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Friday 19th July 2020


Hello Foxes!  It's nearly the last week of term! 

It was lovely to see you all at our Zoom Meeting on Thursday. I liked hearing about what you have enjoyed this year. Not to mention seeing your brilliant fox creations! Don't forget to send them in if you haven't already.  


Here are some of them!  


By Alice                                                                          By Bella                                                                           


I will put more of your fabulous designs on here throughout the coming week. 

Have a great week - speak to you soon. 

Mrs Percy xx 


Hello Foxes! There is a zoom meeting this coming week on Thursday 16th July at 16.00 p.m.

This is our chance to get together for the final time before our school year finishes!     

I have a little task for you to do!   


Can you create a fox design and bring it with you to the meeting? You can use whatever art materials you choose. Here is an example of one I did and other ideas: 




Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! Love from Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx

Dear Foxes, 


We said good bye to Violet this week! I know lots of you said goodbye the other week to her on Zoom and she was really pleased to see you all. We wish her lots of luck in her new school and hope she will keep in touch with us.


As you know she loves to draw and doodle so we gave her a sketchbook and some sketching pencils. We put some of her drawings around a photo of her: 



Goodbye Violet! We will miss you.  

Friday 10th July 2020


Hello again Foxes!  We hope you enjoyed the STEM challenges this week. 

We learnt about all types of robots and the different jobs they did.  We looked at the artist and sculpture Terry Collier who uses spare parts to make robots. We evaluated some of his designs thinking about what we liked and disliked. After that we drew one of his robots.  


Finally, we were given a design challenge and were asked to solve a problem.


The question was:

''Mrs Percy needs a robot to help her with.................."      

These were a few of our ideas:

  • walking the dog
  • making her lunch
  • tidying the classroom
  • doing the shopping


If you wanted to design your own robot and send it in then we would love to see them.   


Have a great weekend everyone. Keep safe!  

Love from Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx


Friday 4th July 2020


Hello Foxes! Another week has flown by. I hope you are all well?


We hope you enjoyed the nature journals. We did leaf and bark rubbings and took lots of photos of the trees and bushes. We also learnt abut different grasses and identified butterflies in our surrounding area. 






We hope you enjoyed Superhero week too!! Here are some of our designs:

We watched the cartoon SuperTed and looked lots of different Superheroes. We also talked about what makes a person a Superhero. Is it just because they have a special power or could it be a person who is brave and kind? 


We hope to speak to you all again soon. Love from Mrs Pecry & Mrs Millar xx 

Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Foxes! Here my jar filled with a few of the things I like to do. The task I sent you for Wednesday's Zoom meeting is called All About Me. So have a think about things you have been proud of this year, things that interest you and some of your favourite things. See if you can fill your jar and colour it in! I am looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday. Have fun! 




We have started looking at nature journals at school this week. So I thought I would post it on here for you to download if you wanted to. We started looking at leaves this week and have been leaf rubbing and sketching leaves. You could decorate the front with different wildlife and plants. I have added some poster to help you to identify different things. Have fun! 


Friday 26th June 2020


Hello Foxes! We hope you've all had a good week? 

Thank you Finley for sending in his Art Home Learning. I hope you all enjoyed Drawing Something Small? Well done Finley! Keep drawing. 



Thank you Lily for sending in your art work of my favourite animal - a gorilla! Well done you !  

Seb has been busy working on his Maths - thank you for sending in your work ! 

Well done Foxes - keep smiling!

Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx  


Friday 19th June 2020


Hello Foxes! We hope you've all had a great week? It was lovely to catch up with some of you this week and hear about what you've been doing. 50

Alice has sent in a picture of an experiment she completed from her Rainbow Lab. She made some white flowers turn different colours using food colouring and water. Do any of you know what this process is called? Something to find out perhaps. She also split one of the stems to see if it would turn into two colours.  

We have been colouring Monarch butterflies and then we hung them in the window. We hope you like them?  


   Rainbow Flowers  


Seb has been really busy and has sent in some of his English work. Well done Seb for using the fronted adverbials in your writing. We really enjoyed reading your work Seb! He has also been describing different objects, writing alternative endings to a story and learning how to multiply a three digit by a one digit number. Well done Seb!   




Have a lovely weekend Foxes. We'll be in touch again soon. Enjoy the lovely weather coming next week and stay safe! From Mrs Percy and Mr Millar xx 


Friday 12th June 2020


Hello Foxes! We hope you've all had a good week? 

Mrs Millar and I have been busy at school and have finally finished our class display for the Under The Sea topic. Red Group hope you like their dolphin paintings and turtle mosaics?

Finley has been busy painting and drawing and has sent his pictures in. Well done Finley! They look great!  




He has also been adding different lines and shapes to his artwork.  




