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Keeping Safe Online

It is essential that all children know the importance of keeping safe when using the internet. At South Wonston Primary School, we teach children how to be safe online at an age-appropriate level. 

Supporting Parents and Carers

Below are links to a number of websites to support parents and carers in being aware of the dangers online and the ways you can support your child in keeping them safe when using the internet. You can also find our monthly Online Safety Newsletter attached at the bottom of this page. Please ask in school if you need any further assistance. 

ThinkUKnow - advice for parents keeping children safe

Child Net - advice, tips and resources for parents and carers, teachers and young people

Parent info - help and advice for families in a digital world

Bullying UK 

NSPCC Net Aware - guide to social networks that children use

Internet Matters - Keeping Children Safe Online

Social Media

We would like to remind parents that the minimum age to open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Skype and Snapchat is 13. Whilst many parents choose to allow younger children to use these services, we cannot recommend this. To keep your children safe on social media, parents should ensure that the correct privacy settings are enabled, and that appropriate adult supervision is provided while using online services.

Managing Screen Time

In a bid to help parents and children get best out of the time they spend online, has devised five simple tips to help manage children’s screen time, so they can make the most out of their time both on and offline.