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Hello my Wonderful Woodpeckers!!smiley

Well, what a very strange Monday morning it was for me today, walking into an empty classroom! I really miss you all, the noise, the laughing (mainly at my amazing jokes eh Harry?), and especially all the hugs!

I hope you have all had a lovely first day at home and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine with your families. I have been for lots of walks and have even managed to drag the boys with me too! I have even played basketball in the garden with them, but it is safe to say I'm really bad!

Mrs Percy and I are in school tomorrow doing lots of arts and crafts and sports for the children that are having to be in school. It should be great fun and I will post some photos of what we get up to.

Remember to email me as often as you would like, I check the purple mash lots - already so many of you have sent me work and pictures of the tasks I set, but even a quick hello will put a massive smile on my face.

Lots of love to you all.

Mrs B xxx ( and Woody and Winnie of course)

Woody and Winnie enjoying their art lesson

A little hello from Mrs Broadway

Hello Woodpeckers!! get me!! I'm becoming quite good at this videoing business!
This is a little tester and I will upload lots of videos for you if it works !
I miss you all and hope to hear from you all soon xx

Hello and Happy Friday!!

Well it's been a  very  strange week hasn't it? I have absolutely been blown away by all the lovely emails you have been sending me|! I really love hearing from you!

The amount of work I am receiving is amazing too! you are doing so well and I am very impressed and proud! I am commenting on them as fast as I can, as they are coming in thick and fast!

There is a TTRS battle that has started between Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and Herons so lets see if we can maintain our winning streak  - I know you are expert times tablers! -  the results from the times table 2do I have set are fantastic!!! so well done smiley

On one of my many walks this week, I found a stone and it gave me an idea! Can you guess what I'm going to turn it into (with the help of some of Mrs Percy's special acrylic paint).

Yes, I'm going to turn it into the Easter bunny!!!

I will put the before picture up now, and will show you the'after' when it's done!

Maybe you could look for stones that you could paint to like like something to do with Easter and send me photographs of your masterpieces ? Some nice, colourful Easter eggs maybe? The children who come into school on Monday are also going to have a go at this.

I am going to be setting you a whole new lot of 2dos on Monday, so keep an eye out for them!

I will also upload pictures of some of your work on here to show you. Thankyou to Erin and Sophia for the postcards ( I hope you got all our Happy Birthday emails Sophia) and Well done Jack on your mountain adaptation work!!

Mrs Warren asked me to send you all a big hello from her too!

Keep posting!!! 

Love Mrs B 

Some of your Fantastic work and my Easter bunny stone - before the paint!!

A little task for you .....

Hello Woodpeckers and HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!

Its a busy day at School today, and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures of what we have been up to!

We decided instead of Joe Wicks, we would have a go at the ROCK KIDZ workout as they are also doing daily broadcasts on youtube. We loved doing 'THE MONKEY' and all the other moves ( check it out,its hilarious) and certainly got our heart rate up!

What I would really love you to do for me, as a bit of a project, is to start to keep a record of this crazy time in our lives, as this will form part of our History, and we are living it!

Over the next few weeks, I would like you to maybe keep a scrapbook or a diary, handwritten or typed, with photos or drawings.... record events, day to day activities, your feelings and thoughts..... Maybe you could do it in Tom Gates style? 

Interview your parents, as they are part of this too, send me questions to answer too....

When this is all over and we are back to normal, firstly, I'd love to see them, but secondly, and the main reason behind it, is to keep it for when you are able to share it with your children and grandchildren!!

Remember my half term diary from when I was little that I showed you, all that buying of bread and hoovering I did when I was 7? well I'm sure yours will be a LOT more interesting in years to come than mine!

Imagine having your own version to tell people all about this strange time, when you are parents and grandparents!!

Have a lovely week 

Miss you all xx

We made natural art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy!

Hello Woodpeckers!!!!! 

Happy Wednesday smiley

I hope you are all ok -  I have had a lovely couple of days, I have been learning how to play lots of new songs on my piano and I have challenged myself to learn how to cook properly, as I have told you before, cooking is not my strong point!

