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Friday 26th June


Hi Herons, 


I am so excited to let you know that we are having another Zoom Call next week! I have set one up and your parents will have a Parentmail sent to them so you are able to join. There are lots of Herons in school at the moment so we have made sure that it is happening when everyone is at home so hopefully everyone will be able to join! laugh

I want you to have a think about your most favourite time in Herons this year so you are able to share it on our call! It might be your favourite piece of work or your funniest moment (there have been alot!) but try to think of something smiley 


In school we have been busy learning about the olympics and have taken part in the virtual sports day! I have seen lots of the pictures that you have sent in from home so I know you have all had a great time taking part! 


Can't wait to see you all on Thursday! 

Miss Jeffries

Friday 19th June




Well well well, wasn't it lovely to see lots of you on our Zoom call this week! I know I have told you every week how much I'm missing you however being able to see you made me feel a lot better and it reminded me that one day we will be all back in school and we'll be able to talk and see eachother all the time like we used too!! :)


It's been so great seeing you Flat Miss Jeffries adventures and they are making me laugh and laugh everyday! This week Lewis found me in the washing machine causing mischief?! Would I ever cause mischief?! So for my consequence he made me read...he must have forgotten how much I love reading!! IT WAS SUCH A TREAT!!! 

Keep sending them into me! They are brilliant and  it's a nice way to keep us all feeling a little more connected! 


Keep safe and keep smiling, 

Miss Jeffries :)


Friday 12th June 


Hi lovely Herons, 


I'm hoping you've all had a wonderful delivery of me in the post this week - if you haven't received yours yet then the postman will be delivering it very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!!

It's been lovely to see what you've been up too! I particularly enjoyed my bacon and egg sandwich - if only it was real! 

Please please keep sending your adventures into the school e-mail address

I'll be checking it regularly to see what we have been doing together! 


Next week we will have our zoom call on Tuesday, both Mrs Philp and I can't wait to see you all! 


Missing you all so so much, 

Miss Jeffries


Monday 1st June


Hi Herons, 


I hope you all had a fabulous half term! The weather was beautiful wasn't it which meant we could really enjoy being outside! I spent the week being outdoors and making sure that I didn't burn so had to keep putting lots and lots of suncream on! I hope you have been putting it on too! 


I am back in school now with a little group of Year 6's in a bubble. It is a little odd seeing different children in our classroom but we have been having lots of fun. This week our focus is 'under the sea' so our English has been looking at writing a letter to Nemo's Dad about his first day at school because it is our first day back. You could have a go at writing this letter as well if you wanted too.


Keep an eye on your post - as there might be a small delivery from me arriving in the post soon! I hope you all like it and want to get involved! I wonder if any of you can guess what it is?


Keep going, keep being safe and I will keep missing you all! 

Miss Jeffries

Wednesday 20th May


Hello you lovely bunch, 


Hope you are keeping well - I have been trying to keep as busy as possible which I'm sure you are doing too. More and more of you are e-mailing to say that you are missing your friends and the routine of coming to school - I know it's hard but please keep going!! Keep making all those fantastic choices that I know you can make and keep putting all of your effort into your work! I am so incredibly proud of you all and can't wait to see your smiling faces as soon as we possible can! 


Mrs T and I were back in school together yesterday and we were learning about Brazil! Lots of you already know quite abit about Brazil as we looked at it when we learnt about rainforests. We made carnival masks, learnt about where in the world Brazil is and what language they speak! I spent the morning with Year R and they learnt to say 1 to 5 in Portuguese which was fun...if not a little too tricky for me! We also made beautiful parrots that we hung in the hall as though they were in a forest! You could try at home it requires lots of patience and cutting but they look great once they are finished! I would make around...15 handprints for super feathery tail! 



Hope to see you all soon, perhaps you might catch me on one of my walks round the village soon! 

Miss Jeffries

Friday 15th May


Hey Herons, 


Guess who I managed to see today! Mrs T! It was the first time I had seen her since lockdown and it was very exciting! I spent the day with some children from Year R where we learnt to double numbers and we focused on the 'ay' May I play and 'oi' Spoil and coin sounds. It was lots of fun!! 


Whilst out on the playground we had a little visitor who I couldn't resist taking a picture of to share with you! There wasn't a collar so we don't know it's name! But isn't it ADORABLE! You know how much I love cats laugh

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Miss you all lots and lots! 

