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Monday 29th June 2020


It has been really fun being back at school and getting to see everyone who is back! For those of you who aren't at school, it's been lovely catching up with you over Zoom or Purple Mash emails!


In school we've been having themed weeks each week. Last week was Olympics week and we got to design our own stencils and then printed them on to t-shirts. We even got to wear these t-shirts during Sports Day! Sports day was definitely different to normal as each bubble had their own one and we had lots of different types of activities. It's been lovely seeing the photos those of you at home have sent in of you doing your own Sports Days at home.


This week is Superhero week and we have kicked it off with a bang by turning ourselves into superheroes! If you're still at home, why not give this a go at home and email it in to the school? 


We've also really enjoyed following along with Draw With Rob on YouTube every day and we're already feeling like we're improving our drawing skills. If you haven't already seen these, definitely give them a go!


Speak to you soon,

Mrs T :)

Wednesday 20th May 2020




How are we all? I'm hoping you're making the most of this gorgeous weather and potentially completing your school work outside? I'm definitely working in the garden as much as possible!


Miss Jeffries and I were in school yesterday and our focus for the day was 'Brazil'! We learned all about Brazil and compared England to Brazil. Did you know that Brazil's summer is November-January? And that their Winter is June-August? The average temperature in their Winter is 14 degrees celsius!!!

We all created our own parrots out of our hand prints. I've attached some photos of the wonderful display we managed to create!


Our theme at school this week is 'travelling around the world' so I would like you all to choose one country in the world (any country you like!) and create a 'factfile' about it. I would like the following information included:

  • Climate
  • Native language
  • Population
  • Native animals - including information about each one!
  • Popular foods
  • Popular religions
  • Location in the world (eg continents/hemispheres/neighbouring countries/surrounding seas etc
  • Tourist destinations in that country
  • Things you would like to do if you visited/lived there!

When you've finished this, please send me your work as I'm really looking forward to you all teaching me about different countries!


See you all soon!

Mrs T :)




Friday 15th May 2020




It was SO lovely to see lots of your faces yesterday! It was the best day I've had in a long time and I'm so proud of how you're all managing to stay so upbeat and positive, even in these weird times! A massive thank you to all of you for being in and saying hi, but an extra special thank you to Winters for greeting me with Harry Potter music! For those of you we didn't manage to get to yesterday, I promise you will see us today! We've got 1 more of you in South Wonston to get to, Worthy Down, Winchester (& surrounding villages) and Andover (& surrounding villages) to do today! We didn't want to rush it and we so enjoyed having lots of time to talk to you all! We also LOVED getting to meet all of your pets! I've included a picture of some GORGEOUS piglets we got to meet yesterday!


Yesterday really enforced the message that you're all amazing and we're so proud of you for handling everything that's happening with so much grace and maturity! For those of you who aren't going to be returning on the 1st June, we're planning to hopefully drop by and see you again before the end of the school year!


Have an amazing weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you later on this afternoon!

Missing you all!

Mrs T :)

Wednesday 13th May




How are we all? I hope we're having a great week and that you're managing to get through all of your school work! Tomorrow (Thursday), Miss Jones and I will be driving to each of your houses, if your parents have okayed it, and dropping off some extra jobs to do as well as some goodies! I've already had a few emails from you saying that some of you are really looking forward to this, which is so lovely to hear! We're SO excited to see you all (in a socially distanced way)!



I'm hoping you're all managing to stay active, because this is really important, especially for keeping your body healthy! My mission for you all this week is to make sure you're all doing some form of exercise. There are LOTS of different ways you could be doing this:

Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle

Alo Yoga

Just Dance

All of the above are accessible on YouTube (and YouTube Kids I think!). Give them a go and please make sure to stay as healthy and active as you can!!



I'd also like you to continue our science learning about space by giving this website a look:

This is a really cool website set up by NASA which has games on it, some television programmes, videos, learning clips etc. This should help to consolidate your learning from our recent Space topic!


Hopefully I'll see you either Thursday or Friday,

Stay safe :)

Mrs T

Monday 11th May 2020


Anyoung haseyo!

How are we all? I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday weekend and you've enjoyed some quality time with your family!

Today would have been your first day of SATs. I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about SATs in general and some of you were more against them than others but I'm sure some of you have been thinking about them today. I'm really disappointed for you that you haven't been able to smash them like I know you all would have, but hopefully we'll all be able to see each other soon! I know this can be quite a scary idea for some of you, and a really exciting thing for some of you, but please remember that it's our job to keep you all safe and we'll make sure that if/when you do come back, you'll be safe and prepared!!


