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Travelling to School

South Wonston School is at the heart of the village on the main road.


For our children’s physical and mental wellbeing and to protect our environment, we strongly encourage active travel. Walking, cycling, scooting, hopping skipping, jumping their way to school helps to set children up for their day of learning. Where this is not possible, we encourage families to use the park and stride facilities (see below) to help manage congestion at school drop off and pick up times as well as provide some opportunity to build physical activity into our children’s day.


Pedestrian access from Sutton Scotney and other local villages is not always safe or practical. Hampshire County Council therefore provide a school bus at the beginning and end of the day with numerous pick up and drop off points. The bus is only available to pupils registered at South Wonston School with each child requiring a bus pass in order to travel.


Did you know?


A 2012 study in Denmark found that children who walk or cycle to school demonstrate a measurable increase in concentration that lasts up to four hours.


Walking, cycling or scooting (or even roller skating/blading) to school are great ways to build regular physical activity into young people’s lives. Research shows that those who travel to school actively take these positive behaviours into adulthood.


Access to the school site


The school gates are open during the following times:


Morning:      8.30am  -  8.45am

Afternoon:   2.55pm   - 3.30pm


The school site can be accessed directly from the main entrance on Downs Road.


Please note there is no access to the school car park for parents (except for disabled access). 

Children must follow the one way system and walk on the paths either site of the car park and not in the road or through the parked cars.


Pedestrian access is also available via the rear gate (from the Worthy Down Barracks) into the school field. There is a path from the school gate to the playground. Children and parents are asked to stay on the path and follow the one way markings as indicated.


Cycles and Scooter


We have three areas of cycle and scooter storage within the school grounds. 


1. A cycle rack just inside the main school gate

2. Two scooter racks on the playground

3. A cycle and scooter pod by the gate on the field.


Cycles and scooter must always be wheeled down the paths and in the playground.  We recommend cycles being secured with a lock and that children wear a cycle helmet.


Please read our Cycle Policy and complete a Code of Conduct form if you wish your child to cycle. (See below).



Park n Stride


We have two designated Park n Stride sites in South Wonston Village. We encourage parents who have to drive to the village to make use of these site at:


South Wonston Social Club   - 10 parking spaces

South Wonston Pavilion        -  25 spaces

Sutton Scotney School Bus

There is a bus route to and from South Wonston Primary School from Sutton Scotney village area for children who are 5 years old and over.  YR children are not able to travel on the school bus until the term after their 5th birthday. (This is Hampshire Policy not the schools.)


Children who are under 5 


If your child is under 5 years old you can apply for a privilege travel space on the bus, although there is a termly charge for this which is payable to Hampshire Transport not the school. Further information can be found at

Before any child can travel on the bus you must have applied for and be in receipt of a bus pass issued by Hampshire Transport. Adults are not permitted to travel with their child on the bus. Travel passes have to be applied for online at:


All Children who travel on the school buses are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct for their own safety and the safety of the other passengers. (See below for Code of Conduct Leaflet). 

For further information and eligibility please click on the links below.


Home to School Transport Policies


Financial Help with Transport to School

School Car Park

The school car park is for staff only. Due to the restricted nature of the car park there is no on-site parking for parents at any time. Please do not use the top of the school drive as a turning circle as this puts children and pedestrians at risk. The local Community Police regularly monitor Downs Road at peak times and issue fixed penalty notices for traffic violations. Please park responsibly and with consideration to our neighbours.

Disabled Parking

We have two disabled parking spaces on site, therefore, If you need to use the disabled parking bay in the school car park please telephone the school office prior to your arrival so that we can arrange access for you.  Please note priority for these spaces will be given to parents collecting disabled children.

National School Travel Awards