Hope to see you on the class Zoom meeting on Wednesday 17th at 11.00 a.m.

Take care and keep safe! Miss you all!


From Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar. xx  

Friday 5th June 2020


Hello Foxes!  We hope you've all had a good week? Mrs Millar and I have been busy in school this week.

I have enjoyed bumping into some of you in the village and hearing about what you've been up to via email.

In school we have been learning about oceans in the world and the creatures that live in them. We also learnt how to look we could all look after them by reducing by reducing and reusing plastic.

It was really interesting to learn about the different animals that are in the Atlantic Ocean and our coastal waters. We paintied pictures of the ocean and added doplhins onto it.  


Last week Alice was busy making cheesecake and coding on the computer. Well done Alice!


Elsie as been busy reading books by Roald Dahl. Well done Elsie! I wonder what her favourite one will be? Let us know what books you have been reading - we would love to hear about them. 


Don't forget to send in any of your work and remember to have a go on TT Rockstars. 

Keep safe everyone!  Love from Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx  

Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello Foxes! It's the weekend - nearly! We hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed learning about different countries around the world? 

Thank you to Rio for sending in his fantastic artwork this week! Lots of colourful lines and patterns.              Well done Rio! Well done to Seb for sending in a diary entry his week. Lily has been busy writing about the illustrator Alex Scheffler.  



Andrew has been busy learning about the artist Salvador Dali. Well done Andrew we hope you enjoyed it!    Seb has been learning about Banksy and how he began drawing from an early age. Alice has been researching about Picasso and how he used different colours to show mood in his paintings.



Alice has been learning about France this week and enjoyed using some of the French we learnt at school. 

Jimmi-Dean has been finding out about how to measure weather and giving advice about keepig safe in the sun. Neriah has been learning about too. 


Have a great week - Keep safe! We miss you lots Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx  

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Hello Foxes! Wednesday is here already! 

Thank you to Bella for sending in her work about Italy. 

She has been busy in the garden like Rio has. Well done to Bella and her brother as well as all you gardeners out there! Can't wait to see what their Brussel sprouts will look like in a month or so. Yum!  



Have a lovely day! Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx 

Monday 18th May 2020


Hello Foxes! I hope you all had a great weekend! Looks like it's going to be warm and sunny over the next few days. 

Over the last few evenings I've been out and about taking a few photos. I think the corn fields look lovely especially when the corn is being blown by a breeze.


Thank you to William for sending in his work!  He has been busy writing and alternative story using The World's Worst Children by David Walliams as a source for his ideas. He has also enjoyed learning about the Vikings and the weather.



I enjoyed being in school today with Mrs Broadway, Mrs Warren, Mrs Millar and Mrs Ferguson. Today we learnt about America. We looked at different States, famous people, food and made flags. We also played baseball. We learnt new skills using wool and card. We made clouds - it was really relaxing. Some of us got a bit tangled at first though. Well done to Evie for showing us her craft skills.




Don't forget TT Rockstars and to have a look at My Maths. Use the multiplication grids I uploaded on this page. You could time yourself each week to see how many you get! Have a lovely day tomorrow! 

Friday 15th May 2020


It's the weekend Foxes!  Hope you've have all had a good week?

Thank you to Alice for sending in her lovely pictures. She has been busy reading Harry Potter and learning about how tadpoles develop!  


Thank you to Milo for sending in a picture of his visit to King Alfred's statue. We hope you had a great time?



Saiva has been writing about how the Anglo-Saxons lived and Finley has been finding out about King Alfred.

Matilda drew her diary entry and Lily learnt about the illustrator Quentin Blake. Seb has been learning about cities in the United Kingdom.  




I have added below the multiplication wheels you like and a blank multiplication grid for you to have a go with. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody! We miss you all. From Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx  

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Good afternoon Foxes! Hope you are well? 

Mrs Millar has been baking ad she wanted me to share with you her banana muffins! Whilst being at home my daughter and I have been able to do lots of cooking and we've also been trying different foods. We made our own pizzas and bread!  


Well done you all you TT Rockstars out there - keep playing we need to win the battles!

Milo has been busy working on his times tables and spellings! He's also been researching about King Alfred. Well done Milo! 


Well done to Seb and Freddie W for sending in their fantastic postcards!

Thank you for lovely emails I will keep posting your work throughout the week! We love to here from you! smiley

Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx

Monday 11th May 2020


Hello lovely Foxes! We hope you all had a great weekend?

There were some fantastic VE Day celebrations in South Wonston on Friday. Did you spot these lovely garden-pot people in the village? What a wonderful display? I wonder who it belongs to? smiley


It was a bit colder today in school and very windy at times. The children enjoyed designing, making and then flying boomerangs. They also made and raced potato hedgehogs using a potato, twigs, string and a water bottle.  