The work that you are all sending in to me is just brilliant! I am so proud of you and the effort you are putting into these tasks. I have also loved the letters, postcards and messages from you all. I had a very special email off one of you yesterday that was so thoughtfully and beautifully done it made me cry!

 I can promise you I am missing you all just as much as you say you are missing me!

We are so lucky to be able to email each other though and it sounds like so many of you are very busy indeed!

I have found this 30 day art challenge, which I thought looks fun - so many of you are such great artists and very creative! 

I have also posted photos of our Easter stones from Monday and Look at my Easter bunny stone!!! doesn't he look fantastic? Keep the work and emails coming in, I just LOVE hearing from you all.

Lots of love,

Mrs B xx


A 30 day art challenge and some of our Easter stones

Hello Woodpeckers....Its Fridayyyyyy!!!!

It sounds from all your emails that you are really busy bees at the moment, I am amazed at the range of activities and work you are doing, well done, you are all fantastic!!!

I am enjoying hearing all about your journals and scrapbooks that lots of you are starting to make, I can not wait to see the finished ones when we are all back to school.

I am going to post some Easter activity ideas on here incase you would like to have a go at some of them, although as its the Easter holidays, I do not expect you to do them if you want a break. I have also found a really good link from the Scouts called 'The great indoors' and it has many fun and creative ideas of things you can do to keep busy and to keep learning.

I will post lots more 2dos for you on Monday 20th April, the day we should be at school again if this wasn't all happening.

Remember, this isnt going to go on for ever and we will soon all be back to normal again.

You can email me any time you like - I love hearing from you.

Have a wonderful Easter! I hope the Easter bunny manages to deliver some Easter eggs to your house!!!

lots of love

Mrs B xx

Check out some of these xx

Monday 20th April



Have you had a lovely Easter?

Its been a great day in school today and we have done lots of fun activities.

This morning we started making our handprint rainbow which is going to be displayed outside the school - make sure you check it out next time you pass by!

We have also made giant hugs to post to people we miss - we had such fun doing those!

We have rocked out with the Rock Kidz again and have made obstacle courses and had races.

I have set you some 2dos on Purple Mash, and also mymaths is now live, I hope you enjoy watching the lessons!!! 

I am really enjoying hearing from you all, and also bumping into lots of you on my walks! its so lovely to see your smily faces again! 

Keep emailing!!!

Love Mrs B xxxxxx

Do you like our Handprint Rainbow?

Mr Simpson has put up the rainbow!!! Doesn't it look amazing?

Hey Woodpeckers and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!

I hope you are having a great week so far and that you are all safe and well. 

I am absolutely loving seeing how many of you are enjoying the new mymaths work! I cant keep up with marking it as it is being handed in so quickly! I'm so impressed with my little Woodpecker maths geniuses, and that you haven't forgotten anything we have learnt!

Those of you who haven't handed work in or done any yet, please have a look at it this week - there aren't many of you, but I know you'll enjoy doing it 

The scrapbooks and diaries are looking fantastic from those that I have seen so far, keep the pictures of them coming in!

I have spent today mostly emailing you and marking your maths work, I've also been for a long walk and I'm going to check your purple mash work in a moment!

When I got back from my walk, look what I found in my garden, loving their lives....only Woody and Winnie, trying to get a suntan!

Please keep in touch and let me know all the fantastic things you are doing as part of your home learning - some of you are being very creative!

You could also maybe design and post a 100th birthday card to Captain Tom, you may have seen him on the news, he raised 27 million pounds for the NHS for walking 100 times around his garden! amazing!

He is 100 on the 30th April and I know schoolchildren from all over the country are sending him cards! I wonder how many he will receive? 

This is the address to send them to:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine


MK43 0LA

Have a fantastic rest of the week and I'll post again on Friday

Love Mrs B, Woody and Winnie xx

Woody and Winnie topping up their tans!

Helllllooooooooo my Woodpeckers, it's FRIYAYYYYYYYYY

How are you all getting on? actually it seems silly me asking that as I talk to you all most days on Purple Mash and I see so many of you around the village.

Isn't the weather lovely?