Miss Jeffries

Wednesday 13th May 


Hello lovely herons, 


How are you all?! I really hope you are all looking after yourselves and enjoying the beautiful weather at home! I really enjoyed reading your film reviews and it has inspired me to watch quite a few of them! Spacejam is by far my favourite though so if you haven't seen it before it's definitely the one that I would recommend! laugh


Over the past few weeks I have been working really hard at being active everyday! You all know I have a sore hip but I have been doing lots of yoga to help it get a bit better which has really helped! So much so that I have even managed to go running...I might be able to join in with the golden mile now when we go back to school! Although I am certainly not very fast and have to stop quite alot because I get out of breath! Hopefully I might get a little bit fitter the more I practice! I did however find a challenge for you to do - I did mine this morning and it helped to burn off some energy! smiley 


You need to spell your name using the letters and it will create an exercise workout for you. Once you've done your name you could spell your favourite book character or favourite film or how about a place you would like to visit on holiday? 


Hope you have a great Wednesday!! 

Miss Jeffries

Monday 11th May


Hi Herons! 


Well wasn't the weather beautiful at the weekend! Did you do anything nice to celebrate VE day? I know that some of you had social distancing street parties which must have been fun! We went on a really long walk to see how many houses at bunting outside which was very fun if not a little tiring! smiley


You've all been working SO hard over the past few weeks and I just want to let you all know that I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you! Keep up all of your hard work - I can see that the MyMaths is really starting to stretch your thinking and some of the work you have submitted for your To-Dos on Purple Mash are fantastic! I really love the photos that are being sent via e-mail on Purple Mash and into the school office! So if there is anything that you have made or done that you are super proud of then ask mummy or daddy or whoever is at home to e-mail it over! 


Miss you all lots, 

See you soon

Miss Jeffries

Wednesday 6th May


Hi Herons, 


Well I am mostly glad that the beautiful weather is back so I can enjoy my walks everyday! We have lived here for quite a long time now and the lockdown has given us lots of time to explore where we live. Much to our surprise we found a big lake about 10 minutes from our house so I decided to practice my photography skills which I have attached for you to have a look at! smiley Have you been enjoying going out for walks? or playing in your garden? I know that some of you have been going on long walks and even longer bike rides which have made me feel tired just thinking about it! 


I hope that some of you have been watching the book that I have been reading to you! I am up to Chapter 7 now and I'm itching to read more so hopefully you're joining along with me! What has been your favourite part so far? 


Hope to see you soon, keep smiling :)


Miss Jeffries 



Monday 4th May


Hi Herons! 


May the 4th be with you! Ha so funny...I don't even like Star Wars either so I don't know why I find this day so funny every year! I was in school today which was so much fun! We spent time doing MyMaths and some reading about VE Day! But Miss East and I definitely found our Science experiment the most fun! We grew our own rainbows which you could easily have a go at at home so I have attached the instructions and some pictures so you can see how ours turned out! We investigated whether the different water temperatures made a difference to the speed of the rainbow and whether it matter if we used darker or lighter felt tips! If you have a go at home let me know how it turns out! laugh


Speak to you soon! 

Miss Jeffries

Hi Herons!! 


I can't believe it is May already! I do feel like April flew past us in a flash! I am however hoping that the nice weather comes back soon as it's been difficult to get outside in all of the rain! 

It's been lovely to see some of your work being sent through on Purple Mash - some of you have figured out how to attach different documents! I have especially enjoyed seeing videos of science experiments and your written work! It's been fab! 

It's VE day next week - you could research it and think about why the day might be important! However, I know in South Wonston some of you might be making scarecrows to go in your gardens to celebrate! It would be great to see some of the ones that you design so please send over pictures! :) I could share them on here so everyone can see! 


Hope you have a great weekend, 

Miss Jeffries

Wednesday 29th April


Hi Herons, 


Hope you are keeping well at home! It is still so lovely receiving your e-mails and keeping me updated on what you are doing at home! Some of you have even managed to attach work that you have done on Purple Mash and have explained it to me which has been fantastic! 


I have been filming stories for you so if you haven't seen them yet ask your parents to check their parent mail! I know lots of you have enjoyed The Bear and The Piano!! The next ones are the start of a chapter book called Land of Roar by Jenny Mclachlan! I will be reading and uploading the chapter regularly so keep checking so you can read along with me :)


Missing you all lots and lots! 

Miss Jeffries

Good Morning Herons, 


Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I thought the weather was absolutely beautiful and we even had burgers for dinner which were delicious! 


Your new tasks for MyMaths are ready to go and I have set you some on Purple Mash too! We are going to build up to writing a newspaper article this week so see how much information you can remember about the first man on the moon! You might need to google him again to give you some facts to write about! 


If you are doing the letter challenge - I have given you a letter for you to respond to this week! It's set as a to-do and is about friendship! 


