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School Vision & Values

‘Together, we will nurture, inspire, challenge and achieve’

At South Wonston Primary School our vision is to provide a safe and friendly school community where our children are encouraged to become curious, courageous and resilient learners.


We nurture our children, building an inclusive community based on respect, ambition and achievement.


We inspire our children to discover, develop and celebrate their unique talents and abilities.


We believe that every child can succeed.  We challenge and support our children to be resilient and to overcome obstacles, equipping them with the attitudes and skills that will enable them to achieve their personal best and prepare them for the future developing world.


Through both ambition and determination our children learn to achieve by respecting the beliefs, religions and cultures of others, celebrating diversity and supporting each other to be the best that we can be.

We will make this happen when:

Our Headteacher and senior leaders:

  • Are inspirational and aspirational and lead with drive and determination
  • Are excellent communicators, who listen and respect everyone’s voice
  • Lead by example and value the contribution of others
  • Support and value the whole school community.
  • Continually develop and maximise the strengths of the school and develop areas of potential

Our teachers are:

  • Approachable, caring and nurturing.
  • Motivational and inspirational, providing positive role models for our children.
  • Knowledgeable about the curriculum
  • Constantly learning, improving and sharing their skills and experience
  • Supporting our children to be the best that they can be both academically and socially

Our learning support staff are:

  • Flexible, adaptable and supportive
  • Committed to our children’s learning
  • Professional and organised, providing focus and attention where it matters most

Our school administration and premises team:

  • Are approachable, helpful and knowledgeable about our school
  • Are proactive in solving problems, putting our children first
  • Follow school procedures with judgement and common sense
  • Ensure that our environment is always safe, secure and accessible

Our Governors are:

  • Critical but supportive with an objective perspective
  • Well-informed, ensuring that the school is the best that it can be
  • Committed and visible across our whole school community

Our parents are:

  • Working in partnership with the school so that our children are happy and motivated to learn
  • Taking an interest in school life, actively supporting our school charter
  • Exhibiting a positive attitude towards our school, recommending it as a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment

Our curriculum is:

  • Child centred, creative and fun.
  • Based on developing skills and knowledge that is both relevant and practical making the most of our whole school environment
  • Enriched through the use of our community, wider environment, trips and visits