I'm SO PROUD of you for winning the TTRS battle against Owls! Almost every single one of you was playing along and taking part to make sure that we came out on top! Keep an eye out for any future battles, especially those battles against other schools...


I'm not going to give you any extra tasks today as I've been overwhelmed with the high standard of work flooding in through Purple Mash and My Maths already this week, so you're clearly working your socks off at home!


Keep your heads up and yourselves safe!

Missing you,

Mrs T :)

Friday 8th May 2020




How are we all? Happy VE Day! I'm hoping you've all had a great day, and potentially enjoyed some socially distant parties? There have been lots of different things going on here and we've enjoyed waving at people during our daily walk! At school yesterday we made tissue paper union jacks that the children took him to help decorate their houses. I've included a picture of one of them below!

As I said a couple of posts ago, we've been growing our own cress here! In the last couple of days it suddenly seems to have grown loads! We're looking forward to using this brilliant cress to make some egg and cress sandwiches for lunch over the weekend. We've really enjoyed being able to grow our own food, and we're thinking of venturing into growing some vegetables in the garden! This is what our cress looks like:


Please have an amazing weekend but make sure you're all staying safe!

Speak soon,

Mrs T :)

Wednesday 6th May 2020




How are we all? A massive well done to all of you completing your My Maths tasks - around half of us have already completed all 3 tasks! Please make sure you're completing these by Friday because there will be some new ones set for Monday... As always, you're all keeping me busy with your purple mash work! I'm so sorry if I haven't replied to your email yet - I promise it's on my to do list!


Miss Jones is an absolute superstar and has managed to find out that CGP (the same company that make the revision books some of you have bought) are offering some free home learning resources, so I'll post the link for those below. They've included a variety of different subjects, so please do check them out and give them a go!!


I just want to say how incredibly proud of you all I am. You've all shown such maturity and grace with this incredibly difficult situation we currently find ourselves in. I know things are different to how we all wanted them to be but the most important thing you could be doing right now is finding as many positives as you can! I would love it if you could create a poem about some of the positives you've found and send it to me. If you don't want to write a poem (I can already hear a few groans!) then please just send me a list of your silver linings!


Speak to you soon guys - I really am missing you all so much!

Mrs T :)

Monday 4th May




How are we all? We're now entering yet another week of lockdown! How are we all holding up? I hope you're all still managing to look on the brighter side of things! I've loved reading even more of your lockdown diaries and being able to talk to you about them over email. I've also loved seeing all of your work on My Maths - I hope you're all managing to see my feedback. Please do make sure you're taking your time though - I'd rather have some really high quality pieces of work, rather than lots of rushed pieces of work...


There will be some more chapters from the BFG uploaded this week, a special visitor even joined me for these... Because I know how much you all LOVE answering questions about what you have read, I've uploaded some comprehension questions for you to answer about each chapter above this post. I would advise following along with what I'm reading in your own copy of the book (if you have one!) to help you answer the questions, unless you've got an amazing memory (which you all know I don't)!!! I'll keep uploading questions so they tally up with the chapters that have been uploaded.


I'm missing all of your faces and I'm even missing the noise levels and the swinging on chairs! Who thought I'd ever be saying that?!

Please do give the comprehension questions a go, it's important to make sure your amazing reading skills stay amazing.


Mrs T :)



Friday 1st May




How are we all? I'm hoping you've all had a wonderful week and have been really productive!

Today is a day dedicated to staying in your pyjamas and sharing a story, so if you haven't already done this, try and find some time this afternoon/evening to snuggle down in your PJs and read as much as you want!!


VE day is next week. If you don't already know what VE day is, your job for this weekend is to research it! At home, we will be creating bunting to decorate the outside of our house to show our neighbours that we are celebrating VE day! I would really like you to think of ways you could celebrate this (safely, of course!). This could be a tea party or just making something special for dinner or pudding? Let me know via Purple Mash email what you're going to do!


I hope you're all keeping safe and making the most of this time at home as much as you can! I've loved seeing emails and photos of everything you've been up to so please do keep me updated!


Mrs T :)

Wednesday 29th April


Guten Tag!


How are we all? I hope you're all managing to stay positive and upbeat, and not winding your adults up too much...


I can see that there's been an influx of you making a start on the latest Purple Mash tasks and I am really impressed with the few diary entries for lockdown that I've had in so far! It's really lovely for me to be able to get an insight to what your days now look like but also to have a way for you to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with me! If you haven't completed this task yet (it's called Summer Holiday diary entry), then please do give it a go!


