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Friday 22nd June 2018


This week we collected leaves in the school grounds and we made rubbings of them. In Science we completed a tally and found out the most common type of tree around the field was a Beech. We also found out that we had Elder, Hawthorn, Sycamore, Ash and  Horse Chestnut.  


These are some of the rubbings we made:



15th June 2018


We have been enjoying learning about chicks and how to look after them. We kept a daily diary and learnt how to sketch them.  





Thursday 7th June 2018


In Hedgehogs we have some visitors. We have chicks!!

We have learnt about how to keep them safe and look after them. We have called the first chick Fluffy.

Here is Fluffy! We are looking forward to learning more about chicks over the next week. 



Friday 20th April 2018 


We have been really busy in Hedgehogs this week. In Maths we have been using the balance scales to weigh objects in the classroom. 


Monday 26th March 2018


This week we shared our Home Learning Books in class. Here are some of the things we did: 






We went to Marwell Zoo on the last day of school. We really enjoyed looking at all the animals and sitting in the jeep. 


Friday 16th March 2018


In Religious Education we have been learning about Palm Sunday and the importance of welcoming to Christians. We enjoyed making palm leaves to decorate our display and drawing of pictures of Jesus being welcomed by the people of Jerusalem. PSHE we discussed why is was important to feel welcomed and be welcomed by others. 



World Book Day - March 2018












Art - An afternoon of art with an animal artist - Monday 5th March 2018 





Dear Hedgehogs,


Here are some activities for you to do whilst the school is closed. Have fun and remember to keep warm!      

Mrs Percy smiley


Write a snow poem.

Write a story about an animal who lives in the snow.
Make a paper snowflake.

Draw a picture of what you can see from your window.

Draw an animal that lives in a cold place.

Create a fact file about an animal that lives in a snowy place.

Build a snowman and take a photograph.

Design and label your own sledge.

Don't forget there are lots of activities on Purple Mash.






Thursday 1st March


We finished our crocodile poems this week and are now looking forward to creating our animal fact files.  

By Seb                                                 By Amelia                                             By Georgia 




Friday 23rd February 2018


In English we have begun our work on poetry. We started by reading a poem about giraffes. After that we learnt it in pairs and performed it to the rest of the class. 






We also looked at the markings on a giraffe and made our own using tissue paper. 




In Maths we have been learning how to represent numbers up to 50. We have used our place charts and tens frames to find out how many tens and ones there are in a number. We also used our problem solving and reasoning skills to answer different questions.







Friday 9th February 2018

In Art & Design we made our mice sculptures. First we made the body and then we learnt new techniques for joining on the ears and tail. We then created our own pattern for the fur. They are on display in the classroom and we are  really pleased with them.




Home Learning - We enjoyed sharing and celebrating our Home Learning books. It was lovely to see and hear about all the different things we did.






During our topic lesson we debated about who should be allowed to get in the Titanic's lifeboat as there was only 20 spaces. We thought it was important to save the cook and a 1st officer who was trained in First Aid. 






Friday 2nd February 2018


This week in Art we began our investigation into sculpture. First we looked at the work of different sculptors. After that we practised creating different designs using: pipe cleaners, foil and clay.

We are looking forward to using clay to make Samson the mouse from our English book 'Samson's Titanic Journey.'  



We practised our sketching skills to draw the Titanic. 




In Maths we used tens frames to bridge through to 10. 








Friday 26th January 



Titanic Life Boat challenge - In Maths we used our addition skills to investigate how many different combinations of orange and yellow life jackets could be worn by 20 people.     


Friday 19th January 


We had our class assembly this week and we are all proud of how we performed. We really enjoyed our parents coming back to class afterwards and being able to share our work with them.


In Science we discussed what we would wear for the different seasons. In Maths this week we continued using a number line to find the missing numbers in addition number sentences and we enjoyed solving a Maths problem on Friday


We are really exited about our new topic and are looking forward to learning how to sketching the Titanic on Monday. 




Friday 12th January 


In Science this week we went on a seasonal walk and collected different objects from the school grounds. After that we talked about and drew pictures of what we could hear, see, feel and smell. 




In Maths we have been solving addition problems on a number line. We enjoyed playing 'Totality,' and finding different ways of being the first to get to 20. 