One last thing...I have been reading you a story! You know how much I love reading! So make sure your parents keep their eyes peeled for the link and you can watch lots of the teachers in school reading to you! :)


Missing you lots and I will speak to you all soon! 

Miss Jeffries

Hey Everyone!


Hope you're keeping yourselves busy at home! I have seen lots of you on MyMaths answering the questions - remember that you can have another go if you don't do as well as you originally expected! I will be giving you feedback and asking some of you to check them if I think you have rushed...


I've been in school today to look after the key worker children, we made a giant collaborative picture of a giant bumble bee using different textures. It looked really cool when we laid it out on the floor in the hall! We have also completed some of the work from our packs and have also been on an 'Earth Day' scavenger hunt! The weather has been so beautiful! 


Your letter writing challenge for the next few days is to write a letter about what you think your house will be like when you are an adult, think about your kitchen, bedrooms, living room and garden. What will they look like? What colour walls might they have? Try to add as much detail as possible! I have set another to-do on Purple Mash for you to use as the template. Lots of you have been joining in and saying how much fun you are having with it! However, some of you have already handed them in but I can't see any writing on them! Can you check your one to see if it is yours? mail


Hope to see you soon, 

Miss Jeffries



Well haven't I been missing you guys alot over the Easter holidays! I hope the Easter Bunny came to visit you all and that you have saved me some of your chocolate! Some of you have already e-mailed me to tell me that you haven't! Cheeky monkeys! 

Over the holidays I did have a big tidy up of my house and I found something that you might be interested in! Normally I would have bought it into school to show you but well we can't do that just yet! So I'm going to explain it on here and see if you want to have a go yourselves. 

When I was 10, I wrote a selection of letters mail for me to read when I was older...I still can't open them! It says not to be opened until I'm 30! So many years have gone past now that I can't even remember what I would have written in them...but I can't wait to find out! I vaguely remember cutting bits out of an Argos catalogue for my future home!  So I thought...if you wanted could have a go at doing this too! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will give you a new topic to write can either e-mail me your response or post it into school or save them up and give them to me when we go back to school. I will look after them for you until you leave at the end of Year 6 and you can choose to open them then or you could give them to your parents to keep for longer! Entirely up to you smiley


So for your first letter I want you to think about when you are an adult (use the sentence stem below to help). Think about the job you might do, where you might live, what will your personality be like? will you still have the same friends?

When I imagine myself all grown up…


I can't wait to read your letters! Have fun with it - some of the letters might be really long! some may only be short smiley but they should be fun to think about and fun to write! Send me an e-mail to let me know if you are going to have ago so I can find enough envelopes for you all! 


Miss you all lots and lots

Miss Jeffries



Friday 3rd April 2020


Hi Herons, 


It's Fridayyyy! Hope you have all had a wonderful week at home and you have been learning lots. I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been which has certainly made my week a little brighter, I hope you have been enjoying it in your gardens. 

If you had a go at the riddle this week the answer was.....David! Hoping you didn't get fooled and say Pop! Why would I write a riddle about Rice Krispies?! Despite me saying I was going to trick you on April Fools Day, if you had a go at the wordsearch you've probably worked out by now that I tricked you anyway!!  HAHAHAHAHA! cheeky

Feel free to e-mail me over the Easter Holidays, I will still check Purple Mash. If we aren't back at school on the 20th April then check Purple Mash as I will have set you more To-Dos for you to complete! 

Hope the Easter Bunny comes and visits you all but please don't eat too much chocolate! I know someone who might be grateful for a few leftovers laugh (obviously me).

Miss you all lots and lots!

Miss Jeffries

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Hi Herons, 


I was in school today making some pretty cool sock bunnies - you could have a go at home if you have the materials!

We needed an old sock (make sure it has been washed!), a pair of scissors, newspaper, elastic band, ribbon, eyes and a felt tip pen to decorate. 


Stuff the newspaper into the bottom of a sock to form the base, it needs to be quite big! Secure with an elastic band and then stuff more newspaper in to make a head. You should fill the sock around two thirds. Once you have made the head you need to cut the rest of the sock in half down the middle and tie the two parts to make two floppy ears! Wrap the ribbon around the middle into a bow and stick on the eyes. Decorate however you would like! 


Lots of you guessed our riddle! There can't be any stairs in a one storey house because they are bungalows!! Did I trick you? 


Our new riddle is:

"David's father has three sons : Snap, Crackle and _____ ?"


Some of you might know that it is April Fool's Day today and I was going to play a horrible trick on you! But all of the ones that I could think of probably wouldn't have been that funny beings you wouldn't be able to see me! So I thought I would give you an April Fool's themed wordsearch! 


Have fun! Miss Jeffries blush



Monday 30th March 2020


Hi Herons!