Have any of you done the village quiz yet? there are lots of questions all about the village that you have to find the answers to by walking around and spotting the answers! Ask your parents if you havent done already!


Well done on the work you are doing, it's great to see you all working hard, and having plenty of outside 'PE' time too!

Mrs Percy and I are in school again on Monday and have some very exciting things planned for the keyworker children to do, we will share some pictures on here I'.m sure.


Have a wonderful weekend guys and look forward to hearing from you on MOnday

Lots of love 

Mrs B xxx


Hi Woodpeckers!! and Happy Monday

We have had a lovely day at school today and have created some fantastic art - firstly we made some abstract paintings using masking tape, and then we made cardboard masks in the style of Picasso. They look fantastic!


There are a whole load of new mymaths tasks for you to have a go at this week - I have been so impressed by what you have done so far!

I have also set you some tasks on purple mash, and I am loving all the emails and stories amd pictures you are sending me.


I will be recording our story for you to listen to soon, and your parents will be sent a link so you can watch!!!

I miss you all very much!!!

Love Mrs B xxx

Our abstract art and Picasso style masks

Hello my Woodpeckers, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!

Well, this lockdown isn't nearly as nice with all this rain is it? but what I am really pleased to see is that you are taking the opportunity to do lots of work inside. The mymaths has been coming in thick and fast and I am really impressed with how well you are doing - lots of you are attempting the harder objectives and doing really well, so I'm a very happy teacher!!!

I have recorded the next two chapters of Cosmic for you, but typically, it wont upload.! You all know technology and me do not go together very well laugh so you may have to wait another few days until I can do it again - the next 2 chapters are really good, but I won't read any further until we can all read it together.

As soon as they are uploaded I will email you on purple mash so you will be able to click on the link and watch.

I have ordered some sunflower seeds to be delivered to my house as they were called Woodpecker sunflowers - I couldn't resist!!

So what I am going to do is plant them and then leave them outside the main door at school for you to take one each and we can have a competition to see who can grow the biggest one! It will be fun to see your pictures. I will let you know when  are all planted and ready for you to collect!

In the meantime, keep doing your purple mash tasks and my maths, (there are only a very small number of you that haven't signed in now,) and I am going to set you 2 mini tasks which I will post on here.

Hope you are all well and happy, I cant wait to hear from you all soon

lots of love as always, missing you loads,

Mrs B xxx 

Can you work these out??? email me your answers on Purple Mash!

I would like to you have a go at carrying on this story - what happens when you follow the dog through the woods? Where does he lead you? What do you find? Remember to use all the grammar you know - fronted adverbials, conjunctions, clauses, Wow words, expanded noun phrases and a range of punctuation too! I look forward to reading them!,

Friday 1st May


Happy Friday everyone, another week has gone by! This one has been a bit more rainy than the rest, but next week looks as if it will be lovely and sunny again.

I have been out walking a fair bit this week - although I got caught in that awful rainstorm yesterday and I was soaking wet, but I loved it!

I have seen a few more of you and your parents around the village too, which has been lovely to stand and chat

( and toot and wave - Ella!)

I will be in school with Mrs Percy on Tuesday next week, and we have planned some fun activities, hopefully some that you can get involved with at home.

Are any of you going to be making scarecrows to decorate the village and Worthy Down for VE day? I think there are going to be lots of them around South Wonston and lots of people are busy making theirs already. If you do, be sure to email me a picture!  I think one or two of you from Sutton Scotney are also getting involved too, which is fantastic!

Did any of you do the village cartoon character treasure hunt? Did you work out what the answer was when you had rearranged all the letters? email me if you know it - I know the answer because I was told by Florence in Year 1, who had been out hunting for them on her bike  - well done Florence!smiley

Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend - You have all worked really hard on your home learning this week so have a nice rest and there will be lots of new activities set ( and mymaths lessons) on Monday.

lots of love, 

Missing you all and our hugs

Mrs B xxxx




Monday 4th May

Hi again Woodpeckers!!

Many of you know that this Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE day but do you know what that actually is? 

VE day stands for Victory in Europe and that was when the Second World War finished after 6 long years.


