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To provide a safe and friendly school community where our children are encouraged to become curious, courageous and resilient learners

 Together we nurture, inspire, challenge and achieve

At South Wonston Primary School, we are dedicated to providing every child with a high-quality curriculum that will engage and enthuse them to strive for their very best and develop a lifelong love of learning.  Our ambitious curriculum aims to enable all children to flourish in their academic and personal development.  

Staff work together to engage and inspire our children to be the best they can be; to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around them and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, investigate, invent, create and imagine. Using the National Curriculum and CUSP, we believe our curriculum enables our children to develop their skills over time, building on their learning, embedding the core key skills and knowledge required to support them as they move into Key Stage Three.

South Wonston’s CUSP curriculum content is a deliberately spaced and interleaved sequence that is supported by evidence-led learning modules and high-quality teaching resources. Using CUSP, core content across the primary journey is mapped, ensuring that learning is taught and revisited over time so that pupils commit their understanding to their long-term memory. We deliver a broad and vocabulary-rich curriculum that is meaningful and engaging, designed to provide each of our children with the opportunity to experience a diverse range of rich experiences and enable them to explore their skills, try new things and release their passions. Trying new things often requires courage and forces us to grow and develop. Entire careers and life paths are carved out by us dipping our toes into small ponds of new experience and discovering a love for something we had no idea would capture our imaginations and passion. 

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