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I can't believe I'm writing this at the end of Autumn 2 and our Christmas celebrations, it has been a fun and exciting half term where Herons have excelled themselves in so many ways! They have been a true pleasure to teach this term and have thrown themselves into lots of different aspects of their learning. 



This term we have been concentrating on improving our multiplication and division skills. Year 5 have enjoyed investigating common factors and multiples whilst Year 4 have developed a good understanding of their times tables and how to recall them quicker! We have then applied our knowledge to area and perimeter and finding these measurements for a variety of rectangular and rectilinear shapes. 



In English we started the term by looking at the story Escape from Pompeii, we used our senses to investigate the different things we might see, smell, taste and feel both before and during the volcanic eruption. Using this we wrote two diary entries. We aimed to include a variety of adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials to make our reader more engaged. Following this, we then looked at a book called Pet Dragon. To begin with, we designed our own dragon and used a thesaurus to improve our choice of adjectives. We then wrote descriptions of different parts of the dragon to form the basis of our non-chronological report - appearance, habitat, diet and interesting facts! We also had to write an exciting introduction to appeal to the reader! 



Science has been so much fun this term! Our first lesson involved investigating a variety of different substances to see if we could identify what a solid, liquid or gas was. We then created our own water cycles and discussed the different elements of this. Our chocolate experiment was definitely the best part though where we discovered that different objects have different melting points.



We started the term with our Roman Day where we launched our topic! It was a really exciting way to get us thinking about the Roman Way of life! We designed and created our own roman mosaics and used biscuits to replicate the way romans made roads. Later in the term we also had a virtual workshop from Fishbourne Palace - although we were disappointed we couldn't go there in person it was exciting to see the Roman weapons and find out what life would be like for roman children. 


I think they deserve a well earned break and look forward to seeing them rested and relaxed in January! Have a fantastic Christmas! smiley


Autumn 1


What a fantastic term back in school for us all! It has been delightful to see smiling faces coming through the door each morning despite feeling, for some of us, very nervous! Herons have approached the new school year with a huge spring in their step and they have made a brilliant start to the new school year! 




We began the year recapping our place value knowledge, stretching ourselves in understanding 4 digit numbers in Year 4 and up to 6 digit numbers in Year 5. We have used this to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 which has consolidated our understanding of numberlines aswell. Following this, we have also developed our understanding on column addition and subtraction! Applying this knowledge to word problems and solving challenges along the way! 




English has been brilliant this term! We began by watching the short film 'Ruckus' where two brother, Frank and Jesse, hijack a train to steal a valuable ruby. We designed wanted posters which described one of the brothers and hoped that someone would identify them so they could be caught! 


We then used our Guided Reading text, Kensuke's Kingdom as our stimulus for writing a variety of poems. We thought about different types of poetry including Haiki and Tanka poems which use a certain amount of syllables. Our poems have been collated into our own anthology which we can read in our classroom. 




In science, we have been exploring the environment around us discussing the positives and negatives! We have investigated the wooded areas to see what creatures we could find and identify and will continue this throughout the year to observe how this environment changes. We have looked at how humans can have a negative impact on our environment but also the changes we can make to improve it! Over the year we will make a hedgehog highway to ensure that hedgehogs have enough room and a bug hotel! 




Our topic has compared where we live in and around South Wonston to Bologna in Italy. We compared our daily lives to children in Bologna and also identified both physical and human features of both areas. By unanimous decision, most of us would rather live in Italy. Although we identified that our lives were quite similar it was hard to ignore the weekend ski trips that some of the children in Bologna went on! 




We have focused on our school community this term and how our actions affect others around us. We discussed as a class rewards and consequences and what we enjoyed about being in school environment. We also thought about some of the things we would like to see in our classroom and therefore our Super Heron table has made a return by popular demand!! laugh




Thanks to our amazing music teacher, Mr Jones, we have been learning the guitar! We have mastered how to hold the guitar and have now been focusing on learning particular notes. We are confident with playing a basic tune and ensuring that we stay at the same rhythm. 


It really has been a busy term! But we have loved every second and can't wait to see what Autumn 2 will bring us!