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Music Tuition

Learning to play an instrument or to sing is a hugely rewarding thing to do and can give years of enjoyment. We offer a variety of music tuition at South Wonston School with various concerts and performances taking place throughout the academic year.

Lessons are taught during the school day as a small group or, if requested and accommodated, can be taught on a 1:1 basis. Lessons are either taught in the Church area of the school or in the Shared Social Room (SSA - opposite the school office).

Internal Music Tuition


Mrs Hyland from Hampshire Music Services comes to school each week to deliver Violin tuition.  Mrs Hyland is a qualified Violin Peripatetic Music Teacher.  Instruments can either be purchased outright (once the size has been determined) or can be loaned from Hampshire Music Service (see below).  Instruments must be brought into school each week.

External Music Tuition

Guitar/Piano and Vocal Singing 

Lessons are taught in school by Mr Altham who is an experienced musician who travels all over the country with his band. Bookings and payment for this tuition is completed directly with Mr Altham.


Woodwind and Brass

Lessons are taught by Mr Farrendon on Tuesday mornings. Children can learn the trumpet, saxophone, clarinet or flute. You will need to hire or buy an instrument. Try Facebook marketplace for second-hand or Hayes music to hire one (



Lessons are taught by Mr Moody of Al's Drum School. All bookings and payment for drum tuition needs to be completed directly with Mr Moody.


Instrument Hire through Hampshire Music Service

HMS can loan instruments out to children. If you wish to loan an instrument, please click on the link Hampshire Music Service Instrument Hire where you can download a booking form. If you would like further information, please call HMS directly on 023 8065 2037.


South Wonston Primary School does not accept any liability for instruments brought into school.  Where possible, please ask your child to drop instruments either into the school office or into the SSA.

If you have any queries regarding music tuition at South Wonston Primary School, please do not hesitate to ask the school office.