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have been keeping safe! I had a very quiet weekend and went for a long walk to make sure I had some fresh air. We have been playing bored games here and I managed to complete a 1000 piece puzzle which tested my patience!


The answer to the riddle was 'shadow'. You could use your science skills to investigate how shadows are made and beings the weather is sunny at the moment maybe you could go outside into the garden and see if you can notice any changes in your own shadows. Are they always the same? Do they change? Why do they change? A favourite of mine is to draw round the outside of my shadow if you don't have chalk you could try and get someone to create the outline using sticks and stones or perhaps a piece of string although it might blow away!


Our next riddle is:

"There's a one storey house where everything is yellow. The walls are

yellow, the floor is yellow and the doors are yellow.

Even the furniture is yellow. Yellow beds, sofas, plates and cutlery!

So what colour are the stairs?"



Keep smiling, and remember to be nice!

Miss Jeffries blush

Friday 27th March


Hey lovelies, 


I was back in school today with Miss East and Miss Grover. We decided to challenge the children to a STEM activity. They were given 2 pieces of paper per group and had to think of a strategy to create the longest paper chain. You won't be surprised to know that I joined in because I'm so competitive and well...I WON! laugh You could try this at home too! Thanks to some of you guys I also remembered to order myself a chicken burger for lunch!! It was just as delicious as I was expecting it to be!


Some of you replied to our riddle this week - I'm not sure how many of you are checking the website so I have sent an e-mail to you all with it on too! The answer this time is...18! 3 in 'the' 7 in 'English' and 8 in 'Alphabet'. I know I definitely tricked some of you! cheeky


Our weekend riddle is:


"Everyone has it and no one can lose it; what is it?"


As it's Friday, I normally go out for dinner! However, obviously I can't because of the situation we are in at the moment. My challenge for you is to design me a 3 course meal that would make me stay in for dinner when all of this over. You will need to think of all of the ingredients and use your Maths skills to total up how much each dish would cost for me to make! Use your investigation skills to find the prices. Record it in your Work from Home books and e-mail it to me if you want to give me some dinner ideas over the next few weeks! Remember when adding decimals use your place value grids to help smiley I can't wait to hear the yummy ideas you're going to come up with! 


I also know that lots of you would have taken part in the clap for the NHS at 8pm last night. I wanted you guys to know that I did it too and whilst I was clapping I was thinking of not only the NHS staff but of how proud I am of you all for working hard at home and sticking to the rules. The NHS are doing all they can to make sure people are healthy but by you being brave at home you're doing your bit too and that means every single one of you puts a smile on my face everyday...even if you can't see it!  


Miss you all lots and lots, 

See you soon.

Miss Jeffries



Wednesday 25th March


Hi Herons! 


I am back in school today to see some of the children who have parents that are key workers! We have had a Pirate Day which has involved lots of exciting activities. Mrs Hancox ran a drama workshop where we had to choose different pirate roles and act them out building up to a scene for a day in the life of a pirate. We also took part in the Joe Wicks' workout and complete a couple of Just Dance videos too. I couldn't help but do a little bit of science so we investigated how many water droplets you can fit onto a penny! You could try this at home...I bet you would be shocked by the results! 


Lots of you had a go at the riddle which was lovely! The answer was *dum dum duuuummmmmmmmm* TOWEL!! So well done if you got that right!

Our riddle for today is: 


"How many letters are there in the English alphabet?"


I have been keeping my eyes peeled for exciting things for you to look at when you are at home, a few of the zoos are doing live webcams where you can observe different animals. I will put the links in here for you smiley 

You could investigate one of these animals more and create a non-chronological report for them in your Work from Home book. We have looked at the features of these already! Or you could pretend to be that animal and write a diary entry from being them. Lots of Zoos are closed at the moment so the animals may find it weird that they don't have any visitors!


Most of all, keep yourselves safe and I look forward to hearing from you all on Purple Mash!

See you soon!

Miss Jeffries


Monday 23rd March 2020


Hi Herons, 


What a weird day it has been without seeing your beautiful smiling faces! I know from some of your e-mails you have been busy bees though which has been lovely to hear. From modal verbs to murder mysteries you certainly have been keeping yourselves occupied. 

However, I thought I would set you my own little challenge. Everytime I post I am going to include a riddle to get your brains can either write the answer in your Work From Home books, keep it in your heads OR e-mail it to me but I will post the answer on the following blog post. The answer from today's riddle will appear on Wednesday so you have some thinking time. 



"What gets wetter the more it dries?"


Make sure you are reading at home and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside even if it is a little chilly. A break from technology won't do you any harm! 

Chow for now! 

Miss Jeffries laugh