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Monday 1st April 


Look at how our seeds have grown! Our marigolds have grown even more! It is now the tenth day and they are 5cm in length. Our Cress Heads have grown their hair! Do you think they need a hair cut?





29th March 2019


Happy Mothers Day !! We enjoyed designing and making our cards today and we hope you like them? 



22nd March 2019


We have enjoyed learning about seeds and flowers in Science.                                                                                     We had fun making our Cress Heads. We've watered them and put them in a warm place. Let's hope they grow!


7th March 2019


World Book Day 2019 - We enjoyed talking and writing about our books. Here are some of our costumes:  








8th February 2019


We have enjoyed writing our stories in English this week and used fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses to create effect in our writing. 




5th February 2019


In Topic we learnt that the Ancient Egyptians wore different crowns to represent their status in society. We designed our own crowns as worn by Nefertiti and Tutankhamun.


1st February 2019

We enjoyed making snowmen. Do you like the chair we made? 


16th January 2019


This week we have been really enjoying our learning. In PE we have been learning to play hockey and have begun our dance unit. 

In English, we have read and performed the story Egyptian Cinderella and have begun to plan our own stories based on this. 

In Maths we have been busy learning the 3 and 4 times tables. We have also been dividing in 3s and 4s. 

In Art we have been looking at different types of Egyptian crowns and have started sketching them.  

Our topic in Science is Forces and Magnets and we have been investigating the pull and push force. 

20th December 2018


In Religious Education we looked at the Significance of Mary. We drew pictures of her and described why we thought she looked Holy and what that meant.




In Topic this half term we have been learning about different types of settlements. In Art & Craft we designed and made our own settlements out of shoe boxes. We enjoyed using different materials to create these. 




14th December 2018


Thank you for coming to our Christmas Concert. We enjoyed singing and showing the winter scenes we painted in class. They are now on display in the classroom. 




Friday 30th November 2018


We really enjoyed our class assembly this week. Thank you to everyone who came. 


In English this week we published our Iron Man poems.  We used similes, alliteration and repeating phrases in our work.



In Art, we drew the Iron Man. We particularly thought about the areas of Light and Shade on his metal face.

We used oil pastels to create our face.



Thursday 5th November 2018


This week we have been really busy. In Art we created poppies in aid of the 100 centenary of Armistice. We learnt about the trenches, how poems were used to communicate the horrors of World War 1 and why the corn poppy is significant to Remembrance.


We used acrylics to paint our poppies. We hope you like them?



In Maths, we have been using column addition to solve addition number problems. We are now ready to use the new method we have learnt to solve subtraction number problems. 


In English, we have been using similes to describe the Iron Giant. We then used these in extended descriptive sentences.     

Friday 19th October 2018


We have had a very busy half-term. Here is a picture of the classroom display for our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age and the Iron Age. We shared our Home Learning Books together and commented on each others projects.


In Art we blended oil pastels to create either a sunset or nightscape background. We then cut out and placed stones to create our Stonehenge picture. 





Friday 12th October 2018


This week in Science we made fossils. We followed the recipe carefully and used our mixing and kneading skills to create our fossil material. After that we used different creatures and plants to create our fossil.  





Friday 5th October 2018




On Tuesday 2nd October, we visited Butser Ancient Farm near Petersfield. We have been learning all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age and we were able to take part in different activities and see replica houses. We had lots of fun making clay bowls, a wattle fence, a daub wall and copper jewellery. 


Our first activity was pottery. We used clay straight from the ground to create small pots which we shaped and decorated to make them more personal. After that we made a clunch wall. We used mud, chalk, straw and water to create our clunch mixture and then we used it to help build a wall. It was extremely messy but great fun!




We ate our lunch in the large Iron Age round house. It had animal skins on the floor and a fire in the middle. After lunch, we used copper wires to create our own Iron Age jewellery. We created swirls using the copper and ended up with our own rings to wear!


Lastly, we built our own wattle walls. We did this in pairs as we needed to make sure that we were weaving and bending the branches properly and carefully.


Overall, we had a fantastic day and learnt a lot of things. We will now be writing recounts of the trip to help us remember everything we learnt.


Archaeologist Talk


We were really lucky to having an archaeologist come to visit us. Thank you to Mr Norcott for coming in and telling us all about The Amesbury Archer. We learnt a lot about he was found, what he was buried with and why this was such a significant archaeological find. We also learnt about Beaker Burials and how arrow heads were found deposited in the grave. We were so lucky to see different artefacts such as: animals bones, flint tools, arrow heads and gold.  






Friday 28th September 2018


In English, we have been writing setting descriptions and have enjoyed using our imaginations to create a setting for the 'Stone Age Boy'. We have looked at using expanded noun phrases and have used our senses to create a vivid picture in the mind of the reader. 


In Maths, we have continued to look at place value. We have been problem solving  and reasoning and enjoyed playing our place value game.


In Topic, we have been looking at different reasons for why Stonehenge was built. We enjoyed discussing the different theories about why Stonehenge was built and from that we wrote our own conclusions. We are looking forward to learning more about Stonehenge and making our own models. 


We have been working on different balances in Gymnastics. We are learning these so we can incorporate them into a sequence to perform to each other. 


In Music we have enjoyed singing in class and playing the ukulele with Mr Mundy. 


Friday 21st September 2018


This week in Science we enjoyed being scientists and learning about rocks. Following on from our work in classifying rocks we planned our own investigation to find out if particular rocks were permeable or impermeable to water. We worked in groups and tested different types: man-made and natural.


In Maths this week we have been solving place value problems and have enjoyed working in pairs to solve them.  


In English, we learnt how to use expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting to the reader. We continued to use this to describe different scenes from the book The Stoneage Boy.  


In Guided Reading we enjoyed using the pictures in our book to make different connections and we also answered questions about the author's choice of words.     


Friday 14th September 2018


Kingfishers have had a really exciting start to the new term. 


In English, we have been looking at the book 'Stone Age Boy'. It is about a young boy who travels back in time to the Stone Age and discovers lots of amazing things he's never seen before. We have made predictions about the book and created story maps to help us remember the sequence of events which take place in the story.


We enjoyed acting out scenarios from the book and asking each other different questions.  



We celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday by reading The Twits and we enjoyed designing a new pet for them.


In maths, we have been looking at finding different ways to make 20, completing number sequences and finding patterns. We have also been partitioning numbers and recognising the value of each digit in a 3-digit number. 



In our Stone Age topic, we have looked at whether a Stone Age man was just a simple hunter-gatherer only interested in food and shelter. We have also explored how life changed when farming began. 


In science, we have begun to look at different types of rock and classifying them according to their properties.