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Autumn Two


This half term has been another one full of fun and adventure in Rabbits class!! We have been so impressed by how the children have grown and adapted to all of the changes this term. They have been RabbitTASTIC!


This term our topic has been focused on space exploration and, in particular, a focus on the moon! We have explored the first moon landing and the amazing astronauts that made the mission happen! We have been so impressed by how the children have dived into the topic head first and even continued their exploration of the topic at home!


Year R - In maths this half term, the children have been really focused on the formation of their numbers from 1 - 10, being able to recognise them and use them in simple maths sums! The children have wowed us with their determination and even joined in some of the Year 1 maths challenges which is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing! There have been lots of different maths activites for them to explore throughout the day including counting, number recognition, measuring,shapes and days of the week! The children even did some maths art inspired by Kandinsky where they cut out shapes to make a beautiful art piece!



Year 1 - Year 1 have been working so hard in their maths again this term! I have to say, we have some absolute Maths GENIUSES in Rabbits class! They have been working hard on their place value with numbers between 0 and 20 and working on shapes also! We have been so impressed by their hard work and independance and their use of resources to independantly aid their learning. It is evident when looking in their books how truly hard they have been working.



English and Phonics


In English and Phonics this half term, Year R have been focusing really hard on recognising their sounds and being able to use them in their learning. We have been so, so impressed with the progress they have been making in their phonics and it is reflected in their english work and ability to recognise initial sounds and even push a little further into writing recognisable words! This was reflected greatly in their wish lists for Santa this term!



The Year 1's have been focusing on their sentence structure and remembering to use full stops and capital letters, this is something we really struggle with so any extra practise sure does help! We have been using our space topic to explore various different space stories and write about what we have discovered! We even wrote a moon fact book for our friend Buzz!






Our space topic has weaved so nicely across the curriculum - In science we held experiments to explore different materials and their properties and discover which were strongest! In art the children have created so many beautiful masterpieces inclusing rockets, moons and a giant space collage! We have been absolutely blown away and loved our time exploring arts and crafts!



We can't wait to carry on learning and having fun together next term in 2021! Let's hope it's a better year for everyone. Merry Christmas everybody!!


Miss Forsythe and Mrs Browne.


Autumn One 


This half term we have had lots of fun in Rabbits class! We have explored lots of different themes in all of our subjects and topics and have had a fabulous time getting to know each other and making new friends!

We started out our term exploring 'All About me'.
The children brought in bags full of their favourite things that told us a story about them, this ranged from toys to family photos to amazing drawings and even their favourite yummy treats! We proudly displayed our Rabbits treasures at the entrance to our classroom so we could see it every day! It was a real treat to see all of the children standing confidently in front of the class to tell them about their special items and see the children really engaged with getting to know their peers.

The children have really wowed us with their Maths skills this half term! In year R we have looked at how far we can count, recognising and naming different shapes, height, weighing, capacity and lots of other Maths learning through play! We have been so impressed with the children's knowledge and approach to learning with some children even challenging themselves to try to year 1 work! Absolute superstars!

In Year 1 the children have been exploring the addition symbol and part-whole models. They have been working really hard to use their place value and number knowledge to solve tricky sums, create and find the missing parts in models and challenging themselves with extra tricky tasks! The independance we have seen from the year 1's this half term has been wonderful, easing themselves in and becoming more confident with the work every day. The children find different ways to use their maths knowledge throughout the day and apply it to their play. The children have even begun writing independant number sentences in their books. What superstars!


In English this half term we have explored many different stories! We have looked at 'The Elves and the shoemaker', 'The three little pigs' and 'Town mouse Country mouse'. We have had great fun using these stories to explore our English skills! In year R we have used the stories to help us sequence and make patterns! We have practised our mark making, fine motor control, story telling skills, introducing a storyline into play and writing our names which we did as a fun Rocket art project!


In Year 1, the children have been focusing really hard on their sentence writing skills, using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. They have been using their imaginative skills to rewrite stories, put themselves in the position of a character and predict what might happen in a story. They have used their phonics knowledge to help them sound out and form words to create exciting sentences and stories/letters and instructions!


In Topic this term we have been looking at where we live, South Wonston! We have been exploring the various landmarks and things you might see here and using maps to explore and pictograms and tallys to record data! The children have really enjoyed using maps this term to go on hunts around the classroom and apply their new skills to their learning!



In science we have had lots of fun exploring the seasons! We have been taking a weekly picture in the same spot so that we can explore and record the changes happening around us. We have put on our coats and wellies and had fun adventuring out and exploring our Autumn environment, playing in the leaves and comparing to the other seasons. We now feel super confident relating various objects and images to a certain season!

We have had such an amazing time getting to know each other, expanding and solidifying our skills and knowledge in Rabbits class this half term. We can't WAIT for the next one! 
We ended our Autumn Term 1 with a well deserved class treat - a halloween party! The children all made their own Halloween hats and we took our special picture by the tree so that we can always remember what we can achieve with hard work and working together and how much fun we have in Rabbits class! 



Rabbits Class (Miss Forsythe and Mrs Browne) x