Lots of us are busy making our scarecrows and doing some wonderful work based on it - If any of you go to the shop, be sure to have a look at Ella's fence as she and her sister have put up a lovely display all about it.


I decided it would be really nice for you to find out what it was actually like 75 years ago to be part of it, so today I interviewed my mum, who was 12 years old on VE day.


She told me

"I was 6 when the war started, and it was very scary. we had to go to school as usual, but we had to be on our guard for air raid sirens. I lived in a city and if the sirens went off it meant that the we were in danger of the Germans dropping bombs on us. If they went off, we had to go the the school air raid shelter. It was dark and smelly and I remember we had to sit in silence and be on our very best behaviour. The teachers then were very strict. 

We also had to practice running home and timing how long it took us in case there was an attack. My house was a mile away from the school so it was quite a long run.

At home, my dad, (Mrs Broadway's Grandad) used to grow cabbages on the roof of our shelter, which was in our garden and sunk into the ground. At night, we had to put black material over all our windows so the Germans couldn't see any light from their planes.We weren't allowed to have any flowers in our garden, we were only allowed to grow vegetables and to keep chickens for their eggs and also to eat, as food was rationed.

I remember my Mum having to queue for hours and hours to get food.

I did hear a few bombs being dropped, but luckily none near us.

When VE day did finally come, everyone was so happy - 6 long years of wartime had finally ended. We had big parties in our streets and sang songs and played games, I remember they went on late into the night. We were so relieved and happy. I remember it was a fantastic time. "


It's amazing to think the war went on for 6 years isn't it?

Wen you are doing your tasks this week and making your scarecrows (I know some roads in the village are having street parties too) have a think about how you'd feel after 6 years of living in a war and being very scared the whole time!


Have a fantastic time doing your tasks - something may appear outside school tomorrow to celebrate VE day so keep an eye out for that this week!

Miss you all lots xx

Mrs B

Our wonderful dream catchers and the VE day sign

Wednesday 6th May

Hi Guys, How are we all getting on?

The sun is back again and things seem much better when the sun is out don't they?

We had a fabulous day in school yesterday, we made some lovely dream catchers and thought about what our dreams are for when this lockdown is over - you can see the photographs above.

We also did some more learning about VE day and watched some video footage of the celebrations and street parties, ready for some of the village parties that are happening on Friday.. 

We also made another fabulous sign to celebrate, which is now outside the school, next to the hand print rainbow! It looks really great!!!

I continue to be amazed at the amount of home learning so many of you are doing, Purple Mash especially this week - but, after having spoken to many of your parents, I also understand that for some of you, it isn't as easy -  just do what you can, when you can - times tables and spellings are very important, so try not to let those slip, but don't feel anxious, or pressured if you are struggling to do work at home. 

We have a few birthdays in May I think (including mine on the 16th!) so let me know on Purple Mash if it is yours coming up and we will send our birthday email to you as we have been doing since this started.

I am missing you massively, and am really looking forward to when we can be back in school together, but for now, keep in touch, keep smiling, don't worry  and most of all, have fun!!!!

Lots of love

Mrs B xxxx

Monday 11th May 


Happy MONDAY Woodpeckers!!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

\I have been in school today and we have had a fantastic day! In the morning we did our Maths and English lessons and this afternoon we have played tennis, made boomerangs and had a competition to see who's flew the furthest (none came back!) and we made hedgehogs out of potatoes and had races by attaching them to bottles with wool and twisting the bottles. It was hilarious!!!

I had a wonderful VE day - there was a fabulous social distancing street party and I got to see lots of Woodpeckers! It made me very happy as I have missed you so much - I even had a swingball competition with Mrs Percy!

Emilia made a fantastic model out of lego which I will post a picture of and it was a really lovely day. 

There are lots of new Mymaths lessons to do and some purple mash homework too, so keep up your hard work!!!

I am so pleased to see how well you are getting on with it all!


I hope you are all ok, keep the emails rolling in 

lots of love 

Mrs B xxxx


Emilia's lego model, Boomerang fun and Hedgehog Racing!

Hey my lovely Woodpeckers!!!

