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Monday 15th July 2019

Today we have been looking at the concept of belonging. We have thought about what we belong to, what we would like to belong to and when we don’t want to belong.

We then looked at the Jewish faith and how they belong to a family and a faith. We looked at the celebrate Shabbat, the day of rest. We notice that they have different things on Shabbat to other days.

We then looked at Jewish people belonging to a synagogue as well. We thought about how they feel when they visit and how this compares to how we feel when we belong.

Monday 8th July 2019

In science, we have been focusing on living things and their habitats. Today we explored our own habitat observing what we share it with. We then thought hard about what we share it with and why this is so. We compared this to the things that do not live in our habitat and wondered why. We loved searching for creepy crawlies however Miss Grover didn’t!


We have also been learning cricket skills this half term with Rob. Together we have practiced throwing and catching, running, hitting and aiming for the wicket. This has been enjoyable for all of us as it is a new sport for many.

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

This week we were tasked to design, make and evaluate a moving vehicle. First, we explored other moving vehicles which are already on the market. Then we designed 2 options using our creative skills. We had great fun using straws, card and cotton reels to build our moving vehicles. We even took them for a test drive.

Tuesday 25th June 2019

This week we have been measuring in maths. We have been focusing on weight and capacity. Throughout this learning, we have used standard measure to weigh in grams and measure in millilitres. We have read practical scales and pictorial representations. We are looking forward to reasoning about measure, investigating problems and hopefully solving them.

Monday 17th June 2019

This week we have continued looking at living things and their habitats within science. Initially we compared animals reasoning which the odd one out was. Then we learnt about food chains. We learnt that this is how animals including humans survive. We learnt that there is a producer and consumers. Then in pairs, we created our own food chains. We are looking forward to creating habitats for animals next.

Monday 3rd June 2019

We were so excited to come back to school as we had the laptops for our morning tasks. We have been working hard to learn our timetables, so we practiced them initially using TT rockstars on the computer. Following this, we used new resources to play games and challenge our friends. We are looking forward to continuing this learning and would love it if you could challenge us at home.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

This week we have reached the conclusion of our Dubai topic. We have completed our own piece of artwork using the stimulus of Window. We planned and created a collage based on what we would see out of a window in Dubai. To do this we have used our geographical knowledge and thought about the layers of a collage and the texture of material that we used. We had great fun creating these and we are proud of our finished work.

Monday 13th May 2019

This half term, we have been focusing on dance throughout indoor PE. We are thoroughly enjoying learning a dance in unison to the very popular song Happy. We have to pretend to be minions and change direction quickly as well as use different dynamic skills like turning and jumping. We are looking forward to performing our dance which Miss Grover will film and post next week. Stay tuned!

Thursday 9th May 2019

Last week we responded to our pen pal explaining what facilities our school had by exploring and then drawing a map using a key. Following this we posted them to our pen pal’s school and we received a response. The response included maps and pictures from their school. Using these resources, we were able to make comparisons. We noticed that they have a swimming pool because it is hotter, little grass and it is much busier than the village of South Wonston. 

Following this we thought what we might need to take if we went to visit our pen pal’s school. We are looking forward to learning more and comparing the school in Dubai to our school.

Monday 29th April 2019

In Maths, we have been focusing on position and direction. We used beebots, ipads and an obstacle course to direct objects and each other around. We used directional language like forward, backwards, left, right, half and quarter turn.

Thursday 25th April 2019

We have been comparing 3D and 2D shapes this week by identifying their properties. We did this today by building 3D shapes using playdoh and straws. Throughout this task we were able to spot the faces, vertices and edges of 3D shapes. We worked in pairs to build our shapes.

Monday 1st April 2019

On Friday, we visited Milestones museum which linked to our Victorian topic. Together we explored the museum, experienced a Victorian classroom and discovered the differences to shopping in this time. During the classroom experience the teacher was very strict, the children recited language to practice reading and used an abacus to learn about numbers. The children said it was unfair how the oldest got roles and boys got an abacus each, but the girls had to share. During the shopping experience children used dimes and realised that they didn’t have enough to buy the jam for the middle of their cake.

Using what we experienced on Friday we wrote a recount today. We initially used pictures to help us sequence the day. Then we used our writing skills to write a detailed recount of the fun filled day.


