Kestrels Class Assembly - Friday 28th February - 9.10am
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Making models of volcanoes in Geography

Since coming back from Christmas, Kestrels have been brilliant! We have now started our geography topic, 'Are Earthquakes and Volcanoes random?' and we've really enjoyed researching past earthquakes and learning why they happen and how they are measured.

In maths we have really enjoyed our position and direction module, and can now translate and reflect shapes using their coordinates in all 4 quadrants. 

In English we have been enjoying learning about what happened to Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD and using this to inform some really powerful and descriptive writing!


Kestrels have shown off their brilliant learning attitudes so far this term and have had a really positive start to 2020!

In geography this week, we enjoyed making models of the Earth's layers using pudding!

Tuesday 5th November


Kestrels have come back from half term really settled and ready to learn! 

We're continuing with our Victorian topic, trying to answer the question of whether the Victorian era was a Golden Age or a Dark Age. We've started to look at the Industrial Revolution, particularly the impacts this had at the time as well as the impact it is still having on our own lives!


In Maths we've started to look at BIDMAS, and the children have all used their resilience and perseverence skills to keep going even when it started to get really tricky. Mrs Mears and Mrs Thambipillai were really proud at the whole class for showing lots of understanding around negative numbers and how to add and subtract them!


In English we've started the Hampshire Illustrated Book Award and we've really enjoyed making our predictions about what the 6 books will be about. Our current favourite is 'The Bad Seed', but we're looking forward to reading all of them later on!


We're really excited to earn our last marble and finally have our Marble Treat so watch this space!

Monday 9th September 2019


Welcome back! We've had an amazingly positive start to Year 6 in Kestrels class, and have already earned ourselves a marble for excellent classroom behaviour.


In Maths this half term we are starting with Place Value of numbers up to 100,000,000. Although this seems daunting, we're going to work really hard to use a growth mindset within lessons and give everything a go.

In English we are focussing on Charles Dickens and really enjoyed going on a 'scavenger hunt' for facts about him using the internet and books. We will be using this information to write a biography about him.

This links with our Topic for this term which will be 'The Victorian Era: Dark Age or Golden Age?' We've already started to investigate different Victorian pioneers, why they were important and how they're still influencing modern life! 


Since coming back to school, Kestrels have settled into school really easily and are excited to get going with their learning! Both Mrs Mears and Mrs Thambipillai are extremely proud of each and every one of them!