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Home Learning Policy


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Home Learning Policy



1       Introduction


          Home Learning is anything that children do outside the normal school day that contributes to their learning in response to guidance from the school.  Home Learning encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents to support children’s learning. For example, a parent who spends time reading a story with their child before bedtime is helping with homework.



2         Aims and objectives


            The aims and objectives of home learning are:


  • to consolidate and reinforce learning done in school and to allow children to practice skills taught in lessons.
  • to help pupils develop the skills of an independent learner;
  • to promote a partnership between home and school in supporting each child’s learning;
  • to help children develop good work habits for the future.



3        Amount of Home Learning


          Children across the school are expected to:


  • Read every day. As they move through the school this changes from reading to an adult to a balance of reading to an adult and reading independently.
  • Practise phonics, spellings or spelling rules every day as appropriate to the year group they are in.
  • Practise arithmetic skills eg number bonds, times tables to help them develop mathematical fluency.


Children in Y1-6


At the start of each half term children will be provided with a Home Learning puzzle of nine activities related to the topic theme for that half term.


Each child will be given a Home Learning book to record the tasks in, however children may choose to be creative in how they present their work eg. Models and posters.



Children are expected to complete a minimum number of activities and to bring them in to school towards the end of the half term to share with their teacher and peers. Each class will identify a specific day for the celebration of Home Learning which will be indicated on the Home Learning puzzle.


4        Pupils with special educational needs


         For children with SEND, ways in which Home Learning tasks can be adapted or supported will be discussed during Pupil Support Plan Meetings (PSP’s) at the beginning of each term.



5      The role of parents


          Parents have an integral role to play in their child’s education, and home learning is an important part of this process. We ask parents to encourage their child to complete the home learning tasks that are set. We invite them to help their children as they feel necessary and provide them with the sort of environment that allows children to do their best. Parents can support their child by providing a good working space at home, by enabling their child to visit the library regularly, and by discussing the work that their child is doing.


We give all the children a Home School Planner where parents and teachers make any relevant comments.


We ask parents to check the Home School Planner at least once a week and to sign it as requested.


If parents have any problems or questions about home learning, they should, in the first instance, contact the child’s class teacher. If their questions are of a more general nature, they should contact the Headteacher.


6       Procedures


         At the beginning of the school year, parents will be given an outline of the   expectations for work to be done at home and how checks will be made in school that the work has been completed.  If permanent changes are made to this pattern during the year, parents will be informed.


The Home School Planner also records the books a child has read, both at    home and at school. All reading should be recorded eg reading scheme books, library books, comics, newspapers, non-fiction etc.


The Home School Planner is an important record; we appreciate parents

cooperation in ensuring it does not get lost and that it is brought to school every day.


When a child’s home learning is not done and there is no reasonable explanation, time will be set aside in school for its completion and a note will be made in the  

Home School Planner.