You can just about see the boomerangs in the sky in the above picture. 


I have read three chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox today. I thought it was time to finish this book we started in Guided Reading. I will put that on the reading section of the website shortly. There's not much left to go. 


Don't forget to go onto TT Rockstars! There are battles against badgers and otters class as well as girls vs  boys. Try to spend a bit of time on here over the next few weeks if you can!


Reading is really important too - so don't forget to READ, READ, READ. You can also let us know about any exciting books you have read! 



Have a lovely day today! Don't forget to email if you need anything or to send anything in. Bye for now!

Love from Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar. xx 

Friday 7th May 2020                                               


Hello Foxes! I enjoyed reading your postcards this week so I thought I would share some of them. Thank you also to Alice and Evelyn-May for sending in their art work and to Finley and his dad for creating their own World Cup! 



                                                  Line art by Alice                                                               Portrait by Evelyn-May



     It is going to be sunny over the next two days so have a lovely time in your gardens! Make sure you keep safe in the sun! Here are some activties you could do outside! 

Keep safe Foxes! We miss you all very much!

Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx smiley 

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Hello lovely Foxes!  Hope you are all well? Another lovely, sunny day today! 

Thank you for sending in some of your work Mrs Millar and I love looking at your art and reading your work.

Keep sending it in so we can share it on our class page. 


Diary writing and a war heroes medal by Lily! We are glad you enjoyed writing a diary and making bunting Lily.


Here is a photograph of the VE Day display the children made at school on Monday, which is on display at the 

at the front of the school. Well done everyone!  

Keep safe everyone! We miss you al lots. Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx 

Monday 4th May 2020


Hello Foxes!   It's Monday - the start of a new week! Hope you are all well? 

Thank you to Lily to sending in her artwork from the Year 2/3 art activities, plus a picture of her hard at work? Happy Birthday for the 1st May Lily!! 


My daughter and I have been baking. Here are our cheese & pickle puffs and jam twists! Yum!


Don't forget to email if you need anything! Mrs Millar and I are here for you! smiley

Miss you all lots xx

Friday 1st May 2020


Hello Foxes! It's Friday again - hope you've all had a good week? It's not raining today! Yay!

I managed to get out today with my son and our dog. We had a lovely walk and took some great  photos of the countryside around our school. 


I've been thinking about reading a book - but can't decide which one to choose! Have you been reading?

If you want to share one that you chose - then I'd love to hear about it. Perhaps you could complete a book review and send that in to me? Why you chose it? What was your favourite part of the book? What character did you like and why? If you could invent a new character - what would the character be?  


Here is some of your amazing work! Keep sending them in - Mrs Millar and I love to see them. 



I will be in school again on Tuesday with Mrs Broadway. We will let you know how we get on!


Have a lovely weekend Foxes! We miss you lots. smiley

Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx

Wednesday 30th April 2020


Hello lovely Foxes!  Hope you are all well? Another rainy day.  

Here is a fun art activity for you called Roll-a-face.

You can send me in your drawings if you want to? I'd like to see what you come up with. 



You have been busy learning abut food and what we need to eat healthily. Here are some of your ideas:




Will put more of your work on here tomorrow! Mrs Percy smiley

Monday 27th April 2020


Hello Foxes! Hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend? smiley Mrs Millar and I have been ejoying being in the garden over the weekend. Not sure about the weather this coming week though!

Don't forget to be weather reporters this week and write a weather report. You can complete the 2Do on Purple Mash or send me in your own via email. Have a look on BBC Weather to see how they report the weather. Don't forget to log on to My Maths if you need any help then don't forget to email. I've also attached the activities below so you can download them from here.      


Thank you to Bella for sending in pictures of your cakes. They look scrumptious!!  



I was in school yesterday with Mrs Broadway. We had a great time. smiley Here are some of the things we created:



      Abstract art using tape                                                                    Picasso style portraits



Speak to you again soon. Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar smiley xx

Art Activities Year 2/3 - April 27th 2020

Friday 24th April 2020


Hello Foxes! It's Friday. smiley

We hope you are enjoying the activities on Purple Mash and My Maths? Thank you to Bella for sending in her Easter Egg Box. What a fantastic design - well done!  





Don't forget there are plenty of art things to do from the pack that was sent to you on Wednesday.

You could make your own elastic band sketchbook to keep your work in and personalise them with lots of decoration.  

You could use the following materials, if you have them: 

A large elastic band (depending on the size of sketchbook you want to make) paper, carboard, brown paper, white paper, recycled paper etc. 

