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Summer 1 - In Foxes Class


This term in Foxes we have been very busy. Here is some information about what we have been doing: 



In Science, we have been learning about Forces and Magnets. We have learnt about 'push,' and 'pull forces and enjoyed investigating the properties of magnets.

First we discussed what we knew and what we wanted to find out.

We investigated different forces and acted them out for others to guess. What type of force is used when you kick a football? We also looked at whether a force causes something to start or stop. We investigated and explained how different surfaces created friction by rolling a car down a ramp that had different surfaces. We had to measure how high the ramp needed to be before the car started rolling.  



We really enjoyed learning about the seaside and what amusements there were in Victorian times. We looked at different entertainment and found out about piers, Punch & Judy and how they used bathing machines when they went bathing. We also compared the seaside: past and present. Did you know there are lots of things that we do now that the Victorians did too?  The Victorian's loved to send postcards. We wrote our own we hope you like them? We even designed a new pier! smiley

A Victorian postcard design by Ellie B, investigation into different Victorian amusements at the beach by Chloe and Reuben.





In Foxes we have been busy writing stories about an Octopus who rescues his friend. We enjoyed watching the animation and using lots of description and emotion in our writing. We also used persuasive writing features to write a travel brochure. We chose to Blackpool to write about and wanted to persuade our parents to take us there. We made sure our the title of our brochure stood out and a catchy slogan to accompany it. We chose to write about Blackpool Tower, the Illuminations and Blackpool Zoo.    




In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and have used our times table knowledge to solve different problems. We enjoyed finding fractions of objects and numbers and used bar models to help us solve different problems.   



On Monday 26th May it was was whole school sculpture day. We learnt about different sculptors and how different materials could be used to create a 3D sculpture. We designed and made ring donuts out of newspaper and other recyclable materials and after that we cut out different cardboard shapes and joined them together to make our own sculpture. 





Spring 1 


In Science, this term,  we explored keeping ourselves healthy. We looked at different forms of exercise and we described how it made us feel after exercising for one minute. We used words such as: tired, aching muscles and out of breath to describe the changes. We created an Eatwell Plate and looked at the the different food groups.   


We also looked at how animals and humans grow and develop and investigated different changes. We created a pet fact file to show how to care for a pet and included interesting facts about it. We learnt about that hatch from an egg an animals that grow inside their mothers. 


In topic, we looked the history of Winchester and compared it to modern day Winchester. We investigated land use in Winchester and used an Ordnance Survey Map to find both human and physical features. We learnt that King Alfred made important decisions that impacted on life today in Winchester. Finally, we created a poster to inform people why it would be a good place to live.       



Friday 12th February 2021 


We all enjoyed reading the Iron Man in Guided Reading. Here are some of our book reviews:



In English we finished our Instruction Writing Unit by designing a game and writing the rules to play it. 

We hope you like our ideas. Here is Spooky Castle by Reuben. Amy sent in her game called Anglo-Saxon Adventure. 


Ava designed a game called The slippery Snake: 


Monday 8th February 2021


We really enjoyed our English unit on writing instructions. We read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and created our own Revolting Recipes. We hope you like them:


Miracle Medicine by Ellie-Marie                                         Lavender Voice by Marianne 


Milo decided to add the label he designed and add it to his bottle.

Monday 1st February 2020


Hello Foxes


Hope you all had a lovely weekend?


Sophie and Emma enjoyed making a Lego Iron Man model. Esmee sent in hers too! 


This week we have been learning about instructions. Ellie-Marie has been following instructions from her 

Mr Maker set to make a dinosaur.



Reuben sent in his Lego models after following instructions. Amy sent in her instructions for dressing her teddy bear.


Ellie-Marie sent in her story board recounting the Iron Man story so far. 


Reuben enjoyed this activity too! 


Iris and her brother made an exploding volcano. Iris wrote instructions for them to follow.



Wednesday 27th January 2021


We enjoyed designing and making our Saxon shields. Here is some more of our work:


Thank you to Marianne and Iris for sending them in. 