If we were in school now, we would have started our 'Self-sufficient' school topic. What I think would be a lovely thing to do, would be if we could all research ways to become self-sufficient at home - this could be by growing the foods you need so that you don't need to rely on supermarkets, but there are lots of different ways you could do this. My plan this week is to plant some seeds and grow some food. I think we're going to start with cress and work our way up to other vegetables! Keep me updated with the different ways you've found to become more self-sufficient and let me know if you've acted on any of these ideas!!


Stay safe!

Mrs T :)

Monday 27th April



How are we all? I'm hoping you had a wonderful weekend and made the most of the sunny weather before it disappears... We've been loving having the opportunity to have BBQs and eat outside!


You've been set some more tasks on My Maths and I've set loads more 2do's on Purple Mash. Don't panic if you see that there are quite a lot of them, the deadline to have them all due isn't until the end of May so take your time and please don't rush them! Remember I can see who is and isn't completing these tasks... I'm really proud of those of you who are regularly logging on to Purple Mash and interacting with the tasks I've been setting - keep it up!!


By now, your parents should have been sent the link to the Google Drive where you'll be able to see myself (and hopefully a few other teachers) reading stories to you! It was really odd to read you a story without you all in front of me or asking questions about what I've read... I much prefer reading to you in person, but this is a wonderful option for the moment. Keep checking in on the Google Drive as things will continually be added!


I hope you're all still managing to stay positive and upbeat. It's so wonderful to hear from those of you who are emailing me and keeping me updated - it really lifts my spirits!


Stay safe and stay sensible!

Mrs T :)

Friday 24th April



I hope you're all having a great time and keeping up with your school work! I've been in school today and it felt really odd to not see any of your faces... We had a great day today by designing and then making and testing our own obstacle courses and enjoyed a Film Friday this afternoon! 


I'm really impressed that since my last post, a few more of you have been accessing My Maths but we still don't have as many of you logging in as we could! I'm desperately trying to keep on top of marking all of your Purple Mash work too, but please bear with me if your emails take a little longer to be approved!


Earlier on this week, I asked you to start a scrapbook or a log to showcase all the things you've been doing during lockdown. I've started mine and I'm really excited to see yours when we come back! In addition to this, I would really like you to start using how you're feeling and your experiences of lockdown to write some poetry. I would LOVE for you to email this through Purple Mash (you may need to type it out in the emails as you can't attach documents that weren't created in Purple Mash!)


I can't wait to see what you create!

Mrs T :)

Wednesday 22nd April

Helloooooo Kestrels!


Wow have I been a busy bee this morning, responding to all of your Purple mash emails and keeping up with all the work you're submitting on there too! I'm so impressed with the standard of work you're all producing, even when I'm not there telling you to do it! I have adored reading your volcano poems and I feel so incredibly proud of the difference in your writing from September to now and you should all be so chuffed with yourselves too! 


I've also been checking in with the work some of you are doing on My Maths. Those of you who are completing the work are doing really well but I'd love to see more of you giving these tasks a go! I've had a few of you email and ask for instructions on how to login so hopefully you've now all been able to get in to that and start completing some tasks. I will be setting some new tasks for next week, so keep an eye out for those.


It's definitely bizarre marking your work from behind a computer and not being able to give you a high 5 or tell you to stop queuing up!!! I'm missing you all A LOT and I can't wait until I get to see you all again! 

What I'd really love you to do is to keep a little scrapbook/notebook/diary/log of the sorts of things you've been getting up to during this time so that when we do see each other again, we can spend some time sharing these memories and stories and catching up. I've started my own one (it's predominantly baking!).


I hope you're all still staying safe and making sensible choices for your adults...

Mrs T :)

Monday 20th April


Hi Kestrels!

I hope you've had an AMAZING Easter break! Let's hope you've eaten too much chocolate and that you've had a wonderful rest and have recharged yourself, ready to get back to learning from home this week.


We've had a really hectic Easter holidays with lots of baking, Easter egg hunts and arts and crafts! I've really enjoyed having time to spend with my family, but I definitely feel ready to get back to work! If your parents have replied to the school's email about having a login to MyMaths, you should have received your login details from me via email on Purple Mash! There have already been tasks set on there for this week and I will keep up to date with setting more each week. Hopefully this will help keep your brain working - don't forget to approach each Maths lesson with a positive frame of mind. We worked so hard on this in class and you were all amazing at it before school was put on pause so I hope you're all still channeling those positive vibes!


Have a great start to the week, and I'll check in with you again on Wednesday.

Stay safe!

Mrs T :)

Friday 3rd April


Hi Kestrels!


Wow - can you believe the Easter holidays are here already? I hope that you've all had a wonderful rest of your week and have been keeping busy. I've been overrun with Purple Mash notifications and I have absolutely loved reading through all of the work you've been sending me! Special shout out to a fantastic Volcano poem that has been handed in that absolutely blew me away!