How to make it:  

1. Start off by collecting different papers - recycled paper, white paper, graph paper, brown paper...

2. You will need corrugated cardboard forthe cover, and an elastic band to fasten it all together.   

3. Whatever size sketchbook you want to make, cut out a piece of corrugated cardboard which is twice as wide as

    the finished book

4. Bend it in the middle to form a spine.

5. Next cut a series of pages, again twice the width of the finished book.

6. Fold these in half too, then simply use the elastic bands to fasten it all together.    




Have a lovely weekend Foxes! 

From Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar xx smiley

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hello Foxes! Hope you've been enjoying the sun in your gardens? Mrs Millar says ''Hello,' to you all!

We want you to know we are missing you. Mrs Millar has been busy enjoying her garden and has been painting stones. 



I've been walking in the village with my dog. It looks so pretty, expecially when the blossom is out. 


Don't forget to email me any drawings you have done. I would love to see them. smiley

Stay Safe everyone! From Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar smiley

Monday 20th April 2020


Hello lovely Foxes! Hope you had a lovely Easter? smiley I would love to hear about what you've been up to over Easter? I have loved bumping into some of you in the village, when I've been out and about with my doggy.


If you designed an Easter Egg Box then I would love to see them. You could email the office with your design if you want to. I have set you some 2 Dos on Purple Mash. Don't forget you can also email me on there.  


I am just about to send you emails for My Maths that your parents have been told about, so have a look on your Purple Mash emails.


I've been at school today with Mrs Broadway and we used our hand prints to create a rainbow. Look out for it on the railings at the front of the school.      



Speak again soon! 

Mrs Percy smiley


Friday 3rd April 2020


Happy Friday Foxes! Hope you are all well and have been enjoying learning at home? What a lovely sunny day it is today. smiley Mrs Millar and I miss you very much. Here are some lovely pictures of your family and spring.  




You can always email me over the Easter holidays and don't forget to email in your drawings of gorillas if you can. There will be some more 2Dos on Purple Mash after the holidays. So enjoy this time with your families.


Happy Easter to you all! Miss you lots!   

Mrs Percy smiley

Wednesday 1st April 2020 


Hello lovely Foxes! The sun has come out! smiley   

Thank you for your lovely pictures and sending in your Purple Mash 2Dos. smiley  




Have a go at drawing some chickens and fish. You could colour them in afterwards.  



Information regarding Classroom Secrets Kids website. Dear parents / carers, please find below a copy of the letter that accompanies the user name and passwords. I have emailed the passwords separately to the children on Purple Mash. If the children are having any difficulties emailing on Purple Mash then please let the office know.  


Speak again soon! Mrs P and Mrs Millar smileysmiley                                        

Monday 30th March 2020


Hello Foxes, as promised here are more of your lovely spring pictures.  



                   By Alice                                            By Andrew                                       By Lily                               Some of you sent me in pictures of your ideal garden.




Mrs Broadway and I had a lovely day in school today. smiley Here are some of the children's Andy Goldsworthy designs and examples of stones they painted. 





  Have a good day tomorrow. Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar x smiley 

Friday 27th March 2020


Thank you for your creating pictures of spring and your family! smiley

Keep sending them in. I'll put some more on next week.



              My Family by Neriah                             Spring by Andrew 



                My Family by Saiva                          Spring by Lily

Wednesday 25th March 2020 


Hello Foxes! I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather? Am not in school today but will be in again tomorrow with Mrs Broadway. smiley Have just walked the dog. He is really enjoying having people at home. 


Thank you for sending in your emails. I have enjoyed hearing about what you've been up to. smiley  

Don't forget to log onto Purple Mash, if haven't done it already. I'd love to hear from you. 


I have also set up some battles on TT Rockstars (girls vs boys) There is currently a battle with Otters, which is due to finish soon!   


You know how much I like gorillas! We spoke about adopting one quite a while ago - well here he is!  

Did you know mountain gorillas live in east-central Africa in just two isolated groups?   

If you would like to draw a mountain gorilla or make a small fact file about them, I'd really love to see them.  


Speak again soon.

Mrs Percy x


Mountain gorillas live in east-central Africa in just two isolated groups

Monday 23rd March 2020


What a lovely sunny day today! Daffodils always remind me that spring has come. smiley

Why not photograph some spring flowers in your garden.  


A strange day in school without all you Foxes there. Mrs Broadway and I are in school tomorrow doing art and sport activities. You can always email me on Purple Mash as Mrs Millar and I would love to hear about what you're up to and see pictures of anything you've drawn or written about. 

Take care everybody.

Mrs Percy and Mrs Millar. smiley

Friday 20th March 2020 


In Science we have been learning about plants. Today we looked at the life cycle of a plant.

We conducted an experiment and decided that we were going to measure the height of the plant 

each week using a plants growing with light, without light, with and without water.  



Friday 6th March 2020


We shared our Home Learning. Well done Foxes! Doesn't it look fantastic?