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NameGovernor TypeTerm FromTerm ToAdditional InformationRolesBusiness & Pecuniary Interest
Fraser Dowling Associate
 November 2022 November 2026  Curriculum and Standards Nil
Julie AmiesLocal Authority
November 2020September 2024 Appointed by Local AuthorityMaths Link Governor
Assessment & Well-being Link Governor
Simon BakerCo-opted
November 2019November 2023 Appointed by GovernorsIT Link GovernorNil
Fiona BarrowCo-opted
October 2019October 2023 Appointed by GovernorsEnglish Link Governor
Vice-Chair Curriculum and Standards
Pippa Howe-VelazquezOther
  Senior Admin OfficerAttends Resources CommitteeEmployed at School
Abbie JeffriesStaff
September 2020September 2024Appointed by School Staff Employed at School
James KosyParent
April 2020April 2024Appointed by ParentsHealth and Safety Governor
Vice-Chair Resources
Nikki La NieceCo-opted
March 2022March 2026Appointed by Governors Nil
Bernadette LabuschagneCo-optedApril 2022April 2026Appointed by Governors Nil
Karin LingParent
March 2021March 2025Appointed by Parents Nil
Sarah MackCo-opted
November 2020November 2024 Appointed by GovernorsChair of Curriculum and Standards
Year 6 Link Governor
Desmond MhereCo-opted
January 2021January 2025Appointed by GovernorsChair of ResourcesNil
Stephen PreeceCo-opted
November 2020November 2024Appointed by GovernorsChair of GovernorsNil
Sarah RoweDeputy Headteacher     Employed at school 
Annika VincentClerk
July 2020July 2024Appointed by HCC Clerking serviceClerkEmployed by Hampshire County Council Governor Clerking Service
Gary WestbrookCo-opted
November 2022November 2026Appointed by Governors

Vice Chair of Governors

Safeguarding Governor

Employed by Hampshire County Council
Perri-Jane WhalleyAssociate
May 2021May 2025Appointed by GovernorsForum Rep
Development & Training Governor
Employed at School
Stephen WhiteCo-opted
November 2022November 2026Appointed by GovernorsSEN GovernorEmployed by Hampshire County Council


Committee Membership


Resources Committee

Curriculum and Standards Committee

Simon Baker

Julie Amies

Pippa Howe-Velazquez

Fiona Barrow (Vice Chair) 

James Kosy (Vice Chair)

Nikki La Niece-Linton

Bernie Labuschagne 

Sarah Mack (Chair)

Karen Ling 

Sarah Rowe

Desmond Mhere (Chair)

Annika Vincent (Clerk)
Sarah RoweGary Westbrook
Annika Vincent (Clerk)Perri-Jane Whalley
Gary WestbrookStephen White 




Meeting Attendance for Academic Year 2021 - 2022

  Curriculum and Standards MeetingFull Governing Board MeetingResources MeetingCurriculum and Standards MeetingWhole Governing Body TrainingResources MeetingFull Governing Board MeetingCurriculum and Standards MeetingResources MeetingFull Governing Board MeetingCurriculum and Standards MeetingResources MeetingFull Governing Board MeetingCurriculum and Standards MeetingResources MeetingFull Governing Board MeetingCurriculum and Standards MeetingResources MeetingFull Governing Board Meeting
GovernorGovernor Type23 Sep 202129 Sep 202130 Sep 202111 Nov 202117 Nov 202118 Nov 202124 Nov 202120 Jan 202227 Jan 202209 Feb 202210 Mar 202217 Mar 202229 Mar 202205 May 202212 May 202225 May 202223 Jun 202230 Jun 202218 Jul 2022
Lt. Col Stuart AllenAssociate Member    Y    N  Y  N  N
Mrs Julie AmiesLocal Authority GovernorNY YY YN NY YY NY Y
Mr Simon BakerCo-opted governor YY NNSN YY YY YY NY
Mrs Fiona BarrowCo-opted governorYY YN YY YN YY YN Y
Miss Abbie JeffriesStaff governor N  N N  N  N  Y  Y
Pippa Howe-VelazquezOther              Y  Y 
Mr James KosyParent governor YY YYN YN YN YN YY
Mrs Nikki La Niece-LintonCo-opted governor             Y YY Y
Bernie LabuschagneCo-opted governor              YY YY
Mrs Karin LingParent governor YY NNN NSY YY YY YY
Mrs Sarah MackCo-opted governorNN NN NN NN NN NN N
Major Desmond MhereCo-opted governor YY YNY YY YY YY YY
Mr Timothy NealonDepartedNSNS NSNS NSNS           
Mr Stephen PreeceCo-opted governorYYYYYYYYYYNYYNYYYYY
Mr James ReadingDeparted Co-optedYY YY YN N         
Mrs Lesley WardDeparted Other  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y    
Mr Gary WestbrookCo-opted governor YY YYY YY YY YYYYY
Mrs Perri-jane WhalleyAssociate MemberYY YY YY YY YY YY Y
Mr Stephen WhiteCo-opted governorYN YY YY YY YY YY N