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School Council

At South Wonston Primary School, we have a School Council who work together to share pupils' voice and bring about change. They are an integral part of our school community. Classmates will pick one representative from each class.

A strong pupil voice has clear benefits for the school community. At South Wonston Primary, we pride ourselves on our students having a voice. We value their views on every aspect of school life. We want to nurture a culture where all children feel listened to, valued, respected, and empowered. The School Council representatives meet regularly throughout each term. Each class has two representatives who are elected by their peers. They meet to discuss important and current issues within the school and devise questions to take back to their classes, enabling all to be a part of school development and improvement. School Council representatives are often asked to represent the school during community events.

Focus for 2023-2024

We will be deciding as a group which areas the children feel we need to focus on over this year. Watch this space for further information... 

Meet the School Council

Year 1/2
Year 3/4
Year 5/6