It's been really lovely to be in school this week and to see some of you. We've had a great time making our own pizzas and doing some arts and crafts, as well as a film afternoon!! I'm definitely missing you all a lot and I can't wait until this is all over and we're able to return to school and get back to normal!


I hope you have a wonderful Easter break and you spend your time with your family and taking a break from home learning! Enjoy the Easter eggs but make sure you're sharing and balancing all the chocolate out with some fruit and vegetables... The next update on here will be Monday 20th April so keep an eye out for that!!


Stay safe,

Mrs T :)

Wednesday 1st April


Hi Kestrels!


I can't believe it's April already... I think I'm more shocked that we're not in school with you all trying to trick me on April Fool's Day!!! I hope you've all taken my advice and have been keeping busy. If there's any other art activities you'd like to complete, I thought it would be a really lovely idea for you to create pictures to be displayed in the new hospital opening in London. The details for where these pictures need to be sent are below:


I'm sure that you have all been colouring and making lots of rainbows for people to spot on their walks. I have seen that the new hospital that is being built in London: 'The Nightingale', has asked for children's rainbow drawings so that they can share them with staff.

Either scan them in or take a photo, sharing them with the #RainbowsForNightingale so that they can be shared with staff digitally.


How wonderful would it be to have our pictures hung up in the hospital, to cheer everyone up? I'm really, really impressed that so many of you are now engaging with Purple Mash and I have adored reading all of your emails and marking the work you've been handing in!


Keep up the hard work guys, and keep staying positive!

Mrs T :)

Monday 30th March


Hi Kestrels!


I hope you all had a restful weekend and have enjoyed some time away from your home learning! I'm really impressed that when I logged on to Purple Mash this morning, quite a few of you have already been completing some 2do's today - well done!


I hear there's a couple of Battles going on on TTRockstars and I'm very impressed that (at the moment) Kestrels are in the lead! Miss Jones was not a happy bunny when she found out... KEEP GOING!!


It's still really odd not seeing you all everyday but I'm loving all the emails I'm receiving that keep me updated with what you're up to. It really does put a smile on my face so please keep sending me updates!


See you soon,

Mrs Thambipillai

27th March 2020


Hi Kestrels!


Me again! I hope you're all well and are staying positive and safe! I was in school yesterday and we did lots of arts & crafts activities, including shadow drawings and chalk drawings on the playground. I've been keeping up with Purple Mash and I'm really impressed with those of you that have been completing the 2do's I've set on there. Please make sure that you are checking this and completing all of the work set on there; I've given you some long deadline dates so you have a while to get those done!


If you have done anything exciting at home that hasn't been a set task I've asked you to do (like a wonderful science day I've been sent some photos of!) then please do let me know so that I can keep track of what you're up to! I know it's hard to get work done when you're at home but it is really important that you keep your brain working. Independent study is a really important skill for secondary school so think of it as preparation for Year 7!


Keep in contact through Purple Mash!

Mrs T :)

25th March 2020


Hi Kestrels,


I hope you're all staying positive and upbeat, even though things are a little unsettled at the moment. I'm in school today, with those children who are still coming in, and we're having a pirate themed day! We're all staying together in Year R and will be doing lots of pirate themed activities as well as some sand and water play.


I've really enjoyed emailing you all on Purple Mash and keeping up with the work you've been completing on there; I'm proud of all of you! Yesterday Mr T and I did some gardening and did some de-cluttering of the house so that we kept ourselves busy. I think keeping yourself busy is really important, because it distracts us from what is happening around us, so please make sure you're doing things other than playing on your devices!!! Whilst the weather is so wonderful, make sure you're in your gardens or going on a long walk with your family.


Remember to keep up with Miss Jones and I on the Year 6 instagram page (swyear6_2020) because we're regularly posting lots of things you can do to keep yourselves busy and your brain learning!


Hopefully see you all soon,

Mrs T and Mrs Mears :)

Hi Kestrels!


Mrs Thambipillai and Mrs Mears here! 

I hope you've all had a productive start at home and are managing to get some of the work we sent home done. I'm also hoping you're making some really positive choices and behaving for your parents...!


I've been keeping busy by keeping up with your emails in PurpleMash (sorry to those I haven't replied to yet, I promise I'll get round to it!) and making sure you've got lots of 2do's to keep you busy. Please keep checking PurpleMash and engaging with the tasks as much as you can. Please also remember TTRockstars - we can't let Owls win any battles!!!


Keep safe, and we'll see you all as soon as possible!


Mrs Thambipillai and Mrs Mears :)