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We celebrated European Languages Day....

On Tuesday 26th September the whole school took part in a European Languages Day event. It was a fantastic, fun day for all the children who thoroughly enjoyed having a taster of the various languages and finding out about Germany, France, Spain or Italy. They also learnt about some famous European artists of the past.

Bumblebees and Ladybirds the children learnt about the noises animals made in different languages. Hedgehogs found out about Germany and learnt how to say colours, number and simple greetings in German before looking closely at Paul Klee and his art work. They then created their own. Foxes and Otters learnt how to say different shapes in French and then identified some of the key landmarks in France. They also designed and created their name in the style of Auguste Herbin.

Dragonflies and Kingfishers used the expertise of Mrs Berry-Green, one of our teaching assistants and learnt how to count to 10 in Italian. They then looked at the art work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created their own fruit faces.

Chaffinch, Kestrels, Woodpeckers and Owls focused on Spain. Chaffinch and Kestrels learnt the names of body parts in Spanish and then looked at the work of Picasso and designed their own faces, To round off the day they took to the dance floor to perform the Passé Doble and the Flamenco that they had learnt earlier in the day.. Woodpeckers and Owls began their experience by locating different Spanish speaking countries in the world and then researched more information about them, such as the capital city, the population and famous landmarks.

Thank you to Mrs Northall who organised the day.