We also had great fun at the puzzle challenge today. Although, we did get puzzled!

This week in maths, we have been learning about measure. We previously learnt how to use time to measure duration. This week we have measured using centimetres and metres. We picked objects around the school to measure and selected which measurement would be best to use.


In English, we have started to look at newspapers. Today we identified the features of a newspaper. We are looking forward to writing our own newspapers.

Tuesday 19th March 2019

We found a box that contained lost property, so we wondered who the things could belong to. We collectively realised that all the items were on the large size and therefore they might belong to a giant. Together we thought about the different books with giants in and wondered whether a character could have left them. We then predicted whom we thought might have left them by drawing and labelling a picture.


We then saw the front cover of a book bit by bit and discussed in groups what it could be. After revealing the cover, we wrote our own predictions in the style of a blurb.

Thursday 14th March 2019

This week, we have been using all our writing skills and learning about fables to create our own fable. We have used the story of ‘The tortoise and the hare’ as an outline and made it our own. We have really enjoyed writing our stories and showing off all the lovely language we can use. Keep your eyes peeled when you are next in school, you might see them.

Thursday 7th March 2019

Today, we all arrived at school dressed as our favourite book character. The children noticed that there was warning tape and signs as they arrived. There had been a crime in Foxes! Together they put on shoe covers and gloves, so they did not make prints. After entering the classroom, they realised the crayons were missing. The children produced a missing poster after predicting what had happened. However, the drama did not stop there. We then received a letter from the red crayon saying he had quit because he was over worked. The children wrote letters to the crayons persuading them to come back. In the afternoon, the crayons finally returned after receiving the children’s letters. We then celebrated the crayons return by using them to do artwork.

Thursday 28th February 2019

This week we have launched our new English focus. We went outside and ran some competitive races. Throughout the races, we thought about what we were saying and key words that linked to a race. Then we discovered we would be looking at fables, in particular “the tortoise and the hare”. We discussed that a fable is a story with a meaning.

In science, we started our new topic about plants. We predicted what a plant needs to grow and set up an experiment to prove this.  We also planted beans and we will record their growth over this topic. Fingers crossed they grow!

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Today we looked at how equipment used in saving fires has changed from 1666 to now. We saw how we have adapted and become more equipped for these incidences. We met Paul the firefighter. We played a game play or stay away. We had to justify why we should play or why we should stay away. We talked about how to evacuate the school safely. We learnt how long we need to run a burn under the tap. Paul also taught us a rhyme… “matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much”. Paul showed us how to test a fire alarm and we did the tea towel dance but learnt that we should play hunt the smoke alarm instead. Paul told us if we hear the smoke alarm to

  1. Get out 2. Stay out 3. Call 999.

We saw that fighters wear leggings, tunics, helmets and googles. We really enjoyed our visit from firefighter Paul.

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Today we explored how to keep ourselves safe online. We outlined the meaning of what personal information is and talked about whether we could share it or keep it safe. We then spoke about permission and discussed what is okay to do and what we need to ask permission for. We had very interesting discussions about e-safety.

Monday 28th January 2019

Today we had a great day. We read and sorted the into categories using sub-headings. We found out lots of new facts! We will be using these in our non-chronological reports at the end of the week.

We have also been building, making and reading arrays in maths to calculate multiplication.

We really enjoyed big work out day. We completed dance routines, a golden mile and an obstacle course inside and outside.

Miss Grover was proud of our confidence and posture.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

This half term in PE, we are focusing on dance. We will be using our movements to tell a narrative. We have explored what we mean by the word narrative and chosen to focus on the story of Cinderella. We have identified how to convey a character using different body positions and our facial expressions for feeling. We then looked at creating a motif to introduce the characters at the beginning of the story. To do this we had to create poses and then create transitions between them by jumping, turning and rolling.

Wednesday 9th January 2019


Today we received a ripped, old and burnt piece of paper. We went to see if we could find the rest of it and bumped into the other KS1 classes who had the missing pieces. We decided to put the pieces together and realised that they were instructions by spotting the clues. We followed the instructions and created bread. It told us that the letter had come from Pudding Lane in London. We then discussed that this must have been a recipe and we wrote our own new recipe to replace it.