Friday 5th January 


In Religious Education we learnt about the Jewish celebration of Passover. We learnt that the Sedar Meal is a special celebration to remember the Passover story. We looked at a what was on a Sedar plate and why it was significant. After that we designed our own plate to remember Christmas and the nativity. 




Thursday 21st December 


We enjoyed making our Christmas calendars this week. We hope you liked the finished product? 




We liked painting and decorating our Christmas star decoration too.



Friday 15th December 2017


We enjoyed performing in our school play 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel,' this week. We were very proud to sing our songs and wear our star costumes. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us.


In topic we looked at the different continents of the world. We completed jigsaws and identified the oceans of the world and major cities.   



Friday 8th December 2017


This week we used our Maths skills to investigate the number 14. We also partitioned numbers up to and over 20.






Friday 1st December 2017


This week in English 'The Wild Things,' came to our classroom. They made a mess and left lots of clues behind, which we investigated. After that we wrote out our predictions before arriving at our final conclusions as to who had caused the mess.




We also explored different emotions related to characters from the 'Where the Wild Things Are,' and we enjoyed expressing these during a drama session.




Friday 24th November 2017


This week we had a visit from the Dogs Trust who taught us about looking after and caring for dogs. We asked lots of questions and enjoyed sharing our own experiences about dogs. 




We also visited the Life Education Bus and met Harold the Giraffe. We learnt all about how our bodies make energy and the types of food we need to eat to help us grow. We also learnt about different parts of the human body and enjoyed answering lots of questions.  






Friday 17th November 2017


For Children in Need we used the coins we'd brought in from home to fill up our Pudsey pictures.






In Maths we investigated the numbers 11 to 20 by counting and writing them in numerals and words.                    We also worked together to find as many ways as we could to represent the number 12.




We continued our work on money and investigated various money problems. 




As weather monitors we have been recording the weather daily and have created tally charts from our observations. 



In science we have been learning about the seasons. We worked in our groups to create and present a poster on our chosen season. We enjoyed using different materials to add extra detail.







Friday 10th November 


In Hedgehogs we have been working hard on our poetry writing skills during English this week. We have created  some exciting poems based on Autumn and fireworks. Our Autumn poems are on display in the classroom.




In Maths, we have been focusing on recognising the value of coins and using money to make varying amounts.    We also enjoyed playing money snap and money bingo.




We have also learnt about the seasons in Science and in Art we have begun to create an autumn collage.   

Friday 3rd November 2017


This week we have been learning all about measure and we have enjoyed investigating height, capacity and position. We also learnt o'clock times and days of the week.       




In English we have been learning how to read and perform firework poems. We learnt how to project our voices and enjoyed reciting our poems to an audience. 





Our current class book is James and the Giant Peach and we have enjoyed discussing the different characters, especially Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker.  

Friday 20th October 2017


In Hedgehogs we have been designing and making our own puppets. We worked carefully to sew our puppets together using a running stitch. We enjoyed decorating them with different materials and giving them their own  unique features.








On Wednesday the whole school watched Jack and the Beanstalk. In class we enjoyed discussing different parts of the play then we wrote our own stories.   




In Maths this week we have been doubling and sharing numbers. We also enjoyed investigating a half of different shapes. 

Friday 13th October 2017


On Monday we took part in the PTA Golden Mile sponsored run. The children showed great determination and were really pleased to complete 18 laps of the track.  




This week in Maths the children have been using their addition and subtraction skills to solve a range of problems and have begun to look at fact families. They have enjoyed using different resources to add two numbers together and have also learnt how to double and halve numbers. 


In English the children have been working very hard writing their stories about Goldilocks and The Three Bears and are looking forward to sharing these at Parents Evening. 


In Science we have been sampling different materials and deciding which materials would be suitable to make puppets.   


The children have now started making their puppets and have thouroughly enjoyed developing their sewing skills. They can't wait to use their finished products in a puppet show. 

In Hedgehogs we have been busy exploring our new topic of 'Old and New Toys'. We brought in our toys from home and talked about why they were special. We also learnt about Mrs Percy's dolls and why they were her favourite. In Science, we have enjoyed finding out about the properties of different materials and discovering what our toys are made from.    

In English, we have been reading stories and tales about bears and the children have been developing their sentence writing skills in response to them. We are enjoying writing about different characters and story settings. 


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