 How are you all?

Thank you so much for all the emails and the work you are sending me, It is amazing to see the variety of tasks that you are doing - many of which are totally off your own back! I'm so proud of you all!

I am going to plant your sunflowers this week as they have finally arrived so I will let you know when they are ready to collect if you would like to be part of the tallest sunflower challenge! Isn't it weird that they are called woodpecker sunflowers? 

I hope Aimee and Ella had fantastic birthdays last week, I know it must be hard not being able to see your friends and have a party, but I know your families will have made it extra special for you!

I have received some amazing photos from Ella of her VE day celebrations, which I will post below. How amazing is that enormous Union Jack, and photographed by a drone too!!!

Keep up all the hard work, there are now 4 Cosmic videos for you, the last 2 expertly filmed by Isabel at school this week, we had to do a few takes as I kept on laughing!!!

I will do more recording tomorrow so we can get to find out the ending!

Speak to you all soon xxx Love, as always, Mrs B xxxxx

Ella and Lucy's amazing VE day flag

Happy Friday Woodpeckers!

I hope you have had a nice week!

I'm glad the lovely sunshine is back!. I have marked all your work now and have written a comment on all of it ready for the new work to be set on Monday!


Your sunflowers are now all planted and ready - I will put a tray of the pots on the table outside school on Monday, so if you are able to collect one from school that would be fantastic! I can't wait to see who's grows the tallest - I'm sure it wont be mine!


Have a wonderful weekend and speak to you on Monday 

Love Mrs B xxxx

Happy Wednesday my lovely Woodpeckers,

What an absolutely gorgeous sunny day it has been today!!! I have heard lots of you tell me about your water slides and pools and the fun you have been having, but I am also so proud that, despite the weather, you are still working so hard with your home learning. I am so very proud of you. Remember on Mymaths there is teacher feedback for you to read  - Some of you at school weren't aware, so look out for it xxx


Today, I want to share with you some wonderful work that I was sent by Ivy. Ivy was on a walk with her family and saw some of the wild rabbits in the fields and decided she would love a pet rabbit. Her Dad replied "We'll see" so Ivy decided that she would try and persuade him by doing some incredible work to show her commitment to having a pet. you can see some of the fabulous work below - I am so impressed with the hard work she has put into it and I'm sure you'll all agree with me, she DEFINITELY deserves her pet rabbit!!!


I only now have 7 sunflowers left now, I have emailed you all about where you can collect one from if you haven't done so, but I am really looking forward to our weekly measurements and checking their progress!


I have also received a fabulous book review from Charlotte about a book called 'His dark materials' by Philip Pullman. I will post it as an idea for some of you to read.


I dropped some more work books and a sunflower round at Erin's house yesterday, and met her pet tortoise Shelly! she is absolutely tiny!!!! I really want a pet tortoise now!

Have a fabulous sunny week and keep on watering those sunflowers! 

lots of love Mrs B 

Ivy REALLY wants a pet rabbit!

Charlotte's book review

Happy Friday Woodpeckers!

What a glorious week it has been!!

I have had a lovely time delivering new books and sunflowers to your houses this week on my daily walks, are they starting to shoot yet? mine isnt yet but I am making sure I keep watering it and keeping it on a sunny windowsill.


It is half term next week so I wont be setting any purple mash tasks or mymaths as you all deserve the rest! It has been really fantastic to see how much effort and enthusiasm you are putting into it. 

Some of your home leaning projects are amazing too! Some of you have been doing work on different countries this week, just like the keyworker children and I have been blown away by the things I have been sent, Alistair dropped a huge folder of his home leaning at my house this week and I was so impressed with his hard work!

so a massive WELL DONE from me to all of you, You are brilliant and I have really loved keeping in such close contact and having our sometimes daily conversations, it has certainly made me very happy.


Have a wonderful half term, and dont forget, you can still email me - I will check my purple mash a few times every day. 

Lots of love and see you all soon xxx

Mrs B

Monday 1st June


Hello My wonderful Woodpeckers,

I hope you have all had a lovely half term and are still enjoying the amazing weather!

