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Monday 30th March 2020


Happy Monday Otters! 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  


I know you’ve probably all been waiting to find out the answers to the brain teasers so here they are; 


  1. A hurricane 
  2. A clock 
  3. An egg 
  4. A map
  5. The stairs 
  6. The number 9
  7. A stamp 


How did you do? Tricky right?! Can you think of your own to test me?  


Over the weekend, whilst out on a bike ride I spotted so many signs of Spring. 

Have you spotted any? When you’re out next, or even in your garden, if you’re lucky enough to have one, see what you can spot! 


I had a go at writing my own acrostic poem. 


S is for glorious, warm sunshine shining brightly on us.

P is for all the plants in bloom about to surprise us with their colourful beauty. 

R is for wonderful rainbows beaming like smiley faces in the blue sky. 

I is for rare icy rain showers creating inviting puddles. 

N is for exciting signs of new life; chicks, ducklings, lambs and buds. 

G is for all the growth that is about to happen! 


Have a go at your own poem and send it to me on Purple Mash. Don’t forget there are lots of ‘2 dos’ waiting for you on there. I’d love to hear from you! 


Also, how are you doing on TT Rockstars? 

New battles coming soon! 


Take care, and keep safe! 
I will be in touch again soon! 


Miss Fewtrell 

Friday 27th March 2020 


Good Morning Otters! It's Friday! laugh


Yesterday I had a nice day at home. After I had finished my work I went on a long bike ride. Along the way I saw a few neighbours who I waved to as I passed by. It was lovely to see everyone smiling. Also, I spotted some great rainbow pictures in people's windows. Have you spotted any? Perhaps you've been making some of your own too. I'd love to see yours!  


My favourite part of my day was 'the big clap' I took part in, in my garden. We clapped to thank all the amazing hospital and health care staff who are doing a wonderful job, looking after everyone. It was a lovely moment. I wonder if you joined in? If not, maybe you could record a video message for them instead. 


I have been thinking of some brain teasers for you! Good luck figuring them out! 


  • What has an eye but can't see?
  • What has hands but cannot clap?
  • What has to be broken before you can use it? 
  • Where do you find an ocean with no water? 
  • What goes up and down but doesn't move? 
  • What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down? 
  • What travels around the world but stays in one corner? 


I will let you know the answers next time!


This weekend I am going to bake some biscuits and watch a good movie! 

Have a good weekend - I will be back on Monday. 


Miss Fewtrell 





Thursday 26th March 2020


Hello Otters 


I hope you’re all having a lovely time in the sunshine and are keeping well! 
I was in school yesterday and we had a lovely day pretending to be pirates (but I missed your smiley faces!)
On Purple Mash I have set you some pirate themed activities to try at home, alongside some other tasks. Well done to the children who have already logged in and had a go at those. I can’t wait to see how more of you get on. 
Could you dress as a pirate at home? What about making your own pirate ship? It would be great to hear some pirate stories too! 
Have you been practising your reading? I wonder if you have any new books to recommend to a friend? 

To keep myself busy at home I’ve been reading, baking (a delicious banana loaf) and walking in the woods. 

I will be in touch again soon - take care! 

Miss Fewtrell 

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Monday 23 March 2020


Hi Otters

Hope you're having a lovely time at home in the sunshine. We have been enjoying the fresh air and using crayons to do different rubbings. I was wondering if you could do some rubbings at home. What shapes and patterns can you find? Remember to stay safe and check this page for a Miss Fewtrell update. Thinking of you all . 

Miss Fewtrell

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