Wednesday 19th December 2018

Following our RE topic of the symbol of light on Monday, we have looked at shadows and how we can create art using light. First we looked at art work based around shadows and commented on what we liked and disliked. We then practiced creating shadows before producing our own art work.

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Today we created our own weather reports. Firstly, we wrote these using our plan. In our writing we used conjunctions, adjectives and contracted forms. We then practiced reading these like a weather reporter. Following this we recorded our weather reports using an ipad and a green screen. We really enjoyed this, and it was a nice conclusion to our topic.

We are also really looking forward to our Christmas production ‘Hey Ewe’ this week and hope you are too.

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Today we shared our published Weather Monster books with Year R. We enjoyed reading them to Year R pretending to be authors and story tellers.


We then began our new unit of writing. We are going to become weather reporters. First we looked at a weather report and identified the features.

Thursday 29th November 2018

This week we have been writing our very own Weather Monster stories based on the book. We have used the key skills we have been learning through English to make our stories more interesting like adjectives, commas in a list and questions. We are looking forward to sharing these with the Year R children.

In maths, we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have compared them to real life objects, identified their properties and created our own.

We have also been really busy practising our Christmas play and we look forward to performing this to you.

Thursday 22nd November 2018

We have been looking at different types of animals. First we sorted the animals we wanted. Some of us sorted them into predator and prey, others where they live and some even compared whether they are cold or warm blooded. After this we look at what makes an animal a mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish or bird. Then we resorted using this information. We then used this information to prove how we know an animal is a certain type.

Monday 12th November 2018

Today we celebrated our uniqueness by wearing odd socks. Then we had a visitor from the “Perform Circus” who told us they had a problem with their clown. The clown had lost his smile and so we went on a circus adventure. First we had to see if we were fit and healthy enough to join the circus. We learnt the language of mime. Then we learnt a poem practising how to use our voice. Following this we pretended we were an act in the circus and worked in teams to create our own scenes. We then managed to get the clown to smile again because we made him laugh by eating his chocolate cake when we were meant to be statues.

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Today we went on a hunt to find clues around school. We found various items that all linked to the weather. We predicted in group what we thought they were for, who had left them and why they had left them.

We are also very excited to start our Christmas play rehearsals this week.

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Today we used our senses to describe what we could see, hear and smell focusing on fireworks. We collated our adjectives altogether as a class and then put these into a sentence.

We then began to read passages and realised that these were riddles. We discussed the riddles in partners and worked out what they were describing. We are looking forward to writing our own riddles using bonfire night as the theme.

Friday 19th October 2018

This week we have been enquiring about special books linked to our RE topic. We started by sharing our own special books and identifying what makes them special to us. Then we looked at the special book for Christians and heard some stories from this. We noticed these weren’t just stories but contained messages and that they help Christians learn how God intended them to live. We then looked at the Jewish special book called the Torah. Finally, we finished by creating our own class special book for all of us to share.

Wednesday 10th October 2018

We have been creating art work based on our topic of comparing a village to a town. We have used water colours to create a wash to make the background. We then built our picture by creating city skylines, after that we then laid the buildings over the background. Please do take a look at our finished work.

Monday 1st October 2018

This week we have been exploring balancing positions in PE. We have learnt 5 positions: straight, straddle, pike, tuck and star. We began by learning these positions and then in partners we started to sequence them.

Friday 28th September 2018

This week we have been comparing numbers. We are practising to say which number is more than and which number is less than. We made our very own ‘numbergator’ to help us do this. It has been great fun using practical resources and our ‘numbergator’ to make comparisons.

Tuesday 18th September 2018

In Foxes this week, we have been really excited about our number learning. We have been using numicon and dienes to help us build numbers. We have also used these to partition numbers. We have been noticing that numbers are made up of tens and ones. Some of us have looked at partitioning numbers in different ways. We would love to share our understanding of partitioning with you!

Friday 14th September 2018

We have settled into Foxes class over the last two weeks. We have been exploring fairy tales, building numbers and we have started to compare villages to towns. We especially enjoyed Roald Dahl day yesterday. In Key stage one, we focused on ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’. To begin with we made our sweet using craft materials. Then we labelled our sweets with describing words. We used these words to write sentences about our sweets. But all of this talk about sweets did make Miss Grover hungry.