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Wednesday 19th June 2019


We have had a fun-packed week so far! On Tuesday we had a Science morning and were all set a challenge! We had to work in teams to build the tallest tower using only newspaper and tape. The children worked creatively in their groups and it was great to see all the different techniques that were used. We have also spent time investigating the length and height of a variety of objects using rulers and metre sticks and the language required to compare different quantities. Today we had our first cricket lesson this week which was fun! We practised under arm throwing and are looking forward to developing on these skills further next week. 

Thursday 9th May 2019


The children have been revising their addition and subtraction skills this week, using both structured and unstructured number lines.In English we have learnt how to use a thesaurus so that we can use more interesting words in our writing and to develop noun phrases within our sentences. In PE the children have enjoyed learning new dance moves to Pharrell William's 'Happy' track and we decided that after our PE session we also felt much happier too! Keep up the great dancing Hedgehogs. 



Thursday 2nd May 2019


We have been learning about shape and position during our Maths lessons. The children have learnt about moving themselves and objects clockwise and anti-clockwise aswell as one quarter, one half and three quarter turns. The children have also been researching the features of both 3d and 2d shapes and comparing the similarities and differences between them. We loved creating our own 3d shapes using playdough and straws! In English the Year 2 children have begun reading parts of a story while locating possessive apostrophes and those in the contracted form. In Year 1 the children have been adding different conjunctions to their sentences. 





Thursday 4th April 2019


Last Friday the children had an amazing visit to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. The children were able to consolidate all their learning and it brought the Victorian era to life, especially as we were all dressed up too! We discovered what school life would be like in a Victorian classroom and how Victorian teachers were extremely strict. We also had the opportunity to go shopping in a Victorian street and we concluded that shopping in the Victorian times is very different to shopping now. This week the children wrote wonderful recounts of their day and we are looking forward to sharing some of these with you during our upcoming assembly at the beginning of next term. We want to all wish the Hedgehogs a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing them all again after the holidays.


Thursday 21st March 2019


On Monday we received an interesting box full of different items. Upon investigation we decided that the items must belong to a giant! We then looked at a new book cover which also contained a giant and made predictions on what the story could be about. Through the week we have looked at different parts of the beginning of the story and used these to think carefully about what the story is about. We have wrote some wonderful diary entries and also wondered what life would be like if a giant was around! In Science we went on a walk around the school grounds and looked at the trees. We identified those that were evergreen and those that are decidious. Our favourite part of the week so far though has been meeting the baby ducklings that we have in Year 1/2. Today we got the opportunity to hold them and watch how they move. 


Thursday 14th March 2019


This week the children have completed writing their own fables. We have been so impressed with the imaginative ideas and the range of story plots! In Science we have looked at the different parts of a plant and discussed the functions of each part. Our own runner bean plants have been growing slowly, apart from four plants which have already grown to great heights! Fingers crossed the other bean plants follow suit! 

Thursday 6th March 2019


The children have had a fantastic fun-filled World Book Day! We have shared and listened to our favourite stories and we even had  Percy the Park-Keeper as a visitor to read the story of 'The Cross Rabbit!' Amongst all these activities Hedgehogs had to investigate a crime scene in the classroom. Our class crayons had disappeared and we had to investigate where they could have gone. Gangster Granny, Burglar Bill and the Sneak Thief were suspects to name but a few! Thankfully the crayons returned and we were able to finish the day producing some lovely artwork! What a great week. It was lovely to hear the children sharing their costumes and favourite stories with such enthusiasm! 



Thursday 29th February 2019


We began the week launching our new focus in English. We went outside and ran some competitive races and thought about words and feelings linked to this activity. We then read the well known fable of, 'The Tortoise and the Hare' and discussed the meaning of the story and how it linked with our own experiences. 

In Maths we have been working hard on adding ten from different different starting points and adding two, two digit numbers together using both structured and unstructured number lines.

In Science we began our new topic on plants. We discussed what we knew about plants and how we can plan an investigation to find out how plants and seeds grow best. We have begun our investigations and are looking forward to finding out what changes have happened next week. In addition we have planted our own runner beans and are hoping that if we look after them correctly that they will grow into healthy plants!



