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Week beginning Monday 30th April

Over the past few weeks, we have become illustrators. We have been looking at Quentin Blake and practiced sketching his characters from Matilda to Fantastic Mr Fox. We found out that Quentin Blake would have several attempts at each character before his final piece. We mixed watercolours to match the colours in the illustrations. Our work will be on display shortly!

Week beginning Monday 16th April


We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and are looking forward to the new term.

This week we have started our new topic called ‘Why do we need to protect National Parks?’ We had a look at lots of photos of different National Parks around the world and discussed them in our groups. We used these to identify the features of a National Park.

We have also started our fractions work and looking at different ways that we can identify equivalent fractions.

Kingfisher's Museum of Ancient Egypt Friday 16th March 2018


The doors of our class museum opened this week.  As curators of our museum we thought carefully about what exhibits we wanted to showcase to inform our visitors about the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.  We had lots of interesting artefacts on display from models of how the Egyptians irrigated their crops to examples of hieroglyphics.  Our visitors gave us feedback about their afternoon:


"A wonderful afternoon with lots of interesting displays."


"We really enjoyed visiting your museum excellent exhibits, very well presented."


"What a wonderful display! Lots of hard work has been put into all the work.  Amazing colours and lots of information."


"We were so impressed with all the hard hard work that Kingfishers have put into the Egyptian Museum.  The work was so amazing and we learnt so much."



Science Week


The week started with an exciting assembly where a scientist demonstrated lots of fun experiments.

We also took part in a Science House Event with lots of hands on investigations, consisting of slime making, optical illusions and volcanic eruptions!

As the week progressed we studied the different parts of a plant and identified their functions. We set up an investigation to determine whether a plant needs water, warmth and light to grow healthily. Having thoroughly enjoyed potting our plants and setting up the experiment;  we are looking forward to discovering what happens.

World Book Day 2018


We thoroughly enjoyed our day of dressing up as our favourite book characters and shared why we had chosen these characters. We had Harry Potter, Matilda, Alice In Wonderland and Verruca Salt. We were even taught by the Demon Dentist!

We studied the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs and made comparisons with The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs, which was written from the wolf's point of view. Finally we became newspaper reporters and wrote an article about the incident.




Thursday 1st March- Snow Closure


Here are some activities you could do whilst school is closed today:


- Write an acrostic poem using a word related to winter or snow e.g. SNOWFLAKE. 


- Write a descriptive setting about what you can see outside.  Think about using similes, alliteration, ISPACE for your openers. 


- Using the word WINTER WONDERLAND, how many words with 3 or more letters can you make? 


- Design your own snow board game, don't forget to write the rules of the game.


- Design your own 'super sledge.'  Label it and write a list of materials you would need to build it.



February 26th 2018

This week we were very lucky to take part in a tennis lesson run by a coach.  We played games that tested our agility and reactions and also practised forehand shots.  In English, we have started researching Egyptian achievements so we can produce our own fact pages to display in our class museum.  We have also been working on multiplication in maths and have started to use the grid method to solve multiplication of two-digit and one-digit numbers.

February 19th 2018

We have started the half term looking more closely at the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.  We learnt about how important the River Nile was to their civilisation and designed and made our own Shadufs, which are soon to be on display in our class museum.  We have also observed closely the famous death mask of King Tutankhamun.  We used pencils to create tone and texture, whilst thinking carefully about the proportions of his face.

Welcome to Kingfishers


Kingfishers Diary - Keeping you up to date with what we have been doing in class.

January 2018

It has been a busy start to the new year for Kingfisher class!  We have started our new topic all about the achievements of the Ancient Egyptian.  We have been researching their civilisation and thinking about how historians know about their accomplishments. One of our favourite lessons so far was when we pretended to be Howard Carter and explored the treasures left behind in the tomb of Tutankhamun!  As archaeologists, we had to try and find out what the artefacts were and why they were left in the tomb.


After reading the story 'The Egyptian Cinderella' in English, we have made up our own Cinderella themed stories which we are looking forward to publishing very soon.  You might enjoy reading the story of  a footballer who lost his boot when scoring a winning goal or about a mermaid who lost her shoe charm bracelet after being tricked by a wicked witch!


On Fridays, Kingfishers have been taking part in an afternoon session of Tri-Golf, we have learnt how to putt and chip the ball.  The children have been really enjoying learning a new sport.


Last week we enjoyed taking part in European Languages Day.  In Kingfishers, we focused on Italy.  We learnt how to count to 10 in Italian and even took part in a game of Italian bingo!  We also looked at the work of Giuseppe Acrimboldo, a famous Italian artist who created portraits of people using vegetables!   This week, we are continuing our work on The Stone Age Boy and we are writing our own version of this time travelling story called 'The Modern Age Girl'.  We look forward to sharing our stories soon. 

So far this term we have launched our new topic by looking at a picture from a Stone Age camp and discussing what life was like such as: the tools they used, the food they ate and the importance of where they settled.  We are looking forward to finding out more about how the life has changed throughout the ages.   

In English we are reading the book 'The Stone Age Boy.' We have used freeze frames and questioning to dig deeper into the thoughts and feelings of characters in the book before writing these into speech bubbles.  We have then used this to write direct speech using inverted commas.

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