Kingfishers Class Assembly - Friday 6th December 2019 - 9.10am
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South Wonston Primary School Together, we will nurture, inspire, challenge and achieve

Who's Who

South Wonston Primary School Senior Leadship Team

South Wonston Primary School Senior Leadship Team  1 Ms J Bundy - Headteacher
South Wonston Primary School Senior Leadship Team  2 Mrs S Rowe - Deputy Headteacher
South Wonston Primary School Senior Leadship Team  3 Mrs L Carter - SENCo
South Wonston Primary School Senior Leadship Team  4 Miss R East - Early Years Lead



Year Group and Class

Curriculum & Management Responsibilities

Ms Jane Bundy (Headteacher)


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Lynsey Grover

Yr R/1  Rabbits

PE Lead

Miss Rachel East

Mrs Fiona Freeland (Tues)

Yr R/1 Hedgehogs


Mrs Lorna Flynn (Mon, Tues, Frid)

Mrs Kelly Strydom (Wed/Thurs)

Yr R/1 Squirrels

History Lead


Miss Laura Fewtrell

Yr 2/3  Otters

Geography Lead

Mrs Maria Percy

Yr 2/3  Foxes

Art/DT Lead

Mrs Sarah Rowe  (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Rachel Hancox  (Wed/Thur)

Yr 2/3 Badgers

Curriculum/Assessment Lead

RE Lead

Miss Hannah Ashton

Yr 4/5 Kingfishers

Music Lead

Miss Abigale Jeffries

YR 4/5 Herons

Science Lead

Mrs Lynn Broadway

Yr 4/5 Woodpeckers

Maths Lead

Miss Rhiannon Jones

Yr 6   Owls

English Lead

Mrs Jen Thambipillai

Yr 6 Kestrels


Mrs Linzi Carter (Mon-Wed)





Teaching Assistants

Lunchtime Staff

Petronella Berry- Green

Petronella Berry- Green

Sarah Jane Bewick

Jules Browne

Jules Browne

Sophie Chatterton

Jo Donovan

Rebecca Dickson

Sally Drury (HLTA)

Jo Donovan

Kate Ferguson

Laura Mears

Laura Mears

Martha Palin

Justine Millar

Perri-Jane Whalley

Martha Palin

Toni Warren (snr Lunchtime Supervisor)

Jan Philp (HLTA)

  Sarah Jane Bewick

Toni Warren

Louise Wilkinson

Perri Jane Whalley

Susan Bates

Louise Wilkinson

Charlotte Street

Rebecca Dickson (ELSA)

  Kate Ferguson

Sara Bill - Service Family Support Assistant


Charlotte Street


Penny Webster




Admin Staff


Mrs Lesley Ward

  Administrative Officer

  Data Protection Officer

Miss Leanne Barker
  Snr Administrative Assistant
Mrs Vicky Whitlock   Administrative Assistant
Drift IT
  ICT Support


Site and Kitchen Staff

Mr Paul Simpson
  Site Manager
Mrs Lorraine Dewberry
  Unit Supervisor (Kitchen)
Miss Cara Armstrong
  Catering Assistant
Ms Sam Burt
  Catering Assistant

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Hampshire Music Service
Mr Gideon Baker
Mrs Sandra Woolsey
Mr Adam Broughton    Brass


Other Music Provision
Mr Will Cook
   Drums (Up Beat Drum Academy)
 Mr Steve Altham     Piano, Guitar, Vocals