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Medical Needs


How do I let school know about my child's medical condition? 

At the start of each academic year, we will send a data collection form to complete and return to school. From this form, we can decide on the best way forward for any new medical needs and if an Individual Health Care Plan is needed. Not every pupil will need a plan, but we still need the form returned to school as soon as possible so that any medical conditions where a plan is not required can be added to the school system so that staff in school are aware. A medical form will also be in the New Pupil Starter Pack.

South Wonston Primary School uses Medical Tracker to log all medical conditions, medication stock, medication use as well as any first aid incidents that occur during the school day. Alerts are sent to parents using this tracker to keep them informed. 

Medical Tracker is used by 25,000 + school staff ...

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office at any time if you think your child requires a Care Plan or for any medical changes that we may need to be aware of.

Individual Health Care Plan

Individual Health Care Plans (IHCP) can be provided for pupils with ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, allergies and diabetes. An IHCP will often be essential, such as in cases where conditions fluctuate or where there is a high risk that emergency intervention will be needed, and are likely to be helpful in the majority of other cases, especially where medical conditions are long-term and complex. The ultimate aim of an IHCP is to:

  • Provide reassurance to both pupils and their family that the school is aware of a condition and understand the procedure to follow, should an emergency situation arise
  • Ensure school can do all they can to support a medical condition, both on a daily basis and in an emergency situation
  • Administer appropriate medication when required
  • Allow a pupil to feel safe and enjoy school while attending

For some medical conditions, school may require evidence from a health professional to complete a plan to enable us to gather the correct information and be able to work with a health professional where needed.

Individual Health Care Plans are compiled working in partnership with pupils, parents/carers and healthcare professionals. Parents will be contacted for any medical condition that staff believe will need an IHCP and a meeting will be arranged to discuss the content of the plan. Once written, this is added to Medical Tracker and parents will be notified in order for them to approve the plan. Plans are reviewed annually, but we ask that any medical changes are communicated to the school office at the earliest convenient time during the academic year.

Please note: For conditions which require short-term medication, a care plan will not be needed, but you will need to complete a Medicines Administration form. We will not be able administer medication to your child without this form.

How can staff support my child?

A number of our staff receive first aid training. Occasionally, staff may receive additional training from a specialist nurse such as in the case of diabetes or epilepsy to support individual pupils. The help offered to your child may be in the classroom, during breaks, lunchtime and during PE lessons.

Medication in School

Medication use in school is discouraged however, there are occasions when it is absolutely appropriate and necessary. If you wish to provide medication to be administered in school, including emergency medication, regular routine medication, painkillers and short courses of antibiotics, please complete the form below.  

Please adhere to the following guidelines with any medication that is brought into school:

  • The medication needs to be provided in the original packaging, clearly labelled with the child’s name. In the case of prescribed medication, it should have the doctor’s directions clearly visible on the pharmacy dispensing label.
  • The expiry date should be recorded, and a replacement supplied in good time.

All medicines will be logged onto Medical Tracker following the completion of this form.


Other points of note:

  • There are a high number of students in school with nut allergies. South Wonston Primary School is therefore a nut free school. This includes cereal bars, Nutella, praline chocolates etc. Please check packaging carefully.

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