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Cycling Policy and Code of Conduct May 2018


South Wonston Primary School

Cycling Policy

South Wonston Primary School recognises the many positive benefits of pupils cycling to and from school.  These include:

  • Improving health through physical activity
  • Establishing positive active travel habits
  • Promoting independence and improving safety awareness
  • Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community
  • Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school

To make cycling to and from school a positive experience for everybody children are permitted to cycle to school and use the designated cycle storage bays if the following guidelines have been followed and a signed code of conduct form has been received by the school.

There is currently storage for 20 cycles

  1. A pupil may only bring a cycle to school when permitted to do so by the Head Teacher.
  2. The signed Code of Conduct form must be completed for each child who wishes to cycle. Permission to cycle to and from school can be withdrawn at any time if a pupil disregards the Code of Conduct.
  3. Pupils must have successfully achieved Bikeability Level 2 standard, before they are allowed to cycle to school unaccompanied on the public highway.  (Bikeability training takes place in the spring term each year for Y5 children).
  4. Pupils must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code.
  5. A cycle helmet (which meets current Safety Regulations) should be worn when cycling and pupils should be encouraged to wear bright conspicuous clothing.
  6. Cycles must be in good working order. Checks may be carried out at anytime.
  7. Bike lights must be used when visibility is poor.
  8. All Cyclists must dismount when entering school premises. Pupils must not cycle through the school car park, down the paths towards the gate to the playground or on the playground for any reason.
  9. The security of cycles and Scooters is the responsibility of the individual and measures should be taken to protect against theft.



South Wonston Primary School


Cycling Code of Conduct



  1. My child will wear bright clothing, (and use bike lights if applicable) when visibility is poor, when riding to and from school on a cycle
  2. I will plan the route to and from school carefully with my child and make sure they always use this route.
  3. My child will get off and walk with their bike if the traffic is too busy.
  4. I will ensure my child’s bike is road worthy and in good condition and there are regular checks that the brakes work and the reflectors are clean.
  5. My child will carry anything they need in a back pack, and will never carry anything under their arm or hanging from the handlebars.
  6. My child will not use a mobile phone or listen to any musical device when riding their bike.
  7. My child will get off and walk with their bike when they get to the entrance to the paths into school.
  8. My child will use a lock to secure their bike at school.
  9. I understand that my child’s bike is left at their own risk and the school is not liable or responsible for my child’s bike.
  10. My child will not leave their bike at school overnight.
  11. (delete as appropriate)

Either: My child will wear a helmet (which meets current Safety Regulations) when riding to and from school on their cycle. 


     OR:  I have assessed the route that my child will take to school and am happy to accept  

     responsibility for my child not wearing a helmet.




I understand that if my child does not follow the code of conduct, permission to cycle will be removed and they will not be able to ride their bike to and from school.



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