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House Captains

Every child at South Wonston Primary School is part of a house team.

We often use the house teams when grouping children for different activities and for sporting competitions. We like the children to have coloured house t-shirts so that they can be identified and easily grouped in lessons as well as other events such as sports days. The current House teams and their colours are as follows:


Role and Expectations of House Captains

The role of House Captains are ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are role models for the children in their house and require dedication and commitment for an entire year. 

House Captains are elected by the children in their House after giving a speech about what they can offer their House. There is a boy and girl House Captain for each House.


  • Collect and count-up House points daily, weekly and termly
  • Take part in meetings to make decisions about House competitions
  •  Help staff to organise House reward events
  •  Help organise House competitions including Sports Day
  •  Lead a House assembly


  • To be a positive role model and ambassador for the school, demonstrating South Wonston Primary values
  • To be enthusiastic and committed to the House System at South Wonston Primary
  • To be friendly, positive and a great role model to all students
  • To be part of the team of House Captains who work together to achieve success for all

Meet our House Captains