Did any of you stay up to see the Space X rocket fly overhead on Saturday? Robbie and I stood in the garden and we SAW IT!!! It was very exciting, now it's at docked at the ISS, which we know all about don't we?

I have been in school today and it was lovely to see children wearing their South Wonston uniforms again!! it was very quiet though!

There are lots of home learning tasks for you to do, mymaths and purple mash as always, but there are lots of other activities on the google drive ( if your parents don't have the link, ask them to contact the school office).There are some activities based on the weekly theme of Under the Sea, there is a weekly DT challenge and also some really fun science experiments for you to have a go at too!!! So you definitely won't get bored!


I miss you so much and I can't wait until when we can all see each other again 

lots of love

Mrs Broadway             

Friday 12th June


Hello you wonderful children!! how are you all?

As you probably know, I am back in school full time now with my little blue bubble of 9 children from year 4/5.

We have been doing lots of fun activities and also some Maths and English.

How are you getting on with your home learning?

I am really excited for our class zoom catch up on Tuesday at 10am - I think the link is being sent home today - it would be nice to see as many as you as possible! Maybe have some of your home learning nearby to share, or some of your models - I know Ella has been doing some amazing models and powerpoints so it would be fantastic to see and hear about what you have done.

It is weird being back in our classroom without you, and its definitely much quieter!!!

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday and talking to you then

Lots of love

Mrs B xxxx

Friday 26th June

Hello My Woodpeckers!

How are you all?

It was absolutely fantastic to catch up with you last week on our zoom call ! I have missed you all so much!

We have another zoom call scheduled for next Thursday the 2nd at 3.30pm - your parents will soon receive an email with the info on. For this one, I would like you to prepare a short piece of writing about your time in Woodpeckers. What has been your favourite part/funniest moment/ best memory etc and what are you looking forward to next year in your new class?

If you write it out then you can read it out and share our thoughts. I cant wait to hear them!!

School is fun, although its way too hot to be in class. We have been learning about the Olympics this week and we have loved watching the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony - especially the Mr Bean part and the James Bond part. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do!

Have you all received your letter to colour for our class Lockdown photo? I emailed you all individually yesterday on purple mash so please check on there! the photo will look amazing when it is done!!

I am really impressed with the home learning you are doing too - I dont mark it now but I do look at what you have done and it all looks great!!! Im so proud of you.

In the next few days you will be getting a letter through the post telling you who your new teacher will be next year - I hope you are happy - I will definitely miss every single one of you, although I hope you will all come and see me a lot!!!

Anyway, look after yourselves, look forward to hopefully seeing you on Thursday at 3.30 on zoom!

Lots of love,

Mrs B xxxbroken heartsmiley

Hi Woodpeckers!

I hope you are all well ... we have had a busy week in school - it has been Superheroes week and we have been designing and making our own superheroes and their arch enemies. We also created an amazing Batman picture - It is BIG!! we all had a square with 9 smaller squares on and coloured it in carefully then put it all together ! can you see Batman?

Every day, we have been doing  'Draw with Rob' on Youtube. They are brilliant - if you like to draw then look it up! 

Dont forget your Lockdown photo, they need to be sent to the office as soon as possible for the photograph to be put together. The email to send them to is


Look after yourselves and speak soon xxxlove Mrs B xxx


Hi everyone!!

Well, another week has passed and for us, one week nearer the end of term... This week has been Science week and we have had lots of fun making the tallest towers we can out of sticks found in the woods, and we made rainbows out of kitchen roll, water and felt tip pens. We have also designed robots and looked at the Robot sculptures of Terry Collier for inspiration.

I hope all of you are doing well, The lockdown photos are looking fantastic - I can't wait for you to see them!!

On Monday 20th July we will be having our last zoom class catch up - this will be at 3.30 and will just be an opportunity to say goodbye to each other until September... When we will all see each other again, even if we won't be Woodpeckers!

I  hope you can all join me!

I will not be setting purple mash tasks next week - I think you all deserve a nice rest, you have done so well over the last few months and I am so proud of you all.

Look after yourselves and hopefully I will see you on the 20th.

Lots of love,

Mrs B xx