


Take care all of you and we look forward to receiving your emails Xx


Friday 27th March 


Happy Friday Badgers, what a strange week we've all had.  We hope you're all doing well and are enjoying spending lots of time with your family.  

Well done to all of you who have been going on Times Tables Rock Stars.  Our battle Boys v Girls has now finished and the winners were......THE GIRLS!  Well done!  Special congratulations to Alice and Jesse who were the highest scoring girl and boy.  We're now playing against Otters!  

Have all of you put your rainbows in your windows at home?  Joshua and I painted one today so it is up in our window.  I saw a few in the village when I drove to school yesterday and they made me smile.  I wonder if some of you stayed up and clapped the NHS workers last night?  We stood outside our front house and were also able to wave to some of our new neighbours!  

Did any of you watch the animals at Chester Zoo on Facebook live today?  We went on a few times; my favourite was the elephants especially the baby who was only a few weeks old.  

I hope you've all been practicing telling the time - if you want to use the interactive clock that we used in school you can find it here:

Have a lovely weekend x 


Wednesday 25th March 


Hello Badgers, I hope you're all well and having lots of fun.  I have just moved house!  We now have a lovely big garden.  There are lots of signs of Spring - buds on the trees, bulbs flowering and I saw a butterfly today!  What signs of Spring have you noticed?  Perhaps you could draw some of them.  I'm very pleased that some of you have been playing TTR - at the moment the girls are slightly ahead of the boys!  Only a couple more days to go - it would be great to see some more of you on there too.  I made chocolate cakes today, I bet some of you have been baking at home too, I think at the weekend we'll make bread.  

Mrs Hancox was in school today and did a drama workshop with the children who were in.  

I hope you're all reading lots! 

Mrs Rowe 

Monday 23 March 2020


Hello Badgers, we hope you're all well and are enjoying the lovely sunshine at home.  Remember to spend lots of time in your garden playing not just sitting on your iPad!  We know that you all enjoyed listening to Fantastic Mr Fox on Audible - there are quite a lot of free books on there at the moment if you want to listen to something new at home.  We have set a Times Table Rockstars Battle Boys v Girls!  It will finish at lunchtime on Friday; we'll let you know who wins!  

Mrs Rowe, Mrs Hancox, Miss Langley & Mrs Ferguson