Wednesday 20th January 2021 


Thank you Emily and Reuben for sending in pictures of the shields you made. I hope you enjoyed designing and making them.  smiley



Friday 15th January 2021


Hello Foxes  


Hope you all had a good week? smiley  Reuben sent in a picture of his Sea Monkeys. We look forward to seeing them develop. Ellie-Marie has been busy planting seeds and building Lego.





I have enjoyed reading all your work on Iron Man. Thank you Emily for sending in your work. 

Ellie B sent in her work on using commas. Esmee enjoyed finding the features of a biography.  

Ava sent in her story she wrote. 


Thank you everyone. Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Percy xx 

Friday 8th January 2021


Hello Foxes! 


Hope you had a good week! It was lovely to see you all in our Zoom meeting.

You have all really worked hard in Foxes this week - well done! 


I thought I would share some of your work on our class blog.



We have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes in Guided Reading. Here is some work sent in

from Ava and Ellie-Marie.


In Science we have been learning about humans. We looked at how we change and learn as we grow older.




Thank you Ava and Reuben for sending in your work.  


TT Rockstars

Don't forget to log into TT Rockstars we have two battles in progress. One with Otters and another with Badgers. 




We would love to hear about any books you have been reading!

I am going reading a book written by Michael Morpurgo next week in our afternoon Zoom meetings. I wonder which one it will be? 


Have a lovely weekend - speak to you all on Monday.


Mrs Percy xx 

Friday 11th December 2020


This week we finished our poetry unit by writing a poem about the sun. We wrote two verses and used alliteration, repetition and similes. We enjoyed learning about the poet Valerie Bloom and analysing poems such as: Pirates, People Next Door, Granny Is and I asked the River. We learnt about the country where she grew up and studied Jamaican patois. Here are some extracts from our poetry journals.    



We have also been learning about money. We have been selecting money and making different amounts. Next week we are looking forward to shopping and finding the difference. 

Friday 9th December 2020


We finished writing our Water Cycle explanation text this week and published them onto water droplets. We really like how they turned out. We hope you do too?

Friday 27th November 2020 


After our trip to the Hartford Stream we wrote a recount about our trip.


Friday 13th November 2020


Today we visited Beaulieu Countryside Park as part of our rivers topic. We conducted a river study and measured the velocity of the river in different parts of the river's course. Our guide showed us the source of the stream and then we followed it downstream to The Treehouse where we ate our lunch. 

After lunch, we had a go at pond dipping. We were really excited to find lots of dragonfly larvae, pond woodlice and even some newts. Here are pictures. We walked quite a way today! 


Here is a picture of the source.






We also had a go on the wobbly bridge!! smiley It was a beautiful, sunny day ad we had such fun! 


Friday 23rd October 2020


Look at how our beans have grown!


We concluded that the beans defintely needed water to grow. But, not too much as they either wouldn't shoot or became mouldy.

2nd October 2020


Hello we have been really enjoying planning and writing our alternative Fairy Tale stories this week.

We are looking forward to publishing them next week. 


In Science, we are looking at plants. We decided to find out how important it is for plants to have water to grow. We used runner beans seeds in our experiment.  We had a runner bean in a cup with no water, one with a paper towel and some water. The final one had a paper towel and lots of water.  

We are looking forward to recording the results.

11th September 2020


Hello Foxes!


We had a great first week back at school! Thank you for sending in all your lovely fox pictures. 

We enjoyed reading your postcards about your holidays too. Here are a few Foxes on our art gallery wall.



We also enjoyed reading The Lion Inside and The Koala Who Could. We learnt about a tiny mice who found his roar and about Kevin the koala who decided to try something new when he didn't want to a first.            We really enjoyed reading Giraffe's Can't Dance - this gave us a chance to practise different moves in the style of various animals.


We made leaves to go on our tree. We thought about Turning Over A New leaf and wrote about something we would like to get better at. 

   Have a good weekend! From Mrs Percy xx smiley


Friday 4th September 2020


Welcome to Foxes! 



Looking forward to meeting you all on Monday! Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Percy & Mrs Millar xx