Wednesday 13th February 2019


This week has seen us concluding our topic about The Great Fire of London. We have been learning about how the city was rebuilt after the fire and what changes were made to ensure that London was a  safer place to live should a fire happen again. We thought about how fires are prevented and tackled today and we were very lucky to have a visit from The Hampshire Fire Service.

Paul the fire-fighter told us about how to keep safe in our homes and showed us how a smoke alarm works and how it is important to test it weekly. We saw the uniform that fire fighters wear and some of us even got to try it on! Paul taught us a great rhyme, "matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much!"

In Science we have concluded our topic on materials and we were set the task of making a bridge using only paper. We had to work in teams and experiment how to make the paper stronger and more secure. The children came up with some fabulous ideas!

Finally we have enjoyed sharing our home learning tasks. The children have created some wonderful Tudor houses and produced some delicious treats that would be found in a bakery. Well done to all the Hedgehogs for their hard work this half term! We hope you have a wonderful break!

Friday 7th February 2018


The children have enjoyed another busy week at school. We have spent time creating and publishing our information pages about The Great Fire of London in English. We have included some interesting facts and found out that King Charles the second took an important role in the fire and helped to put the fire out! The children enjoyed creating their pages in this style. In Maths we have been learning about fractions and finding one half, one quarter and one third of  both shapes and numerical quantities. In Science we investigated the properties of different materials and carried out simple experiments to see which materials bend, twist, stretch and squash. We also had fun in the snow too!



Thursday 31st January 2018


We found out that during The Great Fire of London they used leather buckets to carry water to put out the fire. In science we investigated what other materials would be more suitable and investigated the properties of fabric, cardboard, plastic and paper. We concluded that plastic is the best material for a bucket carrying water as it is waterproof, sturdy and hardwearing. 



In art we have created beautiful images of The Great Fire of London using tissue paper and black paper to create silhouttes of the buildings. We are looking forward to showing these to you during our class assembly.


Wednesday 9th January 2019


Today we received a ripped, old and burnt piece of paper. We went to see if we could find the rest of it and bumped into the other KS1 classes who had the missing pieces. We decided to put the pieces together and realised that they were instructions by spotting the clues. We followed the instructions and created bread. It told us that the letter had come from Pudding Lane in London. We then discussed that this must have been a recipe and we wrote our own new recipe to replace it.


Thursday 20th December 2018


The children have had a wonderful week. We have discussed in R.E the things that are important to us and thought carefully about the concept of light and what it represents. In Art we created shadow art puppets and our own Elf Christmas cards. We hope you love them! Today the children have enjoyed their Christmas party too. We had a disco, played games, decorated biscuits and made Christmas tree decorations. At the end we even had a surprise visit from Father Christmas himself! We hope all the Hedgehogs have a wonderful Christmas break and we are extremely proud of how hard they have worked this term! Well done Hedgehogs!



Friday 14th December 2018


We have had so much fun planning and presenting our own weather reports this week. We all worked hard on our presentational skills and projecting our voices to an audience.

We thoroughly enjoyed our D.T day on Wednesday too. The children designed and constructed their very own windsocks! We tested out our creations and found that their was a strong easterly wind throughout the day!

In Science we have continued our learning on animals and learnt about grouping animals according to what they eat. The children worked hard on understanding the terminology of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. In amongst all of this we have performed extremely well in our KS1 production of 'Hey Ewe.' Well done Hedgehogs!



Thursday 6th December 2018


We have been creating patterns using 3d shapes. We chose 2, 3, 4 or 5 different shapes to create patterns with and then thought carefully about what shapes would be further in the sequence. We have continued to learn about the properties of 3d shapes and group these according to their attributes. 

In English we have begun planning our own weather reports. After watching some real life weather reports we planned our own and thought of some wonderful adjectives. Hedgehog class came up with gusty winds, treacherous lightening and blistering heat to name but a few! We are looking forward to presenting these when they are completed.


Friday 30th November 


It has been a busy two weeks in Hedgehog class! In Science we concluded our hand washing experiment and discovered that warm water and soap was the most effective way of eradicating bacteria and germs! It was great fun using the light detector! We also have been thinking about animals and discussing how we categorise them into groups. 

We were thrilled to finally complete our own weather monster stories in English. The children worked hard including adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions correctly. We have continued our learning on 2d and 3d shape and investigated the various properties of these. We loved using the geo-boards to create various 2d shapes while thinking carefully about the number of sides and vertices each one has. In amongst this we have been working hard in our rehearsals for the Christmas play! Well done Hedgehogs



Friday 16th November 


On Monday we all came to school in odd socks to mark the beginning of anti-bullying week. We discussed that everyone is different and that it is important that we value these differences.

We have been working hard on our learning about 'My Friend the Weather Monster' and this week we created character profiles and practised our skills of extending our sentences using various conjunctions.

In Maths Year 1 have been consolidating their addition skills using more or less than symbols and showing our working out using a number line.

The Year 2 children have been using their number bond skills to add three single digit numbers as well as using mathematical equipment to create number sentences to 100. In Science we planned an investigation about what is the best way to clean our hands and we are looking forward to finding out the results! What a busy week for Hedgehogs!



Thursday 8th November 2018

In English we have been making predictions about a new book that we are learning from called, 'My Friend the Weather Monster.' We used modelling clay to make our own weather monsters and thought about questions we would like to ask him. We are looking forward to finding out if our predictions are correct. 

In Maths year 2 have been practicing adding and subtracting two digits numbers together by crossing ten. We used dienes to help us with our calculations. The  year one children have been subtracting single digit numbers and using a number line to solve these. 

As a class we spent time discussing the upcoming Centenary for Remembrance Day. We created our own individual poppies using oil pastels and are thrilled with the results! We created an art gallery in the classroom and enjoyed sharing each others achievements!


Friday 2nd November 2018


We launched our new topic this week called, 'Can we become meteorologists?' We had a meteorologist come to visit us and she told us all about her job and what she does. We are looking forward to finding out more about the weather. In Science we took part in a senses carousel and investigated what happened if one of our senses was hidden. We drew pictures blindfolded, investigated the contents in smell pots and took part in a tasting activity. We have also been working hard on creating our own firework riddles. We listened to firework sounds and have used onomatopoeia in our written pieces. Well done Hedgehogs!


Friday 19th October 2018


We have had a busy few weeks! We concluded our current topic after a trip around South Wonston collecting data. We all decided on the best location for Jack and the Beanstalk to live. The class majority came to the conclusion that Jack should live in the village because it is peaceful, there is a shop and a lovely park for him to walk his dog in! In Science we have investigated the effects of exercise on our heart rates. We discovered the more exercise we performed the faster our heart rates. It was fun trying to discover and find our pulse rates! The children have also been practicing their letter writing skills and in Maths we have been working hard on our addition calculations using a variety of equipment and methods. Among all of this busy learning we very much enjoyed watching The Wizard of Oz with the whole school. Well done Hedgehogs!


Friday 28th September 2018


We had a surprise visitor in Hedgehog class this week and he left a little bit of a mess! From the clues left behind we worked out that the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk was responsible and that he needed our help to understand a set of instructions to grow a bean plant. We began by looking at lots of different instructions and even followed some instructions to make an origami dog! We are looking forward to creating our own next week. 

In maths we have been continuing to focus on comparing different sets of numbers and the language we need to describe them. During computers this week we also practised our use of directional language, while following a simple program on Purple Mash. Well done Hedgehogs!



Friday 21st September 2018


This week the children have had great fun creating their own gingerbread man story endings. They all worked extremely hard on their narratives and enjoyed retelling these to the class. It was lovely to see so many happy endings! In maths we have been comparing numbers and using language of more than and less than. In topic we have been drawing out own maps of South Wonston using a key. We were all pleased with the results. 



Friday 14th September 2018


The Hedgehogs have had a busy week and have settled back well into the routines of school. In English we have been focusing our learning on Fairy tales. We have been retelling famous fairy tales and describing the main characters within them. In Maths we have concentrated on developing our place value skills. Thursday was 'Roald Dahl' day and we loved creating our own imaginary sweets and describing these to our peers.  We have been really impressed with how well all the children have settled into Hedgehog class and we are very proud of them.