Badgers Class Assembly - Friday 15th November 2019 - 9.10am & PTA Film Night 5-7pm
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The children in Woodpeckers are trying hard to work as a team within their tables to earn 'table-points' in order to become the best table of the week and earn some privileges such as cushions on their chairs, ipad access and being first out to play and lunch.

In Maths we have been working on our problem solving strategies, along with having assessments to see what we already know.

Our Science topic is forces and we experimented using trainers and Newton meters to test the friction of various surfaces - including the hall floor, rubber, carpet and sandpaper.

Whilst comparing South Wonston and Southampton, we investigated the transport system in Southampton.  We looked at ships, buses and trains, looking at existing routes and making our own routes to see how far we could travel. We reached the conclusion that if we wanted to travel within Hampshire, we use the bus, If we want to travel within Great Britain we take the train, the flights from Southampton will take us as far as Europe and id we want to see more of the world, a cruise is the way to go!

In English, we have been looking at the book The Promise by Nicola Davies and talking about pledges,whether we should make them in the first place and the importance of keeping them. We used a 'conscious alley' scenario to re-enforce the children's ideas regarding how we can help the environment.

Charlotte's Web, our Guided Reading book is becoming more and more exciting as we are learning about the various characters and the story is unfolding.


Woodpeckers have settled really well into their new school year after the summer break.

In Maths we have started with Roman Numerals, which are always a great challenge.

Our Guided Reading book for this term is Charlotte's Webb by E.B.White and we are making a prediction about what may happen before we start reading the book.

We are comparing South Wonston and Southampton in our Topic and bearing the comparisons are currently deciding which is the better place to build a theme park. During our first indoor P.E. lesson, our warm-up consisted of having a game of 'spaghetti', where we had to perform different actions for each type of spaghetti.  We were also balancing without apparatus, which can be difficult.

There are many different types of adverts and in English we have started to compare them to see what makes a good advert.

We are looking forward to a busy, fun packed term as we settle into our new year groups and classes.