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Today, we were invited to a Hindu temple in Southampton to help us with our RE lessons. 

After our coach journey we entered the temple and removed our shoes. Inside there was a large carpeted area where we sat and watched a service take place. The priest was very helpful and answered all of our questions. We spent some time looking around and sketching. 

We found out the following; 

  • All Hindus believe that life, death and rebirth are a continuous process that we are all part of.
  • Many gods are worshipped in Hinduism. Each Hindu god is said to be a different part of the supreme God ‘Brahman’.
  • Hindus believe that God can be seen in a person or an animal. They believe that God is in everybody.
  • As well as visiting temples, Hindus worship God in their own homes and most houses have either a room or corner in which there is a family shrine.
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This half term we are learning about Ancient Egyptians. We had an Egyptian day and learnt about some of the different processes the people of that era would have carried out. First we made papyrus paper with paste. It was a messy job! Later, we learnt about mummification and practiced on a tomato. We thought it was a gruesome! Also, we used hieroglphics to spell our names. We even had a wrapping competition.

It was a great day and Miss Fewtrell was impressed with our costumes. 

Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day  1
Egyptian Day  2
Egyptian Day  3
Egyptian Day  4
Egyptian Day  5
Egyptian Day  6
Egyptian Day  7
Egyptian Day  8
Egyptian Day  9
Egyptian Day  10
Egyptian Day  11

19.12.19 - our houses

19.12.19 -  our houses  1
19.12.19 -  our houses  2
19.12.19 -  our houses  3
19.12.19 -  our houses  4
19.12.19 -  our houses  5

Wednesday 11th December 2019 


This week we have been thinking about how we can help the builder choose what to include his new settlement. 

We started with carrying out some fieldwork. We put a survey together to ask the public their preferences. We considered both physical and human features. We found most people would like to live in a village, in a house with shops and a motorway close by. 

Following this, in DT lessons we have been designing different types of houses for the builder's settlement. Today we practiced making structures with art-straws. After some trial and error we found that when creating our bases we need to be more careful in measuring lengths otherwise our structure will be uneven and unstable. We can't wait to show the builder our final creations. 

Friday 29th November 2019 


Today we had Mr Randall to visit. He is a physiotherapist who helps people with their bones. He came to talk to us about the human skeleton. He showed us different parts, including the various types of joints. We even looked at artificial joints which people would have if they got a hip or knee replacement. 

All of this information helped us in our Science lessons when we had to label a diagram. We identified ball and socket joints, hinge joints and gliding joints. 

Thank you Mr Randall for sharing lots of information with us. 



Wednesday 13th November 2019 


It has been a busy start to the new half term. Thank you to all the parents who came along to our class assembly to hear all about the learning we did throughout Autumn 1. 

This week we received a letter from a builder who would like to design a new settlement to be built locally. He has asked for help to ensure it is suitable for all types of people and better than existing ones. 

We have started by thinking about what our most local settlement is like, and what we have here which is suitable for the population. 

We used co-ordinates and keys on maps, and other information to identify some of the human features. We found the following; 

  • Post office
  • School 
  • Church 
  • Village Hall 
  • Doctors surgery 
  • Pavilion 
  • Florist 

We created our own maps with co-ordinates to show the builder what South Wonston is like. 

Thursday 17th October 2019 


In our English lessons we have been reading The Stone Age Boy. It is a story about a boy who falls down a hole and travels back in time to The Stone Age. Whilst he is there he meets a girl named Om. She shows him the way of life during that era. 

Today, we used puppets to create our own ideas for the ending of the story. We turned our ideas into plans and now, we can't wait to become authors next week. 



Tuesday 1st October 2019


Yesterday we went on a school trip to Butser Ancient Farm. 

We learnt about all sorts of processes people used during the Stone Age period. We impressed the instructors with lots of Stone Age knowledge we had already learnt in our History lessons at school. 

We were able to have a go at clunching, wattling, carving and cordage. Clunching was very messy but we enjoyed using the hammers to make the chalk powder for the mixture just like they would have done all those thousands of years ago. 

A big thank you to our parent helpers who joined us for the day. 





Welcome to Otters Class blog! 


We have kicked the year off with lots of new learning! 


In English we are reading the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Today was our favourite. We learnt how to create expanded noun phrases to describe the gingerbread house setting. To do this we used our senses such as; looking, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing. We sampled  a range of treats. 

To make our expanded noun phrases exciting we learnt we should use a variety of nouns. We used a thesaurus to collect synonyms for 'sweets'. We found the